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You can use this slide for your presentation about Facebook. Created by Hallo Qadir

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  1. 1. FacebookFacebook
  2. 2. FacebookFacebook 11--Introduction.Introduction. 2-Who did create2-Who did create Facebook ?Facebook ? 3-What is the idea behind3-What is the idea behind the name of Facebook ?the name of Facebook ? 4-Advantages of using4-Advantages of using Facebook.Facebook. 5-Disadvantages of using5-Disadvantages of using Facebook.Facebook. 6-Questions6-Questions..
  3. 3. 11--IntroductionIntroduction Facebook is a social networkFacebook is a social network service and website launched inservice and website launched in February, 2004. Now, FacebookFebruary, 2004. Now, Facebook has more than 800 million activehas more than 800 million active users. Users must register beforeusers. Users must register before using the site, after which they mayusing the site, after which they may create a personal profile, add othercreate a personal profile, add other users as friends and exchangeusers as friends and exchange messages including automaticmessages including automatic notifications when they update theirnotifications when they update their profileprofile..
  4. 4. 22--Who did create FacebookWho did create Facebook?? Facebook was created byFacebook was created by a young guy froma young guy from Massachusetts, UnitedMassachusetts, United States. His name isStates. His name is MarkMark ZuckerbergZuckerberg, he studied at, he studied at Harvard universityHarvard university..
  5. 5. 33--What is the idea behind theWhat is the idea behind the name of Facebookname of Facebook?? In America's colleges, there areIn America's colleges, there are books which consist of picture ofbooks which consist of picture of faces, students faces, in order tofaces, students faces, in order to get knowing each other. So,get knowing each other. So, Zuckerberg had an idea whichZuckerberg had an idea which was creating a social networkwas creating a social network between students in Harvardbetween students in Harvard University, instead of using thoseUniversity, instead of using those books. After his invention, thebooks. After his invention, the social network became a worldsocial network became a world wide networkwide network..
  6. 6. 44--Advantages of using FacebookAdvantages of using Facebook:: 11--People can be connected veryPeople can be connected very easily at all over the world.easily at all over the world. 2-2-It is a free media thatIt is a free media that everyone can publish his or hereveryone can publish his or her ideas without any sensors.ideas without any sensors. 3-3-Finally, people may enjoy freeFinally, people may enjoy free times by using Facebooktimes by using Facebook..
  7. 7. 55--Disadvantages of using FacebookDisadvantages of using Facebook:: 11--If you get addicted of usingIf you get addicted of using Facebook, it will kill a lot of your time.Facebook, it will kill a lot of your time. 2-2-Some people use it to trick others.Some people use it to trick others. For example, introducing yourself asFor example, introducing yourself as a girl while you are a boy.a girl while you are a boy. 3-3-In some countries, it is a wide andIn some countries, it is a wide and easy network for thieves oreasy network for thieves or murderersmurderers..
  8. 8. QuestionsQuestions