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  1. 1. ResearchingTechniquesCharlotte Hollis
  2. 2. 1 | P a g eContents PagePage 2: Audience ResearchPage 2: What is audience research?Page 2: What is the purpose of audience Research?Page 2: Audience CategoriesPage 3-7: Methods and techniquesPage 7: Market ResearchPage 7: What is market research?Page 7: What is the purpose of market research?Page 7: Market research categoriesPage 7-8: Methods and techniques that would be suitable formarket research into a new movie and why?Page 8-15: Primary ResearchPage 15: Production ResearchPage 15: What is production research?Page 15: What is the purpose of production research?Page 15: What methods are there of production research?Page 15-16: Methods and techniques that would be suitablefor production research into a new movie and why?
  3. 3. 2 | P a g eAudience ResearchWhat is audience Research?So what is audience research? Australian Museum describes audience researchas a discipline of museology that seeks to uncover information about visitors tocultural institutions, such as demographics, behaviour, satisfaction, leisurehabits and learning outcomes.What is the purpose of audience Research?Before creating a trailer you need to look into the target audience so you includethe right stuff for a high quality trailer which attracts the right ages. This alsohelps find out what and who they are targeting and what they would like to see.Audience CategoriesWhen looking at audience category‟s I looked into lots of different issues andneeds a few of the techniques I used were:Standard occupational classification –the bureau of labour statistics say the2010 standard occupationalclassification (SOC) system is used byfederal statistical agencies to classifyworkers into occupational categoriesfor the purpose of collecting,calculating, or disseminating data. Allworkers are classified into one of 840detailed occupations according to theiroccupational definition. To facilitateclassification, detailed occupations arecombined to form 461 broadoccupations, 97 minor groups, and 23 major groups. Detailed occupationsin the SOC with similar job duties, and in some cases skills, education,and/or training, are grouped together. This helped me choose whichcategory my trailer fit into and as my film is based with young people itwas harder as they don‟t fit into the categories so I based this part of myresearch on the parents who would decide to watch it and pay for theviewing and merchandise. Although my viewers would vary I decided toplace them in C1 and C2.
  4. 4. 3 | P a g ePsychographics – The business dictionarysays that psychographics is an analysis ofconsumer lifestyles to create a detailedcustomer. Market researchers conductpsychographic research by askingconsumers to agree or disagree withopinions statements. Results of thisexercise are combined with geographic(place of work or residence) anddemographic (age, education, occupation,etc.) characteristics to develop a morelifelike portrait of the targeted consumersegment. This helps me in deciding whichprogrammes or films to put my trailer asfrom knowing peoples interests andparents occupations I can find what sortof films people are into or what theywould consider to watch as a family.Geodemographics – describegeodemographics to be Geographicfactors and trends in a specific locale(e.g. where people live, populationdensity, healthcare, climate, eatingpatterns, spending patterns, leisureactivities, local industry, and outdooractivities) that can help with locationaldecisions (e.g., selecting a clinic site) orlocal contact interventions. This wouldhelp me in where and what cinema‟s tochoose to have my film shown andmerchandise sold.Age and Gender – My target age is young people as it‟s a family film.There isn‟t a particular gender my film is based upon but it may appeal tofemales more because of the animal side.Methods and techniques that would be suitable for audienceresearch into a Family trailer and why:Method: Suitable: Reason why?QuestionnairesYes This helps me find out curtaindetails in which will help me get alarge target audience for my film.SurveysYes This again will help like aquestionnaire would as it helps mefind exact details on curtain piecesthat would help me.
  5. 5. 4 | P a g eOnline forumsNo As my target audience is youngpeople online forums wouldn‟tattract the right ages thereforewouldn‟t get the informationneeded.InterviewsYes Like the questionnaire and surveysinterview would help by getting theneeded information from the targetaudience.Focus groupsNo Like the online forums focusgroups wouldn‟t attract the wantedtarget audience.Online ratingsYes Although I‟ve mentioned howonline forums wouldn‟t attract theright target audience online ratingswould as a parent may be lookingfor a fun way to spend the day withthe children and may come acrossthis.Trailer reviewsYes Trailer reviews would help as Icould then improve what wasneeded to make sure it‟s as highquality as it could be.Using different methods to find out information onaudience researchInternet forumsInternet forums are often used for audience research as fans from the samegenre will discuss what they hope for a film or even spoilers which mayencourage people to see the films. Internet forums are often a lot more helpfulin audience research if the film was a book before as there‟ll already be a big fanbase and people waiting for a film.Internet forums didn‟t help in audience research as much as different methodsas my target audience wouldn‟t necessarily use the internet so I couldn‟t find outwhat they wanted to see or what sort of things children wanted to see. I did usea family films internet forum search on Google to find out that the most popularchildren‟s/family films are animation.Using company’s personal data:To find out who I was working against I looked into Disney as after research andmany years of watching their popularfilms such as the well-known princessstories like sleeping beauty and beauty and the beast I found out they were thebiggest and most popular family films distributor as they work from young
  6. 6. 5 | P a g echildren films such as „cars‟ and „the little mermaid‟ to older children and familiessuch as „The Pirates of the Caribbean‟ and „John Carter‟.From just looking at their website Ican see that they have a highbudget and they have a popularplace to advertise their films free ofcharge as young people will go tothis website to play Disney gamesand see the advertisements of filmsthey may want to see, this page asa great example as they have atrailer playing top centre of thepage where you can‟t miss it. As myfilm is low budget I couldn‟t do this.Films target audienceFrom this survey my chosen genrefamily isn‟t one of the most popularbut that may be based on the factthat my fan base wouldn‟t be fillingsurveys in and are too young forthat sort of thing therefore may bemore popular than some with fourvotes. From this survey as well Ican see that I would need toconduct my own to make sure Ihave a reliable source for myresearch.
  7. 7. 6 | P a g eAs the online survey isn‟talways reliable as we don‟tknow who‟s answering thequestions, I decided to domy own and asked 67people around college andmy local area to get avaried opinion in differentages.47655325846750 2 4 6 8 10ActionComedyFamilyMysteryAdventureSci-fiCrimeFantasyHorrorAnimationDramaRomanceThrillerWhats your favourite genre?
  8. 8. 7 | P a g eMarket ResearchWhat is market research?Wise geek describes market research to consist of testing the market todetermine the acceptance of a particular product or service, especially amongstdifferent demographics. It is used to establish which portion of the populationwill or does purchase a product, based on age, gender, location, income leveland many other variables. Market research allows companies to learn moreabout past, current and potential customers, including their specific likes anddislikes.What is the purpose of market research?Without researching the market before creating a film or anything alone the linesyou will be wasting a lot of time, money and resources. You need to determinethe profitability of the market, what customers want in the market, who isalready in the market, top rated films in the market, selling strategies, whatfilms dominate your market and why and potential profit.Market research categoriesMarket research includes opinions and thoughts from the public (market)therefore can be carried out in a few different methods:Public questionnaires.Surveys.Discussions either through the phone or face to face.Focus groups.Methods and techniques that would be suitable for marketresearch into a new movie and why:Method: Suitable? Reason Why?Questionnaires YesThis would let me find out howoften people visit the cinema andwhat a family would like to see.Online reviews of films YesThis would allow me to find outwhat family viewers like anddislike, so I can adapt my film tosuit the most amount of people.Online Ratings YesThis would show me which is themost popular family film out thereand also the most popular film outthere when I‟d like to release minebecause if it‟s the same genre thenit‟s worth changing when mine
  9. 9. 8 | P a g ereleased so they don‟t clash and Iloose viewers.Surveys YesThis would help me in the sameway a questionnaire would as it‟s asimilar thing but a survey may bemore popular and filled out bymore people.Focus groups NoFocus groups wouldn‟t attract mywanted genre fans thereforewouldn‟t work as well as themethods above.Interviews NoAgain just like the focus groups itwouldn‟t attract my wanted genrefans.Using different methods and techniques to find our marketresearchPrimary ResearchMy market research will help me find out more about the competition out thereand the size of the market.QuestionnairesUsing my questionnairehelped a lot as I was ableto find out a few neededthings about my market.For example from myquestionnaire I was able tofind that the majority offamilies go to the cinemaonce a mouth, families aremore likely to go to thecinema if there‟s a film thatthe whole family will enjoy,Families agree that therearen‟t enough films out inthe market that bothchildren and parents canenjoy, families go to thecinema more during schoolholidays and that the mostpopular place to find out about family films is the cinema. All though it was onlya 6 question questionnaire answered by only 10 people it just shows how muchmarket research can be found in such a small low budget way. If I was to dothis questionnaire again I would ask a lot more people for example the survey I
  10. 10. 9 | P a g etook on my target audience (shown on page 6) I asked a lot more people indifferent areas which meant that my survey was a lot more reliable and I knew Ihad enough information collected to have reliable research.I decided to change a few of thequestions to pie charts as their easierto read and a lot clearer. From lookingat my pie charts it shows what themost popular category is with just aglance. I chose to use the percentageson the pie charts as it gives anotherclear answer.0% 0%39%49%12%How often do yougo to the cinemaas a family?Everyday ormore2-6 times aweekAbout once aweekAbout once amonth20%60%0%20%0%Would you go asa family if therewas a film youwill all enjoy?YesMore likelyNo60%30%10%0% 0%Do you agree thatthere arentenough movies inthe cinema foryoung childrenthat parents can…Totally agreePartiallyagreeNeither agreeor disagreePartiallydisagreeTotallydisagree62%18%9%11%Do you go to thecinema moreoften during…YesUsuallyNo
  11. 11. 10 | P a g ePostersMy poster research was really helpful as it helped me decide on colours, detail,and positioning. From my research I have found that family posters are verybright and use a lot of block bold colours, therefore I will do the same but I‟d likemy colours to be more on the bold side than the bright as I would like thecolours of crayons so it looks hand coloured. The detail used in family postersvaries a lot for example „The Lorax‟ only has his face in the background and„Tangled‟ has a whole scene.My poster follows most posters with the mainactors/voiceovers listed at the bottom, the releasedate, and a bold title. The main focus of my poster isspread out for example the house is at the top centreof the poster like the characters on the tangled posterbut the mouse is at the bottom right similar to thebottom centre gnome on the „gnomeo and juliet‟poster. The posters above are created with computeranimation whereas mine is hand drawn but coloured onPhotoshop. I have done this is as I want my poster touse the traditional cartoon like „The Simpsons‟ forexample.
  12. 12. 11 | P a g eTrailerResearching other popular family film trailer‟s such asMoody Judy and the NOTbummer summer and Horrid Henry the movie helped a lot with knowing what toput in the trailer for example pivot points in the story and the main part thatmakes it the genre like humour parts in a comedy and I also found out how longthe trailer should be. Most internet sites, such as Wikipedia, ehow and quorasaythat trailers should last from about 40 seconds to a minute and a half but fromall the trailer‟s I‟ve seenwhich are Judy Moody the NOT bummer summer, horridhenry the movie, Mr poppers penguins, who framed roger rabbit and honey Ishrunk the kids they‟ve lasted around 2 minutes to 2 and a half minutes long.Forum groupsBefore producing my trailer I wanted to get some feedback on it such as „do youthink the trailer was successful and did it contain the codes and conventions ofthe appropriate genre so I can improve on what I needed so I showed a classmy trailer and got some feedback. My findings were very helpful and I got backwhat I thought I might for example some of the extra comments mentioned thatthe trailer looked a lot like a music video and how the fire building went on fortoo long in comparison to the dream. Asking different people that like differentfilm genres helped as it meant they weren‟t looking at what was going to be inthe film but the quality of the trailer itself.
  13. 13. 12 | P a g eThe feedback on this question was positive as it clearly shows that the trailerwas in fact successful even though I made it my own and there were some risksand mistakes in the trailer such as the main part of the film (the dream) wasn‟tshown much as I‟d like it to be kept in the dark until the first preview, this was abig risk to take as people may pay to see the film and get disappointed with theoutcome but I feel it would fit in the codes and conventions and sit nicely withother family films.This question wasn‟t as positive as the one above as some viewers found that itdidn‟t contain the codes and conventions of the family genre so I will have to goYesNoMajorityDo you think the trailer wassuccessful?YesNoMajorityDid it contain the codes andconventions of the appropriategenre?
  14. 14. 13 | P a g eback over the trailer and correct it – this may mean I will need to create anothersurvey/questionnaire but base it only on the codes and conventions.This question is one of the most positive as I have had 100% good feedback.This may change when I adapt my trailer to fit the codes and conventions but itshouldn‟t by much as if it fits the codes and conventions it should fit thecertificate.Are the following appropriate?I will need to adapt the colouring in some of my shots as it‟s too dark but luckilyI will be able to do this in adobe premiere which means I won‟t have to go outYesNoMajorityWould it sit comfortablyalongside other trailers for thecertificate?012345678910Font Images Wording Tagline ColoursYesNo
  15. 15. 14 | P a g eand re shot which is what I didn‟t want to have to do although if the editingdoesn‟t work then I may have to.I thought the font worked well as its bold and stands out but a couple of myviewers found that it didn‟t work with the genre so I‟ll have to change this to fit.Online reviews/ratings of current and past filmsThe reviews and ratings oncurrent and past films werereally helpful because fromthis I found that all the topfamily films are animationand films for very youngchildren for example“ZhuZhu Pets Quest for Zhu”got a rating of 8/10 and gotnearly top reviews along with“Care Bears: Share BearShines” getting a rating of7/10 coming in 7thwith top reviews and “In The Night Garden All Together”getting 9/10. After looking through the top family films I have gatheredinformation, like what families want to see and what attracts viewers, whichwould help my film get into the charts which would mean I get more viewers andmake a larger profit.SurveysSurveys helped me find out what parents would be willing to take their childrento see and what they would enjoy to see with their children. This would help medecide on the content of my film and what would be acceptable in a family filmand what wouldn‟t upset/disappoint the parents and children as a lot of myadvertising will be through word and mouth. For example from my survey Ifound that a popular theme of family film is animals.
  16. 16. 15 | P a g eProduction ResearchWhat is production research?Business Dictionary describe production research to be the component of marketresearch whereby the characteristic of a good or service, that will satisfy arecognized need or want, are identified.What is the purpose of production research?Production research is used to make sure the product/film is producedaccordingly and in the best way possible, and also how they can advertise theirproduct in the best way and in the most according way depending on thedemand in the market place. Another purpose is so the distributor knows howmuch money it will cost for the product or again in my case a film to be createdand manufactured. Production research also ensures that the product hassufficient quality to please consumers or in my case viewers. Usually, productionresearch begins with an involved research and development phase. For aprofessional standard of working all the aspects of the product have to be clearlythought out.What methods are there of production research?There a quite a few methods for production research just like other research butas there are so many purposes to production research there are more methods –like other research these include questionnaires, online reviews, online ratings,surveys, focus groups and interviews but for production research you could alsouse books and e-mail which would be un-suitable for other research but good forfinding out from other companies about pricing and techniques.Methods and techniques that would be suitable forproduction research into a new movie and why:Method: Suitable? Reason why?Interviews YesInterviews would work aslong as you‟re asking theright people the rightquestions and you canask direct specificquestions that could beasked about anythingneeded to know withoutspending hours ofunsuccessful internet orbook research.Email YesSimilar to interviewsspecific questions can beasked and you can store
  17. 17. 16 | P a g ethe e-mails for otherproducts or films later inlife that may apply.Books YesDepending on the age ofthe book books can bevery helpful in findinginformation anonymouslyso competitors wouldn‟tknow how muchinformation you knowand what you haveagainst them.Questionnaires Yes/PartlyLike interviews andemails specific questionscan be asked althoughthe down side ofquestionnaires you can‟treply on honest orprofessional answers.Forums YesForums are probably theeasiest way to researchfor this subject as thedata or information mayhave already beencollected and people mayhave commented onways to help in terms ofproduction.