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  1. 1. Final MajorProjectUnit 4Planning andProductionName: Charlotte Hollis
  2. 2. Production Title:LinesSubmission of Production:21/06/2013Length of production:3 Minutes 40 SecondsCrew names:Charlotte HollisDan TheobaldEmma BrownWilliam HowellActors names:Sophie HoskinJosh Bates
  3. 3. Production roles for crewName RoleCharlotte HollisDan TheobaldDirectorLightingCameraProducerEditorSoundDeadlinesCrew responsibility Deadline for completionSoundFilmingLighting checksEditing10/06/1319/06/1320/06/13Agreed content- Live Performance: Live performances from the band will be shown in the music video. Ihave had permission from the venues to film this.- Dream Scenes: These will be filmed in fields behind a derelict hospital which are publictherefore I don’t need permission to film here.
  4. 4. Final Proposal / detailed outline of productionLive performance from PangbourneDream sceneLive performance from TilehurstDream sceneLive performance from Tilehurst over lapped with dream sceneDream sceneLive performance from Tilehurst over lapped with dream sceneDream sceneLive performance from TilehurstDream sceneLive performance from TilehurstLive performance from PangbourneTeam meetings, meetings with actors and crew
  5. 5. Date Location Attendees outcome08/06/1309/06/1310/06/1318/06/13 AM18/06/13 PM20/06/13Tilehurst, ReadingHenley College MusicDepartment.Henley College MusicDepartment.Watlington,OxfordshireFair mile hospitalCholseyReading RoadCholseyOxonOX10 9HHHenley CollegeCharlotte HollisDan TheobaldEmma BrownWilliam HowellCharlotte HollisDan TheobaldEmma BrownWilliam HowellCharlotte HollisDan TheobaldEmma BrownWilliam HowellCharlotte HollisSophie HoskinJosh BatesCharlotte HollisSophie HoskinJosh BatesCharlotte HollisDan TheobaldEmma BrownWilliam HowellPractice andrecording datesdecided.Song rehearsed toprofessionalstandard.Song recorded to aprofessionalstandard.Discuss the daysplan.Filming.Final EditingDiscussion.Equipment required
  6. 6. Equipment Date neededMusic Recording StudioCameraTripodVideo Editing Software10/06/1318/06/1318/06/1320/06/13Locations usedLocations Date To filmFair mile hospitalCholseyReading RoadCholseyOxonOX10 9HH18/06/13 Whole content of musicvideo.Contingency / back up plans
  7. 7. Due to the mood in the music video the weather doesn’t matter too much although due tothe equipment used if the rain was too heavy the plans would change to filming inside thederelict hospital.Due to the location of the hospital I am unable to visit beforehand and as it’s derelict it mayhave been demolished! After researching photographers that have used the derelicthospital it seems to still be standing but if this isn’t the case there are plenty of fields behindthe hospital that would still fit in with the video that I can use.If one of the actors were to drop out during the space before filming I have backup actorsalthough if I were to use these actors the filming would have to wait till later in the day dueto their other requirements and responsibilities.Risk assessmentIf it were to rain and I was to film inside the hospital then due to the hospital being derelictfor a number of years there could be a number of safety requirements. Photographs will betaken and assessed beforehand.Production management (Detail how you managed each stage)
  8. 8. Managing the pre-production rolesAs the producer I handled all the pre-production roles which included sorting out paperwork such as a story board and making sure I had the equipment for the days I’ve arrangedto film.Managing the production phaseCharlotte Hollis:8th– 10thJune 2013: I will be helping along with recording the music.18thJune 2013: I will be directing and filming the music video.20thJune 2013: I will be editing the music videoReverie (Emma Brown, Dan Theobald, William Howell):8th– 10thJune 2013: Recording the song.20thJune 2013: The band will be seeing over the editing due to the video being fortheir song.Actors (Sophie Hoskin, Josh Bates):18thJune 2013: This date the actors will be in my production.
  9. 9. Detail how you solved problemsWhen the cast and I arrived at the location for the filming the derelict hospital had beendemolished and building work was going on for new homes therefore I was unable to filmthere but this problem had already been thought out in my back up plans and although Iwas disappointed that I couldn’t film where I had planned having already thought about thismade it a lot easier therefore I wasn’t too worried about filming in the wheat field as it stillworks a long with the video.Another problem I came across was during editing! My plan was to have a lot of the videoput in slow motion as the song it’s is quite slow although when I did this the footage went
  10. 10. Prioritising (How and what did you prioritise during your producing)My first priority is recording the song as without the song there will be no video.My second priority would be recording the dream scene as the music video would work withjust the dream scene although it would work better with the live performance which are mylast priority.Modifications (Why did you modify your work and what was changed during post-production)I modified my work during the production by taking out the shots from the recording studioand replacing them with live performances.
  11. 11. Additional information
  12. 12. Storyboard