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Research techniques

  1. 1. Research TechniquesHannah Harkus
  2. 2. Why do research?This is because research is very important and If you do notresearch into certain areas, errors will occur. These errors maybe because you did not research the audience and made aproduct inappropriate, You may sell the product for too muchmoney or there may be an error in the actual product.I found research particularly useful when creating recipecards. As I was creating recipe cards especially for vegetariansI had to research into what they could and could not eat.However this food was not the only topic I had to researchinto. I also had to look into what I was writing, what coloursand images I was using too. This is so that I did not offendanybody or make anybody feel left out or discriminatedagainst.
  3. 3. There are 3 main key areas in research. Theseinclude audience research, market research andproduction research. These are all very differentbut equally important. Audience research is theprocess of finding out who the product is goingto be for. Where as market research is findingout which market the product will be for andfinally, the production research is finding outwhich materials and equipment will be neededand how they will be used in production.
  4. 4. What types of research are there?There are two types of research which becomevery useful during production. As like any otherthing, they both have strengths and weaknesses.These are Qualitative and Quantitive research.
  5. 5. Quantative ResearchQuantative research is all about the numbers. Forexample this would be the perfect type of researchto use for ‘How many people watched Eastenderson Friday’ or ‘How many albums has One Directionsold’. Quantative research can work with numbers,percentages and fractions. An advantage of thistype of research is that it is very useful whenwanting to find out figures however the questionsasked in this research technique must be closedquestions for a very straight forward answer.
  6. 6. Qualitative ResearchQualitative research is more about opinions and amore personal research. Questions that could beasked in this research technique would be ‘whatwas your opinion on the latest Batman film’ or‘What do you think to Simon Cowell being egged’.Its more of a why question than a single one wordanswer question. This is a good way to get opinionsand change things to make a product better.However these will take a long time to look throughthe answer and get an overall opinion from a groupof people.
  7. 7. What could you find out about your audienceand why would that be useful?Collecting primary research will help somebodyfind out about their audience by creatingquestionnaires or having interviews. Thesemethods help to find information such asinterests and opinions. I think that these wouldbe the most useful technique when trying tofind information about an audience be cause itis the best way to get a specific answer oropinion.
  8. 8. What could you find out about the market foryour product and why would that be useful?I would use secondary and primary research techniquesto find out information about my audience. Things suchas the internet allow us to see facts about particularthings. For example if I wanted to know about vegetariansand see examples of their recipe cards I would use thevegetarian society website which includes recipe cardsspecialised for vegans or/and vegetarians. this would besecondary research.However if I was to do a questionnaire to have a group ofpeoples opinions, this would be primary research. Thiswould also be a good way to find out about an audienceas you know that the answers you come back with will beall truth.
  9. 9. What could you find out about the market foryour product and why would that be useful?Finding out whether people are interested inbuying your product is very important as youmay produce it and sell none as nobody likes it.For example if you were creating a film wherethere is a similar tv show to it, you could look atthe BARB to see viewing figures to see whatpeople are interested in.
  10. 10. What is secondary researchSecondary research involves looking through thework of other peoples, to find out informationon your subject. For example if I was to write anarticle including figures, I would read somebodyelse’s story to find those facts and figures.
  11. 11. What is primary researchPrimary research is the process of finding outyour own information for yourself. For exampleif I wanted to know how many people in a classliked certain types of foods, I would do aquestionnaire or survey to find that information.
  12. 12. When creating a film research on your audience is a vitalthing. The audience needs to be looked at in great detailsto see which age or gender it is going to be aimed at. Agood way to do this is by looking at the demographics.These specialise in looking at age, gender, class, race ofan audience. For example if you were to make a filmabout British teenage girls, you would have to ensure thatnobody is being discriminated against in the process.People can take to a lot of offense in films which couldput the producers in a lot of trouble. It would also beimportant the you look at the age which the film is goingto be aimed at because if children were to seeinappropriate scenes this could also get the producersinto a lot of trouble.