Convert your blog posts into your first e book


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Convert your blog posts into your first e book

  1. 1.  Do you know you can publish an eBook easily by using your existing blog posts? If you have written more than a thousand articles on your blog you can transform your blog posts into one or more eBooks. Here are the steps to publish your first eBook:
  2. 2.  Select a title for your first eBook: As I write about living with life, my first eBook is an overview of several subjects such as health, work, personal finance, family, relationships, self development and happiness. When the first eBook is done, I can expand and write more in-depth eBooks covering each topic in my first eBook. You should do the same so that you can publish several eBooks without running out of ideas.
  3. 3.  Choose relevant articles from your blog: My blog platform is Blogger. It is able to tell me the number of views for each article. So, it is easy for me to choose relevant and popular posts for my eBook. However, it is necessary to combine and revise several articles to suit one particular chapter.
  4. 4.  Use Word to write your eBook: You can write your eBook using Word. It allows you to convert your files into eBook formats such as ePub, an open industry standard and Mobipocket, the format used by Amazon.
  5. 5. The eBook project in details: This is how I break down the tasks to complete my first eBook. A date is assigned to each task to create a sense of urgency in the work. July 1 Read Kindle-ebook/dp/B007URVZJ6 Building Your Book for Kindle July 2 front matter: title page and subtitle, copyright page, preface, acknowledgement, table of contents July 3 chapter 1 July 4 chapter 2 July 5 chapter 3 July 6 chapter 4 July 7 chapter 5 July 8 chapter 6
  6. 6.  July 9 chapter 7 July 10 chapter 8 July 11 back matter: about the author July 12-14 revision July 15-18 editing and proofreading July 19-20 get a book cover from in 24-hour at $5/= only. July 21 upload to Amazon; book is available online in Amazon Kindle Bookstore.
  7. 7.  Selling: Choose to sell your eBook at $2.99 at Amazon to earn a royalty of 70% because if you sell at $0.99 per book, your royalty is only 30%. Besides, if your book is not selling well you can always lower the price. $0.99 is the minimum price for an eBook.Sell your eBook at Smashwords as well. It is the world’s largest distributor for indie eBooks. They distribute to Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo and the Diesel Ebook Store
  8. 8.  Promotion: Promote your first eBook on your blog, your blog subscribers and social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and Google+. Make a presentation at SlideShare like this one , do a press release and shout out to all your friends.
  9. 9.  Capitalize on your blog posts, write and publish your first eBook and make money.My first eBook: When you have an eReader,such as a Kindle Fire, upload my firstbook, 7Effective Ways to live a Happy and successfully Life. It is only $2.99.