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Herald parish newsletter January February 2011 vol37 no1

  2. 2. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK FEBRUARY/MARCH 2011 Tom’s HERALD Topic HERALD is published six times a year (Sept, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan, Feb/Mar, Apr/May, June/July) by Christ Church Deer Park 1570 Yonge Street Toronto ON M4T 1Z8 Tel: 416.920.5211 Fax: 416.920.8400 www.thereslifehere.org We welcome your submissions. Dear Friends: E-mail: jking@thereslifehere.org IT IS A GREAT JOY AND PRIVILEGE for me to be with you at Christ Church, Deer Park or the editor (e-mail below). and to be able to share with you in the worship and life here in the coming months. PARISH CLERGY Your warmth of welcome to me has been greatly appreciated. I am concious of all that Interim Priest-in-Charge God has given to this great parish over the years and I join with you in expressing The Ven. Thomas M. Greene gratitude for the ministry of Judy Rois over the last six years. Assistant Curate The Rev. Samantha Caravan As we move into this New Year, let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very Associate Priest Happy New Year! I hope this new year, and indeed the whole year, will be happy The Rev. Canon Douglas Graydon for you and for the causes that concern you. And I hope that you will be happy not Honorary Assistants simply in some superficial sense of the absence of things that irritate or annoy or the The Rev. Dr. Peter Slater The Rev. Canon Dr. David Neelands presence of things that give us momentary pleasure, but happy in the more biblical The Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton, sense of blessed. Ecumenical Partner The Rev. Michael Marshall, I hope that you will be blessed this year: that whatever lies ahead of you, this year, it Hospital for Sick Children will involve some deepening of your experience, some lessening of your fear and anxiety Director of Children’s Education Hilary Keachie and the replacement of a facile optimism that this is the best of all possible worlds WARDENS with an enduring trust that “all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.” Rector’s Warden (Human Resources) In the blessings that we may receive this year, if we are open enough to receive them, Innes van Nostrand People’s Warden (Finance) we may expect that our faith, our sense of God, will be one source, maybe a funda- Genevieve Chornenki mental source of blessing. Deputy Warden (Property) Walter Blackwell We may discover through our week-by-week gathering here at CCDP clues about EDITORIAL COMMITTEE how to be better people by reinforcing our shared values and our sense of what is Editor important in human life. The sense of God which we glean through our worship, our Joyce Hamilton (joyceian@sympatico.ca) openness to God’s word in scripture, our sharing of bread and wine, and our care for Members one another, give us resources for living, and living creatively and humanly in a world Henry Zaluski, MJ Rosenthal, Photos: Deirdre Malone, Henry Zaluski, that often seems to have lost its capacity for creativity and humanity. That, I think is Peter Curzon not an insubstantial blessing for us at the beginning of a new year. Webmaster Brian Dench At Christmastide, we heard and read that “grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” PARISH STAFF (John 1:17). In the person of Jesus Christ we are given something – grace and truth – Organist &Director of Music John calls it – that far exceeds anything we can do, measure, earn or control; and it is Eric Robertson that something – grace and truth – that can transform our lives. Because of the life Parish Administrator & Rector’s Assistant and ministry and, in particular, the dying and rising of Jesus, we have become what Jean King we are made to be, the children of God, sons and daughters – intimates with God Sexton and sharers of the divine life. Denis Delisle Into that divine intimacy we are invited every day of our lives. The blessing of our life 2 / HERALD
  3. 3. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK FEBRUARY/MARCH 2011this year and every year is when we respond to the invitationand accept what we are so freely given- God’s unconditionallove for us. From theMay this whole year be a blessing to each and every one ofyou. Upper RoomFaithfully,(The Ven.) Thomas M. Greene Dear Friends,Interim Priest-in-Charge THERE ARE SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH WORDS to thank you for all the love, support and encouragement you have offered me asWe are delighted that Bishop Patrick Yu has appointed the I have journeyed towards priesthood. I was overwhelmed byVen. Thomas Greene as the Interim Priest-in-Charge of both your generosity of time and gifts for my ordination onCCDP. Archdeacon Greene joins us with broad experience Dec 2. It was truly wonderful that so many of you were ableas a Parish priest, having served as the Rector of Grace to participate in the service. Thank you for everything.Church, Markham; All Saints, Kingsway; and St. Georges, As we move ahead in our common journey I want to assureGuelph. Prior to his retirement two years ago, he also you of my commitment in this transition period. My door isserved as Archdeacon of Greater Wellington. Most recently, always open and you are always welcome.he has been serving as an Honorary Assistant at St. JamesCathedral and assisting with a variety of parishes in the In peace and hope,Diocese. We are delighted to have Tom join us and wish Samanthahim a warm CCDP welcome! Here are a few pictures.... ACW Lenten Lunch Learning Series The Torah The First 5 Books of the Hebrew Testament Everyone is welcome to this exciting look at the scriptures Jesus would have known from memory. Tuesdays in Lent at 12 noon Bring your lunch and join us in the Arthur Smith Room, the Learning Series will begin at 12:30. Chancel Guild Meeting Tuesday, February 1 11:30am Holy Eucharist followed by lunch. It was,indeed, a joyous occasion...for Samantha, the culmination Please bring your own lunch - of a dream, pursued with dedication and love...for her family, tea/coffee and wine will be provided. friends and parish family, a celebration of the fulfillment of that dedication. 3 / HERALD
  4. 4. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK FEBRUARY/MARCH 2011 dropped significantly in November and December, when we A Word from traditionally receive 25% of our givings. More details will be available at the Financial Forums. the Wardens Innes van Nostrand Genevieve Chornenki Walter Blackwell Rector’s Warden Peoples’ Warden Deputy WardenAs we start the new year, it is clear that 2011 will be a year Feel like being more involved? Don’t have much time, butof change and growth at CCDP. The wardens are delighted want to help out? Feeling new, but want to join in? Been hereto welcome the Ven. Tom Greene as our Interim Priest-in- a while, but haven’t been involved? Have ideas to share?Charge, joining us after having served in many Rectorships,most recently at St. George’s, Guelph, while also serving as Join us!the Archdeacon of Greater Wellington. We are very pleased Every year before Vestry, the Nominating Committee seeksand blessed to have Tom, the Rev. Samantha Caravan, and out people to serve on, or chair ministries. Join us. There’sCanon Doug Graydon guiding us through this period. life here in what we do, how we get together, what getsAt the Special Vestry meeting on Dec 5, the following were done.elected to the Parish Selection Committee to advise the Every group at CCDP welcomes new membersBishop on the appointment of our next Rector: WalterBlackwell, Deputy Warden, Genevieve Chornenki, People’s Please speak to, call or email:Warden, James Cowan, Anne Larkin (Co-Chair), David David Thornton, chair nominating committee,Moore, David Thornton (Co-Chair), and Tony van 416-489-6740 davidthornton@sympatico.caStraubenzee. The committee has met with Bishop Patrick Yuand has started its work. Most notably, the Parish Forum meton January 16 and had a fulsome discussion on the traits ofour next Rector. There will be further consultations in theParish, and the committee welcomes input to this critical Annual Meeting of Vestryprocess. Sunday, February 27 11:30amComments may be sent to the committee by e-mail: Elliott Hallselection@christchurchdeerpark.org or dropped off at thechurch. The annual meeting of Vestry takes place to: Review the year 2010We are very pleased to host a special event to celebrate Judy Approve the Budget for 2011Rois’s ministry at CCDP. The party will be held on January Appoint Chairs of Ministries27th in the early evening. It will be a festive opportunity to Appoint and elect Churchwardenssay thanks to Judy for her outstanding leadership of the Bring new business to the congregationParish over the last 6 years. Please set aside the date. We arealso preparing a gift of thanks for Judy and welcome Sandwiches and refreshments will be servedcontributions. Identify “Gift for Judy” and submit your Donations will be accepted to cover costscheque to the office on the collection plate. A program for children and childcare will be availableCorporation and our Treasurer, John Buckworth, are in theprocess of preparing the 2011 budget for the Annual VestryMeeting being held after the 10 am service on February 27. Financial ForumsAs has been our tradition, there will be Financial Forums Sunday, February 13held after both the 8 am and 10 am services on February 13 After the 8:00 and 10:00am servicesfor members of the parish to get more detail on the budget Arthur Smith Roomand to have any questions answered. Part of this process Hosted by the Churchwardens to provide you withinvolves review of the 2010 results, which we are reviewing an opportunity to review budget figures andnow. In summary, our giving and expenses were tracking on ask questions prior to the Vestry meetingplan throughout the year, but the congregational giving 4 / HERALD
  5. 5. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK FEBRUARY/MARCH 2011Lent Learning’s A few scenes from the PromiseLand Christmas PageantThe observance of Lent is an ancient practice. In 203 AD St.Irenaeus wrote to Pope St. Victor I, regarding the differencesin the practices of communities leading up to Easter. In this21st century, the rhythm of Lent does not always fit into ourlives. People observe Lent in different ways and with differentintent. This year we are pleased to be able to offer you threedifferent opportunities for observing Lent. Our hope is thatone of these opportunities will fit with the rhythm of yourlife and offer you an opportunity to observe an intentionalLent. The Emperor40 Day Journey with Dietrich Bonhoeffer Augustus andToward the end of his life, in a letter to a friend written his scribesfrom his prison cell, Bonhoeffer confessed: “What is bother-ing me most incessantly is the question of what Christianityreally is, or indeed, who Christ really is, for us today.”(Letters and Papers from Prison, 279, from the Preface of ‘40-Day Journey with Dietrich Bonhoeffer’).It is – or should be – a perennial question. The ArchangelThis observance of Lent can be done individually, as a Gabriel appearscouple, or in a group. Those participating will require the to the shepherdsbook, which is available from Samantha (cost $15.00).There will be two meetings: the first on Ash Wednesday(time to be confirmed), will be to answer any questionsabout how to use the book throughout Lent. The secondmeeting will be sometime in Holy Week, at a time agreedon by the participants, to check in about the journey.During the 40 day journey Samantha will be available byemail, telephone or appointment for participants.Sundays in Lent – Lunch and LearnAt 11:30am on Sundays, March 13th, 20th, and 27th, joinTom Greene in the Arthur Smith Room for a look at thereadings for Lent. The study will last one hour and concludeat 12:30. Bring a bag lunch; tea and coffee will be provided.Each Sunday the lessons of the day and the lessons of theweek to come will be reviewed. To register please speak to The shepherds come to worship the BabyTom Greene.Tuesday’s in Lent – From Ashes to EqualityJoin Samantha Caravan on Tuesday evenings beginning at7pm on March 15th, 22nd, and 29th in the Arthur SmithRoom for a look at a progressive Lenten study. Topics toconsider include: Waters of Life, Breath of God, Equality ofthe Human Person, Forgiveness a Gift, Humanity in theShadow of the Cross. Come and add your voice to what itmeans to live a life of faith in the 21st century. To registerplease speak to Samantha Caravan. The entire cast of ‘players’ 5 / HERALD
  6. 6. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK FEBRUARY/MARCH 2011 What’s Coming Up in PromiseLand! January 9th Epiphany Gospel Drama Kids in Church January 16th Looking back at 2010 January 23rd Meet Micah! January 30th Exploring Christianity with Archdeacon Thomas Greene February 6th Isaiah: “Not Me, God!” February 13th Amos: A Different ShepherdCostumes, Prophets and Justice! February 20th Kids in Church!HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish you all laughter, adventure and February 27th Women of the Bible:learning for 2011! Stories Seldom ToldThis is a bittersweet time of year for me. I am excited for a March 6th Getting Ready for Lent:new term in PromiseLand, and all the great things we have 40 Acts of Kindnessplanned for the kids. I am also excited to welcome March 8th Pancake Supper at 5:30 &Archdeacon Thomas Greene and have the opportunity to Impoition of Ashes at 7:00work closely with him. But I am sad to say goodbye toRector Judy Rois and I will really miss the energy and love March 13th & 20th March Break! (no PromiseLand)that she brought into our community.I would also like to take this opportunity to extend a hugethank you to everyone who assisted with our ChristmasPageant. What a dynamic and fun way to end the year! Iwould especially like to thank Norm Nurmi for composingthe beautiful song “On the Road to Bethlehem” —- thekids had such fun singing it! We hope that next year’spageant can be even bigger and better!This winter season, the kids of PromiseLand will be exploringthe Prophets of the Old Testament - Micah, Isaiah andAmos - and learning about their struggle for justice. Wewill then embark on our own journey for justice by writingletters to our governments and showing them how muchwe care about bringing justice to our world.I’m looking forward to continuing to laugh and learn withthe inspiring kids of CCDP!HilaryDirector of Children’s Education A few scenes from PromiseLand. The Epiphany Drama, preparation for the Christmas Pageant and a visit from Lt. Col. Sylvain Maurais (on Remembrance Day Sunday) 6 / HERALD
  7. 7. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK FEBRUARY/MARCH 2011 Good Friday: April 22 9:15am Stations of the Cross for families and children followed by breakfast 11am Solemn Liturgy with prayers and choir Homilist: Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate, The Anglican Church of Canada 12noon Good Friday Walk, meet at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, at St Clair & Mt Pleasant (walk will make stops at neighbourhood churches) 4pm Annual Good Friday Concert ~ Choir of at Christ Church Deer Park Christ Church Deer Park and other musical guests Holy Saturday: April 23 Pancake Supper Tuesday, March 8 - 5:30pm 7pm Easter Vigil Elliott Hall Confirmation with Archbishop Finlay Followed by Family Ash Wednesday Service - 7:00pm followed by Resurrection Party and planting of outdoor Easter decorations Ash Wednesday Services: 7:00 & 11:00am; 7:00pm The Chapel will be open all day on Wednesday. Easter Sunday: April 24 If you are unable to attend one of the scheduled services, 8am Holy Eucharist, The Book of Common one of the clergy will be available for the Imposition of Ashes Prayer between 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 10am Choral Eucharist Child care provided Sunday Services in Lent: March 13, 20, 27, April 3, 10 8am Holy Eucharist, The Book of Common Prayer 10am Choral Eucharist Church school & child care Holy Week & Easter Palm Sunday: April 17 8am Holy Eucharist, The Book of Common Prayer. Blessing of Palms 10am Choral Eucharist with Procession & Blessing of the Palms Church school & child care 4:30pm Jazz Vespers Monday and Tuesday in Holy Week: April 18 & 19 Saturday April 23rd, 7pm, at the Easter Vigil 11am Holy Eucharist The Most Rev Terence Finlay Wednesday in Holy Week: April 20 Followed by Resurrection Party and the planting of outdoor Easter decorations. 7am Holy Eucharist followed by breakfast Confirmation is the affirmation of baptism and is offered Maundy Thursday: April 21 to all who have been baptized. Those interested in 7pm Holy Eucharist & Stripping of the altar confirmation are invited to contact Samantha Caravan, scaravan@thereslifehere.org. 7 / HERALD
  8. 8. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK FEBRUARY/MARCH 2011A Farewell Message voices soon dropped off, and David finished the prayerfrom Rob Walker alone. I remember thinking to myself: “Oh, please don’t stop! Keep going!” Sometimes, I think the Holy Spirit loves to gently nudge us away from what we expect into something a little odd and always life-giving. You all understand this, because you have such a firm commitment in your hearts to welcoming the stranger and doing justice for people, even when it doesn’t quite seem convenient. Speaking as a lowly ministry student, still finding my feet, it seems to me that God has new places for you to go, despite all the changes and difficulties that lie ahead. Expect good things to happen! Thank you all so much for mentoring me, and I look forward to seeing you again. God “can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine” and I look forward to hearing about what that means for Christ Church Deer Park. Remember: God is with you!Rob with St. Nicholas (George Lewis) Rob Walker, Theological InternHELLO! MY NAME IS ROB WALKER, and I have had theprivilege of serving this community as a Theological Intern.This fancy term means I want to be a priest when I growup, but I’m still finding my way around. I wanted to tell Lay Pastoral Visitingyou all what a deep joy being part of this parish has been. THE CLERGY OF CCDP are currently exploring the viabilityThe website says “There’s Life Here!” and that the parish of creating a lay pastoral visitors program. Lay pastoral visit-tries to include everyone; but I have to tell you, the website ing is a recognized healing ministry of the Diocese wheredoesn’t do justice to how fabulous and welcoming you all are! lay members of a congregation are trained and supervised by clergy to pastoral visit members of the congregation whoIt’s been a blast to shake your hands every week and to may be ill, shut-in or otherwise unable to participate inhave surprising, but always very helpful, conversations: from regular parish activities. Lay pastoral visiting is much moretalking about unity in the Church with the Rev. Karen then simply “friendly visiting”. Lay pastoral visitors areHamilton, discussing with someone in the Wednesday trained in the field of pastoral spiritual and religious care.morning crew about whether or not evil exists, to spending As such, visitors are expected to observe those standards whichtime with the Anglican Church Workers thinking about the relate to the Responsible Ministry policies of the Diocese.importance of lay ministry and priestly humility in the All lay pastoral visitors must therefore be interviewed andChurch. You will all continue to be in my prayers. screened for this ministry and must attend a six week trainingAs I leave for my second internship in the Diocese of program planned for late February / early March 2011.Rupert’s Land (Winnipeg) after the Christmas season, I Lay pastoral visiting can be a rewarding ministry for thosewould like to encourage you all to remember: even in this who believe they are called to a ministry which brings thetime of difficult transition - of sadness and gratitude but presence of Christ into the homes of those unable to attendalso of new beginnings - God is with you! The Spirit is public worship.blowing through like a fresh breeze, and I suspect that weall can feel it in our own ways. One moment stood out for Those who may be interested in learning more about thisme in a recent Sunday service. The music was fabulous as ministry can attend a information session led by Rev. Canonusual (thanks Eric!), and people seemed so caught up in the Douglas Graydon on Feb. 13th after the 10:00am service orSpirit of things that some people just kept praying the first may contact Fr. Graydon at 416-363-6021 ext 236 orprayer, the collect, with David Neelands! Since we’re all dgraydon@toronto.anglican.caAnglicans who like our liturgy “decently and in order,” the 8 / HERALD
  9. 9. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK FEBRUARY/MARCH 2011Brian Buckingham overall life of this parish, Brian made a difference..a real difference.August 27, 1939 - January 4, 2011 He was an inspiration, a colleague and, most important, From the eulogy given by JR a treasured friend. We will all miss him greatly. Thornton at the Funeral Liturgy held for Brian on January 10th. TODAY WE ARE GATHERED lm together to mourn the loss of a dear friend, Brian Buckingham, This was Brian’s spiritual home,a place that he loved and, was loved and respected by all.Brian had a huge impact on the life of this Church. and The Learning Ministry presentsit was here, some 20 years ago, that I first met him at ameeting of the Outreach Committee. TWO FASCINATING EVENINGS of musical exploration with Dr, Michael O’Connor. 7:00 - 9:00 pm in the Arthur Smith RoomOutreach is an important part of the life of this community; No specialized musical knowledge required!it involves looking beyond ourselves, helping those lessfortunate (especially the outcasts of society) while recognizing Tuesday, April 5the value of each person. Exploring Mozart’s RequiemBrian was passionate about caring for those persons in need, Unfinished at his death, Mozart’s masterful Requiem remainswithout judgment and with love. He believed in really an enigma, generating much romantic speculation anddoing something for people, not just sending a cheque, controversy. This talk will offer a commentary on the music,which he also did with great generosity, as most of you know. illustrated with recorded examples. We will also explore the secretive genesis of the work, the possible cause of Mozart’sWhen this parish decided to start an Out of the Cold untimely death, and his widow Constanze’s efforts to have theprogram, Brian and Yvonne were among the first to volunteer. score completed.They were the Captains of a dinner Team, preparing andserving dinner while providing companionship and support Tuesday, April 12to about one hundred homeless men and women on cold Exploring Elgar’s /Dream of GerontiusSaturday nights in the Winter. Elgar’s setting of John Henry Newman’s imaginativeOur friendship blossomed as we worked together in the evocation of the journey of the soul to God is now a treasureOut of the Cold Program and on the Outreach Committee. of the England choral tradition. But it was not always so:He really knew how to take care of business and at the from the beginning, the work was controversial for musicalsame time be kind, humorous, humane and generous. The and theological reasons. This talk will offer a guided listeninghomeless people, our guests, loved him. to this radiant and hope-filled meditation on life after death.But more than that, Brian was a guide and an inspirationfor this and many of the other outreach programs that this Dr Michael O’Connor is a lecturer atparish undertook under his leadership, including financial St Michael’s College in the University ofsupport of other charities such as LOFT, The Downtown Toronto. He studied at the PontificalChurch Workers, The Churches on the Hill Food Bank and Gregorian University in Rome and at themany others. University of Oxford, where he completed a doctorate on early modern biblical exegesis.He supported the organization of other programs, including A former Warden of the Royal School ofa prenatal program in Malawi, a Community Breakfast on Church Music (RSCM) in the UK, he is aSaturdays and a cooking class for clients of LOFT who were member of the Board of RSCM Canada. His interests includepreparing to re-enter society. the relationships between scripture, theology, worship, andIn all these and many other outreach projects, and in the the arts (especially music). 9 / HERALD
  10. 10. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK FEBRUARY/MARCH 2011 From the Organ Bench WITH EPIPHANY JUST PAST, we have an opportunity to reflect on the JOIN US every second Sunday at 4:30 pm for this popular wonderful musical events we enjoyed service of music, a reflective reading, prayers for our city over the Christmas season here at and the world and great music...featuring some of Toronto’s Christ Church Deer Park. In finest jazz musicians! addition to our inspiring Advent and January 23 Bill McBirnie/Bernie Senensky Christmas Lessons and Carols services Bill, flute; Bernie, piano and the Christmas Eve Carol Sing, we had many other opportunities to February 13 Alex Dean Quartet hear and sing our favorite songs of Alex Dean, tenor sax: Scott Alexander, bass:the season. Once again this year, our choir participated in Brian Barlow, drums; Mark Eisenman, pianothe CP24 CHUM Christmas Carol Sing held at March 6 Rob Piltch & Lorne LofskyYorkminster Park Baptist. There, along with internationalopera stars Richard Margison and Isabel Bayrakdarian, March 20 Tribute to Marian McPartlandOlympic medalist Karen Cockburn, the True North Brass, Nancy Walkerthe Larkin Singers, the High Park Children’s Choir, and theChoirs of Yorkminster Park Baptist, we helped raise close to$13,000.00 to bring Christmas to needy children across ourcity.With the holidays over, our regular music program is nowback in full swing. Our choir practices have resumed onThursdays (6:30pm - 8:30pm), as has our weeklyLunchtime Chamber Music Series. If you have a chance,drop by the sanctuary on Thursday’s at 12:10pm to hearboth established artists and rising stars perform. Each recitallasts for about forty minutes and admission is free. Bring Free concerts at 12:10 pm every Thursday. Bring your lunch,your lunch and enjoy! relax and enjoy.Eric Robertson, January 27 “Frederick’s Friends”Director of Music with Baroque flutists; Alison Melville, Emma Elkinson, Kathie Stewart, Roseen Giles and Jacob Farnwsorth Presented by Nine Sparrows Arts foundation Remember to check our website for updates on these and other events. www.thereslifehere.org 10 / HERALD
  11. 11. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK FEBRUARY/MARCH 2011 Faith & Film Festival Season 5 Tuesday, February 15 - 7pm / Arthur Smith Room Precious (2009) dir. Lee Daniels, 109 min. Sunrise on Capri Bob Reeves An adaptation of the 1996 novel The Gallery “Push” by Sapphire, this is the story of 16-year-old Claireece In the Arthur Smith Room “Precious” Jones who lives in Epiphany: the ghetto of Harlem with her dysfunctional family. Through The moment of Awakening/Realization it all, she believes that there is Paintings by Bob Reeves another world where she is loved We invite you to visit this Exhibition and appreciated. Sunday, January 9 - Sunday, February 27 Tuesday, March 1 - 7pm TBA Watch the web and the Bulletin for film listing. Welcome to the Free admission...all are welcome. (Donations to help defray costs are gratefully accepted) Book Club Hosted by the Learning Ministry We invite all those who enjoy reading books to come to our meeting on Tuesday, February 22 (note change of day) at 7:30 in the Arthur Smith Room, when we will discuss HERALD “Hotel du Lac” Deadline for the next HERALD is March 16 by Anita Brookner. DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA for an article? Perhaps a feature Future meetings will again be on Wednesdays: on an unsung hero in the parish? A special memory? March 30, April 27 and May 25 An historical fact? Please speak to one of the clergy or Books to be determined. to the Editor. Join us Articles and announcements may be submitted at any for lively conversation, refreshments and wine, time up to the deadline. Just leave in the box in the or your own choice of beverage. Atrium or e-mail the editor at joyceian@sympatico.ca For information, call Anne Kear: 416-924-3940 11 / HERALD
  12. 12. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK FEBRUARY/MARCH 2011Rummage Sale News! Speakers’ CornerSpring Sale, Saturday, April 9 Did you know that the ACW (Anglican Church Workers)Rummage items are pouring in and your team has been often sponsor lunchtime speakers? The topics vary widelybusy sorting and pricing, readying for the April sale. and are always interesting. Watch the Bulletin for detailsSadly...there has been no response to our plea for someone and dates...plan to bring along a lunch and enjoy! Tea,willing take over as co-ordinator of these rummage sales... coffee and cookies are provided. Tuesdays at noon...every-so, it is possible that this upcoming sale could be the last one is welcome...don’t be shy, men...Angican Churchof a very worthwhile event in this Parish after many, many Workers include you!years. ...and every Tuesday afternoon you are also welcome to joinI have offered to stay on for this coming sale - to show the the Bridge Bunch...play starts around 1:00pm.ropes and assist the person(s) willing to take on this very In the Arthur Smith Room.rewarding project.Call me!Rita Becker 216-921-0883 World Day of Prayer Christmas Friday, March 4 Fair Holy Rosary Church 354 St. Clair Ave. West Watch the Bulletin for time of serviceThis year’s Fair was was a great success thanks to all the This year’s service written by the women of Chilemany volunteers whose donations and/or hard work andcommitment made it all possible. $13,192.24 was raisedthrough everyone’s efforts.Many thanks.Lynn Lovekin and Lorna Lang.Raffle winners: PARISH REGISTER BaptismQuilt Joann DudarPaper Boy (photo album) Anna Kohari Ava-Marie Sienna HindsHatty Young Shoes (evening purse) In Memoriam Carol Humphries Emily Margaret StephensonSpiga Restaaurant Jean Curzon Brian Cecil BuckinghamOlsson Optical (sunglasses) Ben MulroneyDeer Park Hardware Bill GrahamMarquess Jewellers (earrings) D. GreshamBook City Barnaby SouthgateGood Life Fitness (one month membership & carryall bag) Lou BonomoloElizabeth Robb (lady’s cosmetic travel set) Pauline KingstonRussell Hill Retirement Residence (chocolate basket) Raye Wallace 12 / HERALD
  13. 13. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK FEBRUARY/MARCH 2011 We get rid of your clutter Maxine the Maximizer Organizing Efficiency Consultant Our Services: Home organization / Home staging Office organization / Estate organizing Gift certificates www.maxinethemaximizer.com info@maxinethemaximizer.com 416-590-1008 Family owned and operated Withadedicatedteamofthefinestdirectorsintheprofession,theCrawford familycontinuesthetraditionofservingthecommunityofNorthToronto. • Burial Cremation • Ample parking available • No obligation Pre-Planning • Chapel, Reception children’s Services recreation rooms. 159 Eglinton Ave. W. Toronto ON M4R 1A8 www.morleybedford.ca 416-489-8733 Sarah Barrett 416-465-9878 sarahkbarrett@rogers.com SARAH’S Flower Design Garden Inspiraton Companion Care for Seniors •beautiful bouquets for parties, weddings and all occasions• Need someone you can trust to stay with •garden consultations, assistance and planting• a loved one? Our experienced, compassionate caregivers provide meal prep, hygiene assistance, light housekeeping, laundry, medication reminders, grocery shop, respite care, etc. Robert O’Reilly ExecutiveDirector All screened and bonded. Hourly and live-in care. 7BPleasantBlvd.,Box1053 Toronto,OntarioM4T1K2 Call for a free consultation Tel:416923-3779 by a Registered Nurse! Fax:416923-0083 (416) 572-7739 1-800-883-7761 Website: www.zenhomecare.ca robert@skddd.org www.skddd.org “Setting the Standard in Kindness and Care” 13 / HERALD