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The Herald November-December, 2012


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The Herald November-December, 2012

  2. 2. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 Kevin’s HERALD Corner HERALD is published six times a year (Sept, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan, Feb/Mar, Apr/May, June/July) by Christ Church Deer Park 1570 Yonge Street Toronto ON M4T 1Z8 Tel: 416.920.5211 Dear friends, Fax: 416.920.8400 www.thereslifehere.org We welcome your submissions. I RECENTLY TRAVELLED TO NEW YORK CITY with some friends for the annual E-mail: marathon, which runs on the first weekend of November. Within hours of our jking@thereslifehere.org arrival, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that the marathon – which attracts or the editor (e-mail below). 50,000 runners from all around the world – was cancelled. It was disappointing for PARISH CLERGY those of us who had travelled some distance to be there. But ultimately, it was the Rector The Rev. Kevin Robertson right decision. The devastation from Hurricane Sandy was evident throughout Associate Priest Manhattan, where fuel, power and hot water were in short supply. Staten Island – The Rev. Canon Douglas Graydon where the marathon begins – suffered extensive damage and loss of life. It would Assistant Curate have been heartless to direct scarce resources to a sporting event while many The Rev. Julie Meakin residents of the city were shivering in the dark. Honorary Assistants The Rev. Dr. Peter Slater But into the bleakness of this experience, the light shone through. Though New The Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton, Yorkers are known for being a bit brusque, people seemed friendlier this time; Ecumenical Partner volunteers headed to Staten Island to see what they could do to help; visiting Organist & Director of Music runners gave up their hotel rooms for those who were suddenly homeless; a cab Eric Robertson driver even invited us into his own home when we were unsure if we’d have a place Director of Children’s Education Hilary Keachie to stay. I like being part of such a story. It reminds me of the human capacity for CORPORATION goodness. Rector’s Warden (Property) In these cold, dark days of November, we all need a reminder of some light. And Walter Blackwell People’s Warden (Finance) so it is that the season of Advent comes upon us. The small lights of the Advent Robert Morrow wreath point the way to the greater light that comes to us at Christmas. By hearing Deputy Warden (Human Resources) the call of the ancient prophets, and by remembering the hopes of John the Baptist, Carolyn Kearns Member-at-Large (Parish Forum) and the promises to Mary and Joseph, Advent offers us a glimpse of what God has Genevieve Chornenki in store for the world. EDITORIAL COMMITTEE Inevitably, the next four weeks will be among the busiest of the year - shopping, Editor wrapping, decorating, entertaining, and travelling. But as we journey towards the Joyce Hamilton (joyceian@sympatico.ca) light of the manger in Bethlehem, let us recommit ourselves to making time to Members Henry Zaluski, extend the love of Christ to others. For Christmas declares that the incarnate love Photos: Deirdre Malone, Henry Zaluski, of God is a gift to be shared with the world. Peter Curzon, Kate Rieger I wish you a bright and joyful Advent, and a very happy Christmas. Webmaster Brian Dench Yours faithfully, PARISH STAFF Parish Administrator & Rector’s Assistant Jean King Sexton Denis Delisle The Reverend Kevin Robertson, Rector 2 / HERALD
  3. 3. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 on the phone, and this waiting is usually a source of A Minute with frustration and impatience. Often while doing one thing we are thinking ahead to the next thing on the list. Life Deacon Meakin passes us by because we are not attentive to the present moment. But Advent is a kind of holy waiting and a holy longing for that which is lasting, satisfying, and meaningful. As Christians we know this meaning is to be found when we place our hope in Christ – God with us. Advent is a time that acknowledges the darkness but waitsAdvent Reflections in expectant hope for God to bring about a new thing. Sometimes we ache for something new to happen in ourIT IS ADVENT, and this may bring mixed feelings to some lives. - for some part of our lives to be transformed andof us. We may be looking forward to the beautiful music move beyond the boundaries of what we’ve experienced.and stirring readings of the liturgy, and the sense of joy We get in touch with our longing, aching, not only forand expectation this time of preparation before Christmas ourselves but for the world.brings. We may look forward to getting together withfamily, the excitement of children, the outpouring of No doubt this season of preparation will be busy on onegenerosity in church and community to those less fortunate. level. But, on a deeper level, ask yourself, how can I build in quiet spaces in the day – 5, 10 minutes even, to reflectWe may also be feeling a general sense of dread – that in on the ways God has been present to me this day? How canthese four short weeks, as the days get shorter and colder, I prepare my heart to be more receptive to the meaning ofmeals, travel arrangements, shopping, wrapping, office the coming of Christ?parties, Christmas cards or emails, trees, decorations, familyvisits, and so on need to be attended to. The Church provides ways we can keep Advent, such as lighting the candles on the Advent Wreath.On top of all these expectations, we may be experiencingour own darkness – loneliness, illness, loss, grief. As we light the candles over the four weeks the light gradually takes over the darkness - something is happeningWe may also lament the loss of the religious sense of and more is yet to come. On Christmas we light the ChristChristmas in the culture – no more Nativity plays in candle, signifying the light that has come into the world,schools, no “real” Christmas music in malls, everybody “full of grace and truth.” (John 1.14)saying “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas.We may sigh about the commercialism of the season – I leave you with this Advent prayer by Henri Nouwen, andapparently Shopper’s Drug Mart started playing Christmas wish you a Holy and Blessed Advent and Christmas.music the day after Hallowe’en. People complained and Lord Jesus,they stopped the music - for now! Master of both the Light and the darkness,While one cannot blame businesses for taking advantage Send your Holy Spirit upon our preparations forof the season, nor expect an increasingly secular, multi- Christmas.faith society to affirm Christianity, at the same time there We who have so much to do seek quiet spacesis a dissatisfaction we feel about getting swept up in it all - to hear your voice each day.a feeling that there is more. We don’t want yet another We who are anxious over many thingsChristmas, when we feel emotionally and physically look forward to your coming among us.exhausted and somehow spiritually empty. We who are blessed in so many ways long for the complete joy of your kingdom.But what is the good news? The season of Advent We whose hearts are heavy seek the joy of your presence. is distinctly counter-cultural. It teaches us to slow down, We are your people, walking in darkness,to be silent, and to be awake and aware of what the coming yet seeking the light.of Christ means. Advent calls us to prepare inwardly forthe coming of the light, to move from surface to depth, To you we say, “Come, Lord Jesus!”from what is passing to what endures.Advent is very counter-cultural because it is about waiting.We know about waiting – in line-ups in stores, in traffic, The Reverend Julie Meakin, Assistant Curate 3 / HERALD
  4. 4. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 YAL has also had some great social nights including a Christmas craft night (be sure to check out the YAL-made earrings and hair clips at the Fair!) and an All Saints Masquerade party complete with Saintly costumes and food from each Saint’s homeland. We are now getting ready for our first overnight Retreat at Canterbury Hills. Along with youth from 3 other parishes, we will explore our personal faith stories, try out different forms of prayer and spend time in nature. It’s going a lot of fun and great opportunity to build friendships with other Anglican youth.WOW! To close, I’d like to say that this is a bittersweet time forWHAT AN AMAZING FALL we’ve had in PromiseLand! We me. I am definitely looking forward to starting a newhad a Biblical scavenger hunt, made technicolour dream- chapter in my life, encouraging interfaith cooperation andcoats and even fought a ferocious dragon. We explored the action among youth in Germany, but I am also very sadcomplex family dynamics in Genesis and acted out the about leaving the community at CCDP. It has been aexciting adventures of Saint George and Saint Patrick. wonderfully engaging, inspiring and fun place to work forWe’ve done some serious learning this fall, and had so the past 2 and half years and I will miss you all very much.much fun in the process! Hilary Keachie, Director of Children’s EducationDuring the month of October, we held our Annual COTH Food DriveCanned Food Drive for the Churches-on-the-Hill FoodBank. We set our goal high – hoping to collect 400 cans -and CCDP rose to the challenge! With your help, wecollected an amazing 429 items, all of which will help fight nhunger in our city. Thank you so much for taking action drago and thewith us! orge St. GeNow we are well into November and already lookingforward to Advent and Christmas! We will soon be castingour Annual Christmas Pageant and starting to rehearse thebeautiful songs that Norm Nurmi composed especially forus. There are roles for everyone who would like to beinvolved, from sparkly angels to fuzzy sheep to organizingcostumes and props. I hope you will join us in making thisyear’s Christmas pageant meaningful and engaging for all!Our Young Anglican Leaders programme started up againthis fall with a social night and monthly “Lunch andLearns”. Every month, a different pair of teens hosts theLunch and Learn and teaches the group about a significant,but often little known, character from the Bible. Welearned how Jethro (Moses’ father-in-law) had excellentorganizational skills and proposed a division of labour forthe Israelites, and how Amos spoke out against the unjustsystem and challenged the status quo. I am blown away by YAL All Saintsthe depth of the critical thinking and analysis done by Masqueradethese youth and feel privileged to be a part of theirdiscussions. 4 / HERALD
  5. 5. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 He will be assisted in making the final selection by a small A Word from committee made up of some Corporation members as well as some other interested parishioners. Youth and children’s the Wardens ministry is very important at CCDP and every effort is being made to ensure that we have the best leadership in place for both the young and teen members of the Parish. Best wishes for the Advent Season, Walter Blackwell Rob Morrow Carolyn Kearns Rector’s Warden People’s Warden Deputy WardenCHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK has been very active this fall. Genevieve ChornenkiMost of these activities are well described elsewhere in this Member-at-LargeHerald.Visioning for the Future has continued to be one of Parish ForumCorporation’s most important priorities. This has resultedin two well attended Parish Forums during October which WHAT CAN WE DO to make our parish more vital andare reported on elsewhere in the Herald. It’s hoped that the alive? What new initiatives interest and excite you?momentum that has started will result in the creation of These questions were put to the Parish Forums onnew initiatives to complement those in which we are October 14th and 28th, 2012, and people responded byalready successfully involved. actively sharing their ideas in facilitated sessions and byAs reported by Rob Morrow on November 4th, our signing up for one of six working groups that will explorefinancial situation remains stable with current revenue up ways to increase our vitality. Fellow parishioners will leadslightly and current expenses down slightly. If, as is expected, each group, as follows:parishioners gifts continue as they have to date, we should Welcoming - Jill MacRae & William Jacksonhave another year without a deficit. Discerning Our Gifts For Lay Ministry - David MooreIt’s felt to be critical to our future financial health, and to Opening Up Our Sacred Space & Grounds – Boballow us to expand our activities, that there be an annual Hutchison & Henry Zaluskistewardship campaign during Advent. Therefore, you willbe asked again to participate in a review of your annual Developing Spiritual Practices – Gavin Keachiegivings to ensure that our revenue keeps up with, and Building Community Inside & Out – Michael Overburyhopefully exceeds, the rate of inflation. Raising Spiritual Kids – Andrew van Nostrand &Corporation is still looking into the rejuvenation of the Christopher SymondsBuilding Fund in view of its near depletion resulting fromthe recent extensive roof repairs. You will be hearing more The working groups will now schedule their ownabout this at next February’s Vestry. meetings and carry on with support and coordination from Corporation. They will report their activities andThe Property Committee continues to ensure that the progress to the parish at a Parish Forum on April 21, 2013.building is being maintained. You will have noted that theYonge and Heath Street entrances look much better after This is an exciting and novel exercise for us as we “Hearthe varnishing and painting, done mainly by our custodians, what the Spirit is saying to the Church”. Our collectiveDenis and Austineo. One other necessary item was the efforts will be characterized by optimism and goodwill,replacement of the dishwasher in the Elliott Hall kitchen. and guided by ten ideals that Corporation calls “SignpostsThe original washer was funded by the ACW, who of Vitality” (see page 6)immediately volunteered to pay for its replacement. Many If you were not able to attend the Parish Forums please gothanks to the ACW for this very generous gift. Note that to the parish website for a record of what went on alongthe installation was completed over a weekend in time for with contact information for the working groups. PleaseACW’s Bridge Luncheon on November 5. consider what interests and excites you, and do not hesi-Kevin is identifying possible replacements for Hilary tate to join in as the Spirit leads you.Keachie, our popular Director of Children’s Education. Genevieve Chornenki 5 / HERALD
  6. 6. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 people who are engaged in the quiet everyday ministry of Doug’s caring for others. It is a wonderful thing to witness. The Anglican Church has a long and strong history of chaplaincy. Discourse We are known in this city for our presence in those parts of our community where many are so often forgotten or where many are overwhelmed by illness or calamity. There is a powerful call from our Saviour Jesus Christ for all, like the Good Samaritan, to go out of our way in order to tend to the needs of those in need. Chaplains, parishSo, what do you do the rest of the week? nurses and lay pastoral visitors are examples of ministriesSURPRISINGLY, I hear this question, or something like it, which encompass such a faithful witness.rather often at CCDP. It shouldn’t really surprise me So if you see me rushing away from a parish event, orhowever because for most of my time as Coordinator of simply if you do not see me every Sunday at worship,Chaplaincy Services here in the Diocese of Toronto, I hear remember the other half of my job. Most likely that issuch a question more often than I am willing to admit. where I am.For those who were attending church on All Saints Day,you heard a wee glimpse of my “other” job in the homilyI gave on healing ministries. That homily generated sucha wonderful interest in my chaplaincy work I thought Iwould spend some time in the Herald sharing with youa broader picture of my chaplaincy work.One of the best kept secrets of our Diocese is our chaplains. The Reverend Canon Douglas Graydon,The Diocese supports over 30 chaplains in a variety of Associate Priesthospitals, prisons, long-term care facilities and privateschools. Chaplains can be either ordained clergy or lay Signposts of Vitalitypeople. But all chaplains have training in addition to their Hospitality Welcoming others whether or not theytheology degrees which equip them to function within the are like-minded, without pressure to conformcomplex clinically diverse healthcare or prison environment. Discernment Deep listening and openness to whereChaplaincy can be a tremendously isolating and lonely the Spirit is leading usprofession. Therefore my role is to maintain a Diocesanrelationship with the chaplains assisting them with whatever Healing Attending to the spiritual, physical,resources and support the Diocese can realistically provide mental and relational wellbeing of one anotherso that they can be present to the needs of patients, Contemplation Honouring silence and cultivating theprisoners or clients. practice of prayerBut this is not all that I do. I also advocate for chaplaincy Testimony Creating a safe space for people to talkwithin the health care field, monitor developments within about their faith storiesour provincial government as regards chaplaincy, (forexample; did you know the Ontario government is defunding Diversity Embracing the rich variety and inherentthe Ontario Multi-faith Council which supports and value of all people.nurtures chaplains across the province?). I work with the Justice Embodying Christ’s compassion in the world.Anglican Provincial Synod on matters which impact the Worship Cultivating a sacred environment whichAnglican Church across the province, support parish nurses evokes experiences of the Divine.and lay pastoral visitors in their ministries and conductworkshops on pastoral care and counselling when invited. Reflection Engaging in study and dialogue that supports an enquiring and open approach to living aAll of this on a part-time basis! Christian life.It is a tremendously varied and rewarding job. I have the Beauty Awakening an experience of awe, humility andopportunity to travel throughout the Diocese meeting respect that yields glimpses of the Transcendent Mystery. 6 / HERALD
  7. 7. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012Rethinking the future donations; both from other charities and companies who are making it a real business. The profit margin is huge.of the Rummage Sales I am open to new ideas and would like to hear from you.at CCDP Join me on Sunday, December 9, after the 10am ServiceWOW, CAN YOU IMAGINE, the fall rummage sale is over. as we plan for the next sale.Yes, I have made it through my first sale. I have put my Before I sign off. I must say thank you to all thehat to rest, for now. However, the rummage drive doesn’t volunteers. A special thank you to Rita Becker, who ranstop, to be honest with you, it is a twelve month affair. the rummage sale for seventeen years. She was my mentorSo let let me tell you briefly, what’s really happening in behind the scenes, even though she wasn’t able to bethe Rummage room, also known as ACW room. there in person. To Judith, the other half of the team, and Rhona who stayed with me, and the many volunteersDonations are dropped off daily and the types and on the day of the sale and to the community who came inamounts vary. They are then delivered to the Rummage and shopped with us once again. But most of all, “thankroom. Judith Maxwell takes care of all the housewares, you” to our many neighbours and friends who donatewhite elephants, treasures. I take care of all the clothing items to our Rummage Sale.for men, women and children and the linens, shoes etc.Renee prices all the the toys, no matter how small. This year’s Fall Sale raised $6700.00 (to date).We are continously sorting things for the Spring and Fall Keep dropping off your stuff and please tell your friendsRummage Sales and also for the Christmas Fair. Every who are downsizing that we will take all their stuff that isitem is sorted, categorized, priced; hung, boxed and/or in good order.bagged and labelled for the different sales. I had so much fun promoting it to you. (I even lost a fewThe future of Rummage Sales inches, wow.!)We have been doing these sales for a very long time now. Thank you,Maybe it is time to rethink our rummage sale strategy. Maxine Henry, Rummage Sale Co-ordinatorHow do we make them better, generate more income, and maxinethemaximizer@yahoo.ca 416-590-1008at the same time, meet the needs of the community thatis beyond our church door?We could discuss developing a new business plan andstrategy for Rummage Sales. Here are some things tothink about:Do we make them a weekly, monthly, quarterly event orstay as is?Do we once again introduce furniture?Do we make CCDP a general drop off spot? (Forinstance, put a large CCDP drop box outside the church.)Place a CCDP Drop box at all the churches on the hill?Mount a monthly neighbourhood drive?Advertise in local papers?Do we do pick up?We saw a drop in the quality of the clothing this fall,which does affect the amount of money that we generatefrom the sale.The reality is, we have large competition out there for P.S. The Sale was reported by Snap, community newspaper. 7 / HERALD
  8. 8. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 Social Matters the “children of God” and blessed. As Christians and as the Anglican Church, we should take seriously that calling to make peace. Pressing the government to take initiatives towards nuclear weapons abolition, to support a strong arms trade treaty, and to not backtrack by diluting the cluster munitions treaty (through parliamentary amendments) are urgent tasks for peacemakers now. Or do we not believeREMEMBERING Zechariah’s prophecy that in God’s mercy, Jesus came “toWE HAVE JUST BEEN REIMAGINING through moving poetry, guide our feet into the way of peace”? (Luke 1: 78-79)stories, anthems, and music at our CCDP Remembrance “Through your spirit we may renew the face of the Earth.”concert, the experience and meaning of war. My red poppyon Remembrance Day honours the dedication of those Phyllis Creightonwho like my father, a captain in the Royal CanadianArtillery in World War I, never forgot the terrors andhorrors he experienced in combat in Europe. Like most RECOGNIZING OUR OWN...THANK YOUCanadians, I supported World War II as a necessary andjust war against Nazi and later Japanese aggression. But inthe blinding light of the nuclear bombs dropped by theUS on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, I saw anew truth. With the raining down of this utterly evilindiscriminate weapon of mass destruction on civiliannon-combatants, “just war” became history. The presentUS use of drones for assassination at will confirms the lawlessimmorality of armed violence and the looming future ofdeath by disassociated computer.Around Remembrance Day, I wear a white poppy with theword Peace in its green centre, a symbol created by thePeace Pledge Union (an organization founded by womenin Britain in 1934 to work for a world without war) andnow promoted by the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace(VOW). Thinking about war, I reflect on the buttons I Dr. George Moss, Capt. RCAMCwear on my Raging Granny shawl at demonstrations where L. Col. Arthur Huycke, CDwe sing out, and on their messages: To remember is to Edward Saunders, Gunnerwork for peace; No War; War is not healthy for childrenand other living things; Homes not Bombs; Stop StarWars: End the Arms Race; Who would Jesus bomb?; Paix.It’s time to abolish war: the humanitarian, social, economic,and political reasons are compelling.Thus I value the Canadian Council of Churches’ leadershipon peace issues, mobilizing the churches to press thegovernment for disarmament and for the many peacefulmethods to resolve conflict. I am glad that ProjectPloughshares, its peace coalition, provides information andanalysis to help us take action. I remember Archbishop TedScott, the Primate of the Anglican Church (1971 to 1986)who helped end apartheid, once reminded me that in thebiblical Beatitudes, it is the peacemakers who are named 8 / HERALD
  9. 9. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012Churches on-the-HillFood BankAnnual Food DriveTHE 2012 ANNUAL FOOD DRIVE of the Churches-on-the-Hill Food Bank has just been completed. Flyers were distributedto houses in the neighbourhood on November 3rd and, onthe 10th, donations were collected and then sorted out atTimothy Eaton Memorial Church. Cottage Night Ria Klein The Gallery In the Arthur Smith Room Three Perspectives Paintings by Ria Klein, Shahla Andrews, Monica Chen We invite you to view this Exhibition Sunday, October 21 - Sunday, November 25About 250 packages, each containing a number of items,have been collected so far. In addition, the COTH FoodBank received 429 items of canned food generously donatedby CCDP parishioners to our own Canned Food Drive,which was run by the children of PromiseLand under the PARISH REGISTERguidance and leadership of Hilary Keachie. Baptism Anya Logan Ann MiddlebrookThere have also been some generous gifts of cash, initially Kiran Edmond Lorn Middlebrooktotalling about $7,000. This will be shared with STOP (a Nneka Amarachukwu Ikufood-based community centre) and Evangel (a downtown Blythe Anne Laziershelter). WeddingThese results were accomplished through the efforts of the Jennifer Thompson and Robin Bastedomany volunteers from the all churches involved. CCDPwas represented by a great team, namely: Ben Dibben, In MemoriumMargaret Heather, Anne Larkin, Deirdre Malone (along Alfred James Vogelwith two friends), Rob Morrow, Ross Morrow, Jennifer Beverley “Bunny” Ann Hartwell SlaterRoblin (with her daughter Bronwen), Julie Scott (with her George William Kidddaughter Tessa, recruited through PromiseLand), as well as Robert Eldred SkellyJim Neville, and Ted and Joe Larkin with two of their Katherine Grace Mossfriends.Heartfelt thanks to each of of those involved in the aboveefforts and an appreciation that, in doing so, they have, asthe the second commandment states, shown real love fortheir neighbours.Ben Dibben 9 / HERALD
  10. 10. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 From the Organ Bench “Make we joy now in this fest, JOIN US every second Sunday at 4:30 pm for this popular service of music, a reflective reading, prayers for our city in quo Christus and the world and great music...featuring some of Toronto’s natus est. Eya!” finest jazz musicians! THIS REFRAIN from an anonymous fifteenth century English carol might Nov. 25 Mark Eisenman Trio well describe how much we all love Mark Eisenman, piano to hear and sing the music of Advent Steve Wallace, bassand Christmas – and we’ll have lots of opportunities to do John Sumner, drumsjust that between now and Epiphany. In addition to our Dec. 16 Christmas Vespersweekly services, Lessons and Carols service, and our The Dixie DemonsChristmas Eve Carol Sing, we’ll also have a chance to raiseour voices in song at the annual COTH food bank fundraiser, Jan. 13 Amanda Tosoff Trio“The City Carol Concert”, which will be taking place theYorkminster Park Baptist Church on December 15th at 2pm.Joining the Christ Church Deer Park and Yorkminster ParkBaptist Church choirs this year will be the CanadianChildren’s Opera Company, the Larkin Singers, and theTrue North Brass. The host of the concert will be the senioranchor of Citytv’s CityNews, Gord Martineau, and specialguests will include the award-winning actress, Fiona Reid(King of Kensington; My Big Fat Greek Wedding) andinternational opera stars, tenor Richard Margison with hisdaughter Lauren, and baritone Russell Braun.Our media partner, Citytv, plans to televise the concertcross the country between Dec. 15th and Christmas, usingit as a fundraiser with all proceeds going to Food Banks inthe cities where the program airs. Admission is free, so comealong and bring your family and friends – you’ll have a Feel like being more involved? Don’t have much time, butwonderful time! want to help out? Feeling new, but want to join in? Been hereSeason’s Greetings! a while, but haven’t been involved? Have ideas to share?Eric Robertson, Organist & Director of Music Join us!If you’re interested in finding out more about the Christ THERE’S LIFE HERE in what we do, how we get togetherChurch music program, please contact me through the and what gets done.Music page of the CCDP website. New members are always welcome to join any group at CCDP...choose one that interests you. 10 / HERALD
  11. 11. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 Welcome to the Christmas Book Club We invite all those who enjoy reading books to come to our first gathering of the winter season 7:30 pm in the Arthur Smith Room Wednesday, January 30 Fair Saturday, December 1 Kick off the Christmas season at We will discuss the novel Christ Church Deer Park’s “L’as Orchestra Saves the World” annual Christmas Fair! by Alexander McCaul Smith Co-chairs, Please Join us Debbie Wilkinson and Barbara Johnston for lively conversation, refreshments and wine, are building on the ACW’s or your own choice of beverage. successful formula, At that meeting we will choose the books for and this year’s fair includes our next meetings on February 27 and March 27 some good family Christmas fun. which will be announced in the Herald, the Bulletin and on CCDP’s website. For information, call Anne Kear: 416-924-3940 Please Note The November Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 27 at the usual time and placeChancel Guild How about a real live reindeer! Yes, that’s right.WHAT IS THE CHANCEL GUILD, and what does it do? Two A live reindeer will be outsideor three members meet during the week, twice a month, on the lawn bringing Christmas cheerto maintain the linens and vessels used for the eucharist to our Deer Park neighbourhood.services - an important role in the life of the parish.A meeting of the Chancel Guild will be held on Tuesday Get your picture taken in the sleighNovember 20th. We will meet in the church at 10:30am or enjoy some coffee and treatsfor a service, which will be followed by a meeting in the for sale from Promiseland,Arthur Smith Room and a brown bag lunch (wine and courtesy of Starbucks.dessert will be provided).All members are welcome, also anyone who is interested inbecoming a member or just interested in finding out moreabout the Chancel Guild - all will be very welcome. Remember to check our website forRSVP Maggie Symons, 416 488 1968 updates on these and other events. www.thereslifehere.org 11 / HERALD
  12. 12. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 Faith & Film Festival Season 7JOIN US AGAIN in the Arthur Smith Room on Tuesdayevenings for an entertaining, thought-provoking film, Hark! Consider advertisingfollowed by discussion...movie style refreshments served. in the HERALD.Free admission...all are welcome. (Donations to help HERALD is published 6 times per year; Sept/Oct;defray costs are gratefully accepted) Nov/Dec: Jan/Feb: April/May: June/July. Ad rates areTuesday, November 20 - 7pm very reasonable...we can even design your ad if required.Love Free or Die (2012) And... since the HERALD is posted in full to our websitedir. Macky Alton, 82 min. www.thereslifehere.org your advertisements will also get Gene Robinson is the first exposure on the internet. openly gay person to become For details and rates contact Elisabeth Lundar in the a bishop in the history of Parish Office. Christendom. This documentary follows Robinson from small-town HERALD churches in the New Deadline for the next HERALD is January 16 Hampshire North Country DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA for an article? Perhaps a feature to Washington’s Lincoln on an unsung hero in the parish? A special memory?Memorial to London’s Lambeth Palace, as he calls An historical fact? Please speak to one of the clergy orfor all to stand for equality – inspiring bishops, to the Editor.priests and ordinary folk to come out from the Articles and announcements may be submitted at anyshadows and change history. time up to the deadline. Just leave in the box in theDiscussion after,led by The Rev. Canon Douglas Graydon Atrium or e-mail the editor at joyceian@sympatico.caTuesday, January 15 - 7pmSister Act (1992)Dir. Emile Ardelino, 100 Min. In this long-time family Living Well Family Chiropractic favourite, a Reno lounge Optimizing your health and well-being naturally singer witnesses a mob murder and the police hide her in a Dr. Andrea Perricone traditional convent. Initially, Chiropractor & Acupuncture provider she has a little trouble fitting in but 1366 Yonge St. Suite 208 (416) 985-1911 ultimately teaches the sisters as (south of St. Clair at Balmoral) perriconedc@gmail.com many lessons as they teach her. 12 / HERALD
  13. 13. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 Robert O’Reilly ExecutiveDirector 7BPleasantBlvd.,Box1053 Toronto,OntarioM4T1K2 Tel:416923-3779 Fax:416923-0083 1-800-883-7761 robert@smartkidz.org www.smartkidz.org Need a friendly hand to help you with some of the practical tasks of everyday life, such as • errands • shopping • banking • medical appointments? Call on Family owned and operated Withadedicatedteamofthefinestdirectorsintheprofession,theCrawford familycontinuesthetraditionofservingthecommunityofNorthToronto. At-Home Help • Burial Cremation • Ample parking available • No obligation Pre-Planning • Chapel, Reception children’s Services recreation rooms. 159 Eglinton Ave. W. Toronto ON M4R 1A8 www.morleybedford.ca Lorna W. Lang 416-489-8733 (416) 932-2599 LornaCares@hotmail.com 13 / HERALD