The Herald - May June 2012 - Vol 38 No 2 - Parish Newsletter


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The Herald - May June 2012 - Vol 38 No 2 - Parish Newsletter

  2. 2. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK MARCH/APRIL 2012 Kevin’s HERALD Corner HERALD is published six times a year (Sept, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan, Feb/Mar, Apr/May, June/July) by Christ Church Deer Park 1570 Yonge Street Toronto ON M4T 1Z8 Tel: 416.920.5211 Fax: 416.920.8400 Dear friends, We welcome your submissions. “THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE.” The Greek philosopher Heraclitus put forth E-mail: this view 2,500 years ago, and it is just as true today. This spring, we prepare to say farewell to the Reverend Samantha Caravan, who has served this parish for nearly or the editor (e-mail below). seven years. In her time as a theological student and as Director of Children’s PARISH CLERGY Ministry, she developed programs and relationships that have enhanced our parish. Rector The Rev. Kevin Robertson In the past two years as Assistant Curate, she has honed the skills that will enable Assistant Curate her to serve as the rector of a parish. I hope you will join us on Sunday, May 27th The Rev. Samantha Caravan at 11:15am as we bid farewell to Samantha, and give thanks to God for her Honorary Assistants ministry among us. I also hope you will be able to come to the Celebration of New The Rev. Dr. Peter Slater Ministry between Samantha and the people of St. John’s, West Toronto, which will The Rev. Canon Dr. David Neelands The Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton, take place on Sunday, June 17th at 4:00pm at St. John’s (288 Humberside Drive). Ecumenical Partner The Rev. Michael Marshall, On Sunday, July 1st, we welcome a new Assistant Curate to our staff. The Hospital for Sick Children Reverend Julie Meakin was ordained as a deacon on Sunday, May 6th in a beautiful Organist & Director of Music service at St. James’ Cathedral. Julie has been a school teacher in Thornhill for Eric Robertson Director of Children’s Education the past twenty years, and has recently graduated from the Faculty of Divinity at Hilary Keachie Trinity College. She has served many parishes during her theological formation, CORPORATION including St. Clement’s, Eglinton, St. Mary’s, Richmond Hill, and St. Cuthbert’s, Rector’s Warden (Property) Leaside. Please welcome Julie warmly as she arrives and gets settled in. Walter Blackwell People’s Warden (Finance) Another development in the life of our parish has been the “Our Faith – Our Robert Morrow Hope: Re-Imagine Church” campaign. This endeavour is helping to ensure a Deputy Warden (Human Resources) vibrant future for the Church in our Diocese. The funds will strengthen our parish, Carolyn Kearns Member-at-Large (Parish Forum) and also provide for the needs of the wider Church. Thank you to those who have Genevieve Chornenki already made commitments to this campaign. I encourage all members of the parish to prayerfully consider their own gifts to this important initiative. EDITORIAL COMMITTEE Finally, I am aware that summer is a time of change. It’s an opportunity to set a Editor Joyce Hamilton ( different pace from the busyness of the rest of the year. As you make plans for the Members summer, please remember that the church and its ministries continue. Sunday Henry Zaluski, MJ Rosenthal, services in July and August are followed by lemonade on the lawn, and an informal Photos: Deirdre Malone, Henry Zaluski, children’s program is available every Sunday at 10:00am. We look forward to seeing Peter Curzon, Kate Rieger Webmaster you here. Brian Dench Yours faithfully, PARISH STAFF Parish Administrator & Rector’s Assistant Jean King Sexton Denis Delisle The Reverend Kevin Robertson, Rector 2 / HERALD
  3. 3. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK MARCH/APRIL 2012 “don’t give up” or “good try, try again”. Then there is the From the great gift of trust you have engendered to me. As I have visited when you have been sick or shut in, when we have Upper Room prayed together, or as you visit me in my office and unburden yourself – I am always breathless as I enter into these pastoral moments with you. These are sacred moments where I am reminded of the great gift of this vocation as priest that you have nurtured, shaped and embraced in me. I have loved being here with you, in this beautiful and reallyIT IS HARD FOR ME TO BELIEVE that this is the last time I lovely community. I have always said that Christ Churchwrite a submission for the Herald! For almost seven years has untapped potential. I am more convinced of that todaywe have been on this journey together – a lot has happened. than I have ever been. This community can do anything itWhen I walked into Christ Church the first Sunday of puts its heart to. This final column could go on and on –September in 2005 I entered as a student, in a few weeks but it is time to say goodbye.I will leave here as the incumbent of St John, West Toronto, I came a student and I leave a priest. There are no wordsand you have had a great deal to with this success, you have adequate to express how deeply grateful I am to all of you,nurtured, shaped and formed me. or how much I love and will miss you.From student to priest – that is the product of my seven To God be all the Glory.years here at Christ Church. Along the way you havetaught me many things. I have learned how to listen - not Love,just to words, but also deeply with my heart, to hear thewords behind the spoken ones. I have learned how to bepresent to you and to God in a way that has transformedme. From you I have learned that vulnerability is strength, Sunday, May 27not a weakness. Over these years you have been very is Samantha’s last day with us.generous - generous in spirit, in practical and thoughtful Please join us in Elliott Hallways. As I clean out files and pack boxes I come across my after the 10:00am servicesermon file and am reminded how generous in spirit you when we’ll honour Samanthahave been. Wow, some of those early sermons were stinkers! and wish her wellYet, you listened and encouraged – You are amazing! as she embarks on her new ministry asAs I have been present in the full spectrum of our life Rector of St. John’s, West Toronto.together from baptism to death I am reminded of howloyal this community is. Rejoicing with each other inbaptism, and rallying around the brokenhearted when we Celebration oflay our beloved to rest. I have watched as you have cared Samantha Caravan’sfor each other, carried each other, and sometimes argued New Ministrywith each other. I have watched you work together, pray with the people oftogether, worship together, and study together. In all ofthe movements of this community it has been my privilege St. John’s, West Torontoand joy to participate. 288 Humberside AvenueIn welcoming me so fully these past years you have given Sunday, June 17me a great gift – actually many gifts. I have found my 4:00pmpreaching voice – which I hope continues to develop. I NE corner of Humberside and Quebec Ave.have found my presiding voice – from the first Eucharist I (short block west of High Park Ave.)celebrated here at an 8am Sunday service when I banged Humberside is 2 blocks north of thethe chalice off the missal stand, or the Wednesday morning High Park subway station.when after the peace I went right into the Eucharistic (There is a parking lot off Quebec Ave, just acrossprayer, with nothing on the altar to consecrate. Or the stilted from the churcch)and half sung Eucharist’s, after which many of you said 3 / HERALD
  4. 4. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK MARCH/APRIL 2012 music and food with youth groups in the neighbourhood! PromiseLand and YAL will wrap up for the summer on Sunday June 19th with a BBQ after the service. Over the summer months, kids are invited to come down to the Chapel of St. Nicholas for crafts, reading and movies. There will be a parent volunteer every Sunday to help set- up and supervise these activities. Thank you in advance for your help in making this summer programme a success!! I hope everyone has a fun and adventured filled summer! Hilary Keachie, Director of Children’s EducationPlanting, Parables & Prayers!THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who supported and encouragedour Eco-Lent activities! With your help, we raised over$150 at our eco-friendly bake sale and adopted our veryown Cedar of Lebanon! We will be sent regular picturesand updates so stay tuned to see how our tree is growing.We also did some planting of our own to celebrate Earth The AIDSDay! We planted tomato, pea, bean and herb seeds in Walkrecycled cans to create our very own Edible Gardens! Wewill water and care for our plants and hopefully get tosample the fruits (or vegetables!!) of our labour soon!This spring, the kids of PromiseLand have started exploringParables! To kick off this new theme, we watched theGodspell dramatization of “The Sower and the Seed”. Wethen created our own representations of the Parable byplanting a bean seed in four different environments andcarefully monitoring the outcomes. We will continue thisexploration with the Parable of the Good Samaritan, theParable of the Workers in the Vineyard and the Parable ofthe Prodigal Son. For each Parable, we are identifying thelesson and then trying to apply it to our own lives. It’ssometimes a challenge but it is definitely helping us to betterunderstand the Bible and Jesus’ ministry!Our Young Anglican Leaders are such a dynamic, engagedand fun group! At the end of April, we took action tosupport AIDS/ HIV charities in Canada and Africa.Wearing colourfully decorated yellow t-shirts we walked5K along the Harbourfront, learning about AIDS and thework being done by charities around the world at variouspoints along the way. Our team raised over $2000 to besplit between the Prenatal and Dietary Clinic in Malawi,the Teresa Group in Toronto and the Howard Hospital in Our Cedar ofZimbabwe. YAL also helped make the event eco-friendly Lebanon;by setting up recycling and compost and remindingparticipants to use the appropriate containers. We have The Bake Sale;recently had some social events including two movies and Earth Day planterscoming up on May 12th....a fun-filled day of Laser Tag, 4 / HERALD
  5. 5. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK MARCH/APRIL 2012 only now being contacted! That shows the fantastic support A Word from for the campaign by those who have made pledges to date. The parish gets back directly 40% of everything raised up the Wardens to the $705,000 goal, and 75% of anything raised above that goal. The Stewardship Committee is working towards exceeding the $705,000 and believes that, once parishioners understand the value of the campaign, a higher level of support will be achieved. When considering “Our Faith – Our Hope”, you are urgedTHIS IS AN EXCITING TIME to be involved in the happenings to keep in mind that the monies raised do not go to fundat Christ Church Deer Park. Definitely, THERE IS LIFE operations of the Diocese. Rather, they will fund programsHERE! at individual parishes throughout the Diocese (except forThe big news is that Samantha Caravan has accepted the the 10% that goes to outreach beyond its borders, includingpost of Rector of St. John’s, West Toronto, effective the the Council of the North). This means that CCDP will notbeginning of June. Losing Samantha will leave a great hole only receive money back directly to build up our parish,to be filled in our parish but we all are excited for but will have the opportunity to apply for funding of otherSamantha and wish her well in her new parish. Please join initiatives that will further our mission. It is hoped that youus after the 10:00 a.m. service on May 27th to acknowledge will thoughtfully consider donating to this campaign.all the many contributions that Samantha has made to Corporation has just started to consider how best to planCCDP over the years. Well done Samantha! for future growth at CCDP, which we feel is one of ourKevin is keeping you informed about the staffing situation most important responsibilities at the present time. We willafter Samantha’s departure. shortly be meeting with an outside facilitator, who will be able to assist the parish to review its past visioning effortsCorporation recently reviewed the first quarter financial and help to develop areas for future focus and action. Youresults for 2012 and is pleased to report that the situation will be kept informed as to the process as it’s developed.looks very positive. So far, revenues are up $50,000 overlast year and are $21,000 over our budget. There are basically Part of planning for growth is the welcoming of newtwo reasons for these encouraging numbers. First, the regular parishioners and their integration into our parish of the congregation is up substantially, due mainly We hope to be able to revitalize this valuable ministry and any thoughts that you may have would be the great response to last year’s stewardship campaign.Second, the parish received a very generous donation from All the best for a great summer,one of our faithful parishioners. On the expense side, we Walter Blackwell Rob Morrow Carolyn Kearnsare almost $18,000 below the budget. This is in spite of Rector’s Warden People’s Warden Deputy Wardenthe budget being significantly higher than 2011, dueprimarily to a higher salary burden. The bottom line is that Genevieve Chornenkiwe are at the break-even point, even though our Treasurer Member-at-Largehad predicted that we would be about $39,000 in the redat this point in the year. We must keep up our efforts tofund and enhance our mission at CCDP.The “Our Faith – Our Hope, Re-Imagined Church” Our new Assistant Curatecampaign has just gotten under way at CCDP. We know We look forward to welcoming our new Assistant Curate,that this campaign follows very closely on the heels of the Julie Meakin, who will join us on July 1st. A graduate ofvery successful parish campaign last fall, but the Stewardship Trintiy College, Julie has served in a number of parishesCommittee is enthusiastic about the opportunities it will during her postulancy, most recently at St. Cuthbert’s,provide to strengthen parishes in the Toronto Diocese. To Leaside. A former high school teacher, she brings to us adate the overall campaign has raised over $32,000,000 of wealth of experience in Christian education, meditationits $50,000,000 goal, about 75%. At CCDP, $492,000 has and pastoral care.already been raised at the time this report was written. Thisis 70% of our $705,000 goal, even though parishioners are 5 / HERALD
  6. 6. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK MARCH/APRIL 2012 Property tiles, asphalt shingles and synthetic roof materials. The CCDP Property Committee is currently reviewing these Report quotations and will present the findings and recommenda- tions to Corporation shortly. Recently completed property repairs in 2012 consisted of the following: HVAC: Uwe Schorn Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd.THE CCDP PROPERTY COMMITTEE is responsible for corrected a water leak problem, originating from the boiler,providing guidance and direction to the Rector’s Warden by replacing a bearing assembly in the circulating pump;(Property), and the Parish Administrator, to address current Roof Tile Management Inc. repaired the north facingproperty issues, and to plan for future needs of the Church cracked eavestrough, which allows for more efficientbuilding and outside grounds. The 2012 CCDP Property discharge of water at grade;Committee consists of: Art Huycke, Jean King, Walter Ayles Electric Inc. completed an electrical upgrade in theBlackwell and Don Dority. Church Basement to Room #2;In the 2011 Vestry Report it was explained that Taylor The Men’s Washroom outside the Community Hall isHazell Architects Ltd. had conducted a comprehensive scheduled for wall repairs and painting in June 2012.evaluation of the slate roof. This consisted of inspectingboth the interior and exterior of the slate roofs over the The Anglican Diocese of Toronto has requested a buildingChurch and Elliott Hall. Inspections occurred of the attic, inspection for member Churches of the Eglinton Deaneryinsulation materials, eavestroughs, down pipes, flashings, for calendar year 2012. The CCDP Property Committeesnow guards, vent dormers, and most specifically, the slate will be assisting with this request - further details will follow.tiles. Don Dority, Chair, CCDP Property CommitteeTaylor Hazell Architects conducted the roof assessmentwith the help of Roof Tile Management Inc. usingscaffolding and ladders to access the slate roof. Five sampleareas of the roof were opened, conditions recorded, Looking forphotographed, and slate samples taken and tested for,modulus of rupture, water absorption and weather resistance. an InterestingThe testing results of the slate tiles indicated a much- Day Trip?accelerated degradation in performance since the last roofevaluation, 16 years ago. The St. Andrew’s Group has an interesting and eclecticThe architect’s report identified three areas of the slate schedule lined up, organized through Seniors Carefreeroof, which required immediate repairs to avoid water Travel.problems: June 5 Discover Kingston• The North West Transept Roof of the Church June 26 Ragtime (Shaw Festival)• The South West Transept Roof of the Church August 23 Market & Money Making• The East Slope of Elliott Hall at the junction betweenthe eves troughs and the dog house mechanical unit September 18 Pirates of Penzance (Stratford Festival)In 2012 the CCDP Property Committee has concentrated October 16 Noel Coward’s Present Laughtertheir efforts on addressing the recommended repairs to the (Stratford Festival)slate roof. The committee has received comprehensive If interested, please call Mary Belanger - 416-487-2511quotations from three commercial roofers: Roof Tile for details, or speak to her on Tuesdays when the St.Management Inc., Britannia Roofing Ltd. and Heather & Andrew’s group gathers (in Elliott Hall, between 10am -Little Limited. All three companies specialize in slate roof 1pm).repairs and replacement for heritage buildings. Also, thecommittee investigated different roofing materials: slate 6 / HERALD
  7. 7. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK MARCH/APRIL 2012 It contains the switch of life, and as it warms and acidifies, Social Matters that switch could be turned off. Experts say Alanna’s research is invaluable. Her conclusions about ocean acidification now figure in public debates on climate change and global warming. Food for thought! You might want to read Alanna’s book! Also, here are some relevant websites to check out for actions you could take:;A new feature by Phyllis Creighton... and Us and on advocacy/environmnetal-issues; ANGLICANS IN THIS DIOCESE, we honoured Earth Dayon April 22nd. Archbishop Colin Johnson sent a bulletin Phyllis Creightoninsert for it and he has appointed an EnvironmentalWorking Group to give leadership. We pray for ourstewardship of Earth knowing, from the biblical creationstories, that we have God-given responsibility for the thrivingof land, air, waters, plants, and creatures on this Earth.Climate change, and what we must do about, it provokescontroversy. But there’s a critical new angle to think about!Have you come across Alanna Mitchell? On Sunday, May6th, I heard her speak on a panel at Yorkminster ParkBaptist Church. Its title -”Sleepwalking to Catastrophe” –and the organization presenting it, “For Our Grandchildren”,were intriguing!As the first panelist, Alanna spoke about a problem that isjust beginning to be talked about and, she said, not well Fashions for Haitiknown. Though she was the Globe environmental reporter in support offor 14 years (1990—2004), she didn’t encounter thisconcern until later! Carbon dioxide concentration in the “From Tents to Schools”atmosphere, from the burning of fossil fuels, is seriously June 1affecting the oceans, making them 30 percent more acidic Elliott Hallthan they have been in 55 million years. The creatures in Cocktail Reception and Dinnerthe ocean evolved when the chemistry was different and Haitian Entertainmentmore stable. They are now less able to form shells of calcium Silent Auctioncarbonate and therefore to function. By 2050, if CO2 is Fashion Showstill produced at the same rate, the ocean could be 150 plus an update on progress in Haiti bytimes as acidic as now. And ocean acidification is irreversible. Dr, Pierre, the Honouary Consul General of Haiti“There is still a window of time… but we are on the Cocktails, 6:30pm - Dinner, 7:30pmbrink,” she quietly concluded. $45.00 per personAlanna’s 2009 absorbing best-seller “Sea Sick: the Global Includes 1 Haitian cocktail or Haitian Prestige Beer,Ocean in Crisis” describes more fully our plight. Two and a Haitian Dinner (Grand Island Cuisine),half years of intrepid research on five continents went into Entertainment and Fashion In the process, Alanna linked the work of a diversity of For tickets & information please contact:scientists. Until she wrote this book, the critical role of the Jayne Miles Simpson, 416-489-2400ocean in giving breath to all creatures, through plankton or the following:produced oxygen and carbon absorbing capability, was not Luxury Haircare: 211Yonge St/Queen. (647) 309-5982fully understood. The ocean is, she says, the source of life Perspective Entraide Humanitaire www.haitiaide.caon the planet and home of at least half of the mass of life. (416) 538-3282 or (647) 712-0708 7 / HERALD
  8. 8. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK MARCH/APRIL 2012 The Spring Rummage SALE WAS A GREAT SUCCESS! CHANGE IS A GIVEN, and so Rita Becker and I now say goodbye to running the Rummage Sales. Judith Maxwell will stay on to do the Treasures at Christmas time. A new group will take over the overall co-ordination. Woven Colour 12 Carolyn Jongeward What a great Parish we have! In all, 76 volunteers worked together to accomplish this successful, three The Gallery In the Arthur Smith Room hour sale. The week leading up to the Sale is the greatest as we see old friends again and catch up Facets of Faith... on the news. In church, the day after the sale. we Three artists invite you to share in their explorations. Paintings by Helen Posno, Alison Goodwin admire the great deals we acquired. It is so much and Carolyn Jongeward fun! Not to forget the nearly $12,000.00 we made, Sunday, May 13 - Sunday, July 1 which is very welcome We printed 80 flyers with directions as to where to IT STARTED SMALL, BUT WITH A DREAM. find what. I was amazed...when I went to hand The first efforts involved art displays on easels in Elliott them out, just before the doors opened, there where Hall during our June, Open House BBQ events...mainly at least 20 more people already in line than I had featuring works by parishioners. flyers for! A committee was formed and, over time, shows were Our Rector, Kevin Robertson, left a lovely message mounted in the Arthur Smith Room...first on easels and on my answering machine, which he repeated later then hung on the walls. A wider selection of artists were in person, thanking us all for a job well done. encouraged to show their work and soon, one show Please accept my own great thanks for all your help. began to follow another. In conjunction with necessary A very special thank you has to go to Rita Becker. property work, a professional hanging system was On Thursday I was so exhausted that I could not installed...and not only group shows, but exhibits featuring have finished had she not, very silently, taken quite solo artists, from a wider community and varied disciplines, a lot of the load onto herself. Jean King and Denis were featured...all embracing the spiritual in the creative Delisle too, were of great always. process. MJ Rosenthall The Gallery’s success...through parish interest, the artists’ interest in showing here and sales of paintings (a percentage MJ and her merry band of volunteers produced one of which accrues to the church)...has come about through of the most successful sales of recent years, resulting in the dream, passion and hard work of one man, Ramesh many happy shoppers and raising nearly $12,000 for Kamash, himself a noted art photographer, along with the church. the invaluable help of his close friend, Nora Dobell. Thank you to all those who donated such wonderful Ramesh and Nora have now passed the torch...but the items, the sorters and pricers, the many who worked Gallery will live on, a testament to their dedication and so hard on the day of the sale, and especially to MJ, hard work. We owe them our thanks. Our hope is that for pulling it all together. those of us who carry on can uphold, and continue to fulfil, their dream. 8 / HERALD
  9. 9. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK MARCH/APRIL 2012 From the Organ Bench JOIN US every second Sunday at 4:30 pm for this popular service of music, a reflective reading, prayers for our city and the world and great music...featuring some of Toronto’s finest jazz musicians! IT’S EARLY MAY AND THE SPRING May 20 Dave Dunlop Quartet segment of Lunchtime Chamber Music is in full swing. The following Dave Dunlop, trumpet; Gord Sheard, piano; recitals, which take place on Scott Alexander, bass; Brian Barlow, drums Thursdays at 12:10pm, will round May 27 Don Thompson Trio out the 2011/12 LCM season: Don Thompson, piano; Reg Schwager, guitar; Clark Johnson, bassMay 10 Mara Plotkin, clarinet; Christina Faye, piano June 3 Tribute to Stephan GrapelliMay 17 Jesse Solway, double bass Lenny Solomon TrioMay 24 The Riverdale Ensemble Lenny Solomon, violin; Joyce Lai, violin; Stephen Fox, clarinet/saxophone; Bill Bridges, guitar; Lew Mele, bass Ellen Myer, piano June 17 Botos BrothersMay 31 William D. Clark, bass-baritone; Players TBA Lark Popov, piano July 1 Brian Barlow Big BandJune 7 Christopher James, flute; Aaron James, piano Part of the TD Toronto Jazz FestivalJune 14 Claudia Lemcke, soprano; Christopher Dawes, pianoJune 21 Alan Pulker, flute; Nicolai Tarasov, clarinetJune 28 Laura Swindon, flute; Stephanie Mara, pianoOnce the summer is upon us, music at our Sunday serviceswill feature the Christ Church Summer Singers. TheSummer Singers meet in the chancel at 9:15am everySunday throughout the summer to rehearse music forthe 10am service that follows.If you would like to learn more about the CCDP music Feel like being more involved? Don’t have much time, butprogramme, please get in touch with me through the want to help out? Feeling new, but want to join in? Been herecontact page of the Christ Church Deer Park website at a while, but haven’t been involved? Have ideas to share? I’d love to hear from you!Have a great summer! Join us! THERE’S LIFE HERE in what we do, how we get togetherEric N. Robertson, Organist & Director of Music and what gets done. New members are always welcome to join any group at CCDP...choose one that interests you. 9 / HERALD
  10. 10. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK MARCH/APRIL 2012 Welcome to the Book Club PARISH REGISTER Baptism We invite all those who enjoy reading books Silvi Brahimaj to come to our meetings at 7:30 pm in the Arthur Smith Room Wednesday, May 30 The novel for discussion is “The Alchemist” by Pao;o Coelho. The story follows a young Andalusian shepherd, Santiago, in his journey to Egypt after having a recurring dream of finding treasure there. This is our final gathering until the Fall. Join us for lively conversation, refreshments and wine, Consider advertising in or your own choice of beverage. For information, call Anne Kear: 416-924-3940 the HERALD. HERALD is published 6 times per year; Sept/Oct; Nov/Dec: Jan/Feb: April/May: June/July. Ad rates are very reasonable...we can even design your ad if required.Mark your calendars now And... since the HERALD is posted in full to our website your advertisements will also getfor the annual exposure on the internet. BOOK HERALD Deadline for the next HERALD is August 29 SALE DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA for an article? Perhaps a feature on an unsung hero in the parish? A special memory? An historical fact? Please speak to one of the clergy or Saturday May 26th to the Editor. 10:00am - 2:00pm Articles and announcements may be submitted at anyWE WELCOME HELP with sorting and storing the books time up to the deadline. Just leave in the box in theuntil May 26th, help with setting out the books on the Atrium or e-mail the editor at joyceian@sympatico.caday beforehand and then on the day of the sale.Please call the Church office for further information Remember to check our website for updates on these and other events. 10 / HERALD
  11. 11. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK MARCH/APRIL 2012 Robert O’Reilly ExecutiveDirector 7BPleasantBlvd.,Box1053 Toronto,OntarioM4T1K2 Tel:416923-3779 Fax:416923-0083 1-800-883-7761 Family owned and operated Withadedicatedteamofthefinestdirectorsintheprofession,theCrawford familycontinuesthetraditionofservingthecommunityofNorthToronto. • Burial Cremation • Ample parking available • No obligation Pre-Planning • Chapel, Reception children’s Services recreation rooms. 159 Eglinton Ave. W. Toronto ON M4R 1A8 Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe summer. 416-489-8733 May it not be too hot and only rain overnight (OK, that’s asking a lot!) 11 / HERALD