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Forum Nov 2013 7 Opening our Sacred Space


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Forum Nov 2013 7 Opening our Sacred Space

  1. 1. November 4, 2013 CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK Re-Imagining Church: Opening up our Sacred Space and Grounds The Sacred Space and Grounds Committee of CCDP formed in connection with the ReImagining Church initiative consists of:Fraser Baillie, Joyce Hamilton, Bob Hutchison, Kathy Lindsey and Henry Zaluski. The objectives of the Committee are to review and make recommendations to ensure: 1. exterior and interior attractiveness 2. a welcoming facility to serve our mission The foregoing objectives were adopted in the context of the relevant signposts of vitality in the works of Diana Butler Bass which were the subject of review by the CCDP Management Committee and the Parish forums that have been held being: Hospitality, Diversity, Worship and Beauty. The Committee undertook a review of the premises and grounds and drew on the experience and familiarity of the Committee members with our premises and grounds as well as informal input and comments received from other parishioners. In addition, the Committee conducted some research with respect to the experiences of other congregations in Canada in respect of their premises and grounds. Two broad conclusions were drawn from our review. First, it is apparent to us that while our premises, grounds and overall location are important assets to CCDP, we are not maximizing their value. Second, a review of the work and developments of other comparable parishes indicates that necessary new views and concepts for sacred space and grounds are evolving. As examples of the basis on which these conclusions were reached, there is a consensus that our external visibility from the point of view of the community is "messy" and uninviting. The nave is badly lit and somewhat forbidding and is not easily adaptable for multi-use purposes. Through the experiences of other parishes, there are a number of examples in Toronto and elsewhere demonstrating inviting and imaginative architecture that is not only attractive to the community but increases the use and value of the assets. A specific list of subjects identified (roughly prioritized in terms of scale and importance) is:          landscape/gardening upgrades such as flowers and clean-up signage/streetscape electronic sign reinstate banners lighting of the stained glass windows glass doors focussed entranceway open, adaptable space community use
  2. 2. On invitation from the Management Committee, the Committee prepared an application for funding from the Re-Imagining Church initiative which was submitted and accepted by the Allocation Committee and the Management Committee. Apart from proceeding with easily achievable objectives such as garden improvements (conducted in the spring of 2013) and exterior banners, the main initiative approved was the commissioning of a professional,high level study to assess the ideas identified by the Committee in its work and suggest other solutions. Accordingly, a request for proposal to be issued to selected architects or consultants has been prepared and is intended to be issued in November. The selection of the consultant will be made in December and completion of the work which will include a final feasibility/conceptual design report inApril 2014. The Committee is eager to discuss any aspects of our Sacred Space and Grounds review with interested persons and to receive ideas as to physical assets of CCDP in the future. TOR01: 5387109: v1