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Breaking Bread May 09


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Breaking Bread May 09

  1. 1. Breaking Bread The Newsletter of the Episcopal Church of St. Peter & St. Paul May 2009 SACRIFICE OF PRAISE AND THANKSGIVING by Father Robert Certain Have you ever wondered about the cifixion, and death of Jesus. By al- Jesus freely demonstrated his love construction of this phrase from the most any standard, those are un- for us by surrendering himself to the Eucharistic prayers of Holy Commun- pleasant topics. Here at St. Peter & Romans, by submitting to the tempo- ion? What on earth do “praise and St. Paul, the first quarter of the year ral power of the Empire, by giving up thanksgiving” have to do with (the one in which Lent falls) marks an his own life to death … all in order to “sacrifice”? I think most people in the average Sunday attendance that is bring each of us to new life in Him. world today think of sacrifice as 25% higher than the average for the As we become more of an something that is ugly, mean, and rest of the year, numbers that are not Easter people, we begin to realize nasty; that it means giving up some- all that different from other congrega- just how much Our Lord loves us. thing important or taking on some- tions I have served. Because of our With that realization we also find that thing distasteful. A little over a hun- worship patterns, we tend to hear the love of Christ cannot be con- dred years ago, Oswald Chambers more about “pain, agony and dis- tained within us any more than a made this same observation when he tress” than we do about joy, peace hearty laugh can be successfully sti- said, “Our notion of sacrifice is the and love; but it is the latter three that fled. The only way to fully experience wringing out of us something we mark new life in Christ Jesus. the exuberance of Christian love is to don’t want to give up, full of pain and As we begin the month of May, offer it freely and joyfully back to God agony and distress. The Bible idea of we are about half-way through the as well as to those around us. When sacrifice is that I give as a love-gift season of Easter, culminating with we do, we discover that shared love the very best thing I have.” (Run To- Pentecost on May 31. This is the is multiplied love. day’s Race, March 24) season when we shift our focus to So, if sacrifice is a “love-gift of Perhaps we have this trouble be- the overwhelming love of Jesus the very best thing I have,” then cause we never quite move from Lent Christ for all of us. In this season we surely it is accompanied by praise to Easter. The season of Lent, which realize that not only did physical and thanksgiving. In that spirit, let us includes Holy Week, focuses on death lose its fight for Him when he always give our very best to God. temptation, sin, struggle, betrayal, rose from the tomb, but also that and rejection, and on the arrest, cru- death itself was the “one destroyed”. On the Inside... Vestry Goals …. 2 Childrens’ Choir Musical …. 7 News from Parish Nurse …. 3 DOK Retreat …. 7 Cool Girls …. 4 Youth/Children’s New .... 8/9 EfM Graduates …. 5 Post-Its from Preschool …. 10 Brotherhood Ribfest …. 5 Financial Notes …. 10 Adult Christian Education …. 6 New Adult Bible Study …. 11 Lunch for all Seasons …. 7 Graduate form ….10
  2. 2. Breaking Bread 2 Vestry Goals YEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 Build membership by 10% Commitment to the debt pay-off  Improve Welcoming & adjusted for time Follow-up  Youth Development Increased Membership in line with  Coffee / Social Hour our SPSP Vision Improvements  Adult Education programs Commitment by vestry of Pledge to be @ 10% per year or working Commitment to the debt pay-off Complete Major Building & Grounds toward the number annually adjusted for time Projects (i.e. increasing ) and publicly acknowledging this fact. Increased Membership in line with Conduct Vacation Bible School our SPSP Vision Improve Communication Commitment by vestry of Pledge to  Where we are with attendance, be @ 10% per year or working education, budget etc. toward the number annually  Vestry training for transition (i.e. increasing ) and publicly from Program-sized Church acknowledging this fact. (225 to <500) to a Resource- Sized (>500) Church Implement a Resource-Based Develop a Resource-Based Parish Parish curriculum. Spiritual development and ongoing curriculum. education programs Conduct a Church retreat Annually Annotate projects and re- sults – State of the Parish Report Identify leaders within church for Vestry consideration The Episcopal Church of St. Peter & St. Paul The Vestry 1795 Johnson Ferry Road Parish Administrator Senior Warden Marietta, GA 30062 Suzy Bristow Chuck Shrake 770.640.9938 Office Hours: Financial Administrator Monday – Thursday ~ 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sarah Landman Junior Warden Friday ~ 9 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Administrative Assistants Rachel Rojas Phone: (770) 977-7473 Dawn O’Brien, Amy Pillsworth 770.971.4367 Fax: (770) 565-4028 Organist/Choirmaster Gregory Colson Vestry Clerk Visit us on the web at Directors of Children’s Music Tony Greene Christa Joy Chase, Judith Beale Andy Creed Handbell Choir Director Rector David Fritts Allison Melton John Hettinger The Reverend Dr. Robert G. Certain Director of Children’s Ministries John Patton Associate Rector Peter Protis Kim Land The Reverend Elisa Harres Dan Smith Parish Nurse Deacon/Youth Minister Todd Smith Linda Shrake Jim Squier The Reverend Thomas Ader Maintenance/Custodial Irene Trego Deacon Steve Hadley The Reverend Chip Faucette Charlie D’Huyvetter, Treasurer Preschool Director Tom Martin, Secretary Tracy Gallagher (770) 971-3993
  3. 3. 3 Breaking Bread News from the Parish Nurse CPR/AED Certified The Care Calendar: For those of you who were wondering how it is used. Twenty one members of St. Peter & St. Paul completed the American Heart Association Directly from the web site is the following Heartsaver CPR and AED (automatic external explanation: “CareCalendar is a web based system to or- defibrillator) training course held at the church. All who signed up were in attendance ganize meals and other help for families during a time of ill- for the 2 1/2 hours class and demonstrated ness or life changing event, such as the birth of a baby or competency in adult and child CPR, the use of death of a family member”. the AED, and how to assist someone who is There are two essential roles in the Care Calendar ~ Meal choking (obstructed airway or Heimlich ma- neuver). The class was led by Diane Sanders, Coordinators & the Help Team R.N., Community Education Coordinator, North The Meal Coordinator coordinates meal sign up and other Fulton Regional Hospital with assistance from needed assistance, without the frustration of making dozens St. Peter & St. Paul's CPR Instructors, Annlynn of phone calls. Ideally, this role is filled by a close family mem- Harris, R.N., Pamela Whitaker, R.N., and Linda Shrake, R.N.. ber or friend. In the case of Robbie Certain, their daughter Those completing the course were: Mary Vano was the initial meal coordinator. Once the Care Calendar was established by Jim McGaughy Mary McGaughy Mary, the role of coordinator Sandra Saxon was filled by Fr. Robert. He Susannah (SuSu) Swanson was then able to set up meal Gordon Swanson times, schedule visits, and Carolyn Holt Andrew Swart other needed assistance. Priscilla Swart The Help Team is made up of Laura Eaves volunteer helpers who can see Kathy Wadsworth what needs are unfilled on the Noel Wadsworth Laura Rashidi-Yazd Care Calendar and sign-up Peter B. Knox for items that fit their schedule. Pat Bell In addition, the help team will get reminders about needs that Rachel Rojas you signed-up for and any unfilled needs for the day. Bette VanWinkle Winsome Hawkins You will get maps and driving directions: Know how to get to Trude Beaman the recipients location, turn by turn. Frank Beaman Access when convenient: CareCalendar is available around Gayle Warren the clock. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can Bruce Warren get to CareCalendar. No need to worry about interrupting Congratulations to the dedicated folks who took time out of their busy schedules to complete the coordinator's day when you can easily look it up for your- this potentially lifesaving course. Thanks to self. If you do not have access to the Internet, the Parish our instructors for donating their time. If you Nurse will assist you with signing up. are interested in taking a CPR/AED course at For more information about the CareCalendar, please contact the church, please call the church office to be placed on a waiting list. Your interest will Linda Shrake, R.N., Parish Nurse at determine how soon we offer another class. or by cell phone: 770-640-9938
  4. 4. Breaking Bread 4 COOL GIRLS This year we celebrate 17 years of working with Cool Girls. We serve 250 girls ages 8 to 14 from the low income areas of Atlanta. The best way to describe what we do is to read what a Cool Gal Volunteer wrote: As a former teacher the positive development of young lives has always been very important to me. I have worked extensively with children who have come from lower socio-economic backgrounds and know the advantages they often lack that we take for granted. Cool Girls is a program that helps fill these gaps for some of these disadvan- taged girls, giving the direction and hope for a better future. The part that we play in their lives here at St. Peter and St. Paul is truly a spiritual blessing. We provide an op- portunity for the girls to come here and participate in a fun filled day, while providing much needed clothing and school supplies to start back to school. That first day back to school might set the tone for a wonderful school year. Hearing their delighted squeals and seeing the smiles on their faces is truly a wonderful gift in return. I find myself working on Cool Girls all year long, collecting clothes and things I think they could use or might like. I look with joyful anticipation toward the next year celebration day hoping that I am making a small differ- ence in some young girl’s life. Working with Cool Girls is so Cool! Mary Anne Knox To become a part of this program 1. Join the planning team. Our next meetings are May 13, Wednesday, 7:30 Room 1 and June 18, Thursday, 7:30 pm Room 1. New members welcome. 2. “Adopt a Cool Girls Sundays” are on June14, 21, and 28th. Catch the spirit and adopt a Cool Girl. Girl’s names and sizes are available in the Parish hall after the services. Fill a new book bag with a new school outfit, socks, underwear and other fun items. 3. Teens and Adults are needed to help set-up the shopping area from July 20 to July 24 in the Parish Hall 10 Am till 4 pm. Get service hours for your work. 4. Join the Cool Girl Volunteer Team (teens included) for the fun-filled Shopping Day on Saturday, July 25 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. We need many willing and loving hands and hearts to make it a special day for the girls. Volunteer now to work in the area that you enjoy the most. 5. Please donate age appropriate clothing and accessories for girls ages 8 to 14 all sizes from girls 7 to womens 3X. Donations can be taken to the Outreach closet next to the kitchen in the Parish Hall and put in the blue bin marked Cool Girls. Thank You. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Diane Drews at 770-518-0235, or Chris Thompson at 770-971-4334, or Julz Burgess, JobSeekers Support Ministry Meetings are held in the Garden Room on the lower level of St. Peter and St. Paul Episcopal Church, 1795 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta, GA 30062. Meetings are from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM on the second and fourth Thursday of the month. JobSeekers are welcome to join the StP&StP Job- Seekers LinkedIN group at Questions and comments can be directed to Gene Caudle, 770-354-1530 –
  5. 5. 5 Breaking Bread The Brotherhood of Atlanta Women & Children’s Day Shelter St. Andrew Your generous contributions of women and childrens’ clothing have made a huge difference in many lives. In addition to clothing, our preschool helped with 84 strollers and children’s furnishings. In difficult times like these, the Atlanta Furniture Bank has a waiting list of four to six weeks to get bare ne- cessities. In 2008 we initiated a program to help furnish apartments when the women RIB FESTIVAL get a job and a place of their own. We completed 16 apartments by Septem- ber. In October we received an amazing blessing. Gateway Homeless Saturday, June 6th groups of the United Way, who had no resources to get furnishings, joined forced with us. They have the manpower to help us. As of April 1, 2009, we The Brotherhood of St Andrew's furnished 18 additional apartments. We need you! We will pick up anytime chapter at St Peter & St Paul Par- and any place. ish will sponsor a RIB festival on Bless you, Lorrie Penter—770.367.6594 Saturday, June 6 from 10:00am to10:00pm at Churchill's Pub lo- cated at the corner of Highway 120 and Johnson Ferry Road (in Congratulations to our the Target shopping center com- EfM Graduates plex next to Starbucks). All profits will go to the Episcopal Community Center Emmaus Andy Creed Amy Rahn House. Don Loeber Jim Squier The funds raised will be used to Peggy Powell help send kids to the summer camp program. Come eat on site or take out. Our high school and college graduates will be recognized Call Deacon Chip Faucette in the June Breaking Bread 770.361.5971 or Peter Williams 678.429.7316 for more info. Eyeglasses for Africa Thanks to all of you that have collected and contributed your out- Greeters dated prescription and reading glasses for our quot;Eyeglasses for Africaquot; ministry. Last month we sent out over 150 The Greeters Program offi- pairs to be consolidated with Mercy Flight in NY for cially started in March and shipment to Uganda for Bishop Shalita. Some of you will soon recognize us these glasses were contributions from outside our by our new blue name parish, including from a local eyecare center whose tags. If you know of a visi- doctors have agreed to share their outdated collec- tor, please welcome them tions with us as well as the Lions Club. and introduce us to them. We also still need We will continue our collections here at SPSP and will ship as of- greeters, particularly for our ten as required. Please consider communicating with your 10:30 service. If you are in- friends outside the church or perhaps in your workplace if appro- terested, please call Larry priate. If anyone else in interested in assisting in this important Kelley at 770.754.1486, ex- ministry please contact Lucita Douglas at 770/565-0065. tension 222.
  6. 6. Breaking Bread 6 Adult Christian Education Sunday Mornings 9:15-10:15a.m. The Sunday morning classes will continue to meet 9:15 - 10:15a.m. with “Cast of Characters” in Creation Chapel and “Dangerous Journey” in the Pastoral Care Office. General Convention -- how it works, what it does Father Certain (a five-time deputy) will present a series of classes on the work of the General Con- vention of the Episcopal Church through May 17. He will cover the history, structure, processes, and issues that are considered and decided every three years. Crammed into a nine-day meeting, the Bishops and Deputies have to act on over 400 pieces of proposed legislation, some of which are quite controversial and have long-term effects. Before the end of the class period, we hope to have a preview of legislation pre-filed for the 76th General Convention meeting in Anaheim, CA July 8- 17. Currently only 32 resolutions have been filed and can be reviewed at Weekday Classes Tuesdays, 9:30 AM - Parish Hall Tuesdays, 7:00 PM - Conference Room Jane Gibout This is a Bible study class. Jane is the mentor for the Monday evening Education for Ministry class, and as such, has mentored many in the study of the Bible. Just bring a Bible. Wednesdays, 9:30 AM - Conference Room Sunday - 7:00pm - starting June 7 - See article on page 11 Thank You to Adult Christian Education Teach- ers Adult Christian Education has completed another great year. Thanks be to God for all who worked to make it a success: The Reverend Dr. Robert G. Certain, The Reverend Elisa Harres, The Reverend Chip Faucette, Roger Sherrard, Pam Weed, Beth Nabors, Sara Dempsey, Katherine Michalak, Annette Hodgson, JoAnn Gotschall, Adam Stone, Caroline McCracken, Peter Protis, Jay Pongonis, Kurt Mueller,
  7. 7. 7 Breaking Bread LUNCH FOR DOWN BY THE ALL SEASONS CREEK BANK May 13, 2009 May 3, 2009 – 9:15 a.m. Nave quot;Exploring the 3R's: Join our Carol and Crusader Choirs as they take Flannery O'Connor and us down to the creek bank to fish Maryat Lee on Region, Race and Religionquot; and have fun. Listen as they share Bible stories and how Our speaker will be The God is with us all of the Reverend Deacon Dr. time. Has anyone seen GERMS? Georgia Newman, a veteran of O'Connor studies, who Be prepared to enjoy and sing- has devoted much of a thirty along with our young musicians as -year career in higher edu- they ask God: Is there anything I can do for cation to researching, writing about, and speaking on top- you? Is there anything I can be for you? We’ll ics pertinent to O'Connor's look for you at the St. Peter and St. Paul creek fiction, essays and letters. Newman's particular focus has been the friendship and correspondence between Great News for all Flannery O'Connor and avant-garde playwright Daughters of the King! Maryat Lee, from which Do you sometimes miss going on retreat because Newman draws her topic for of distance, cost, or transportation?? Here is your this presentation. Currently chance for a “Mini Retreat” – right here at St. Peter serving as vocational dea- con college chaplain at St. & St. Paul! On the weekend of May 22nd and 23rd, Stephen's Episcopal Mtr. Elisa is planning to present a new program on Church, Milledgeville. Dea- Spirtual Gifts just for the Daugh- con Newman continues to ters. The program will start on draw inspiration from and to Friday evening with a pot-luck share her enthusiasm for the dinner followed by our program, author Newman heralds as and will continue Saturday quot;woman and author for all morning with a light breakfast, seasons.quot; program and lunch. Lunch at 11:30 AM in the Consider this our very own “mini retreat”! To re- Parish Hall, followed by our serve a space or arrange transportation, please program. Please call the contact Lynda Ward. Her number is (770)592- church office at 770-977- 0868 and her e-mail address is 7473 by the Monday before
  8. 8. Breaking Bread 8 Youth News Youth Group Dates J2A Pilgrimage May 3 All Grades 7 - 12 The St. Peter & Paul youth pilgrimage Plant the garden! teens leave for Italy on May 18, returning May 17 to Atlanta on June 6. This group of 22 ris- All Grades 5 - 12 ing sophomores and juniors spent the last Final youth group night two years strengthening their faith and fo- of the spring! cusing on the skills and critical thinking involved in their maturing to adulthood. Rite 13 Celebra- Their religious pilgrimage is the spiritual tion highlight of their youth. Our pilgrims will visit Roman ruins, On May 3 over 20 young St. Paul’s, St. Peter’s and the Vatican in teens will “graduate” from the Rome, study the life of St. Francis in As- Rite 13 program to the rising J2A group at the 10:30 a.m. sisi and renaissance religious art in Flor- service. These teens worked ence. Please keep the pilgrims and lead- for two years with their focus ers in your prayers on their journey: An- on celebrating the individual- sley Astuto, Brad Bahorich, Harry Barnes, ity of each young person and Erin deFrietas, Erin Dye, Sam Farmer, their creative potential. The Elizabeth Forestner, Austin Froemming, Rite 13 liturgy (A celebration Lauren Lamutt, Matt Leagan, Alex Lewis, of Manhood and Woman- hood) is the community ex- Will McFadden, Cammann McFall, Caro- pression of this and a rite of line Misel, Corrine Nabors, Maggie O’Hara, passage from childhood to- Jake Protis, Scott Raulerson, Carl Runge, wards adulthood. This rite is Preston Smith, Luke Smith, Lucy Swan, loosely based on the Jewish Deacon Thomas Ader, Barbara Ader, Kim bar/bat mitzvah tradition and Hakes, Will Kelly. is a way for the entire congre- gation to celebrate the unique gifts and abilities of its young teens. Please keep this group of teens in your prayers as they continue on SPSP Cookbooks their journey to adulthood. The J2A Cookbooks are still available in case you missed out in December. They are a great gift or addition to your kitchen. See Deacon Tom or Bar- bara Smith (770-998-9695) to get a cookbook.
  9. 9. Breaking Bread 9 Children’s News VBS is filling up fast. Preschool/ Little Hands at Kindergarten is already full. We have 20 spaces left for 1st – 5th the Altar graders. Register online at Preschool children ages 3-5 Get a head start on VBS by pur- chasing the Crocodile Dock Swamp Saturday, May 9th Stomp Music. CD’s are $8.00 and available from Kim Land. 10:00 a.m. Contact Kim via email or phone Room 5 770-977-7473. It’s time to start collecting supplies Children will for this year’s Vacation Bible School. experience the Supply lists will be posted on the bul- Godly Play letin board in the bell tower. This story “The year we are doing it a little different. Good Shepherd We will post an entire list for each and the Lord’s class. You will be asked to supply eve- Supper” with wooden fig- rything from that list. Please return the list with your ures. A feast will be supplies so we know what class it goes to! Our hope is that served, a meal of fruit, this will make organizing the supplies much easier. cookies and juice. Deacon Tom will join the children SUNDAY SCHOOL UPDATE at the altar to talk about the table, the serving pieces and the blessings.  There will be no Sunday school on May 3rd. We encourage you RSVP to Kim Land to attend the children’s spring 770.977.7473 or musical in the nave during the Sunday School hour ~ 9:15 - 10:15am. CAMP MIKELL  May 17th is the last day of Sun- SUMMER CAMP SCHEDULE 2009 day school. Go to for more information
  10. 10. Breaking Bread 10 Post Its From Preschool… submitted by Tracy Gallagher, Director Spring is here, finally, and we are fast approaching the end to another fantastic, event filled year at St. Peter & St. Paul Preschool. Enrollment has continued to grow at our Preschool, and this year we are graduating the largest class of four year olds ever – 39! In addition to everyday learning, our preschool had several wonderful events throughout the year. Our Open House and Muffins for Mom are always great kick off activities in the fall, giving families a chance to reconnect or get acquainted. Our four year olds experience a very special and traditional Thanksgiving Feast in the parish hall with parents, grandparents, friends, and teachers. Our Christ- mas Sing-A-Long in December was a magical evening, with our preschoolers putting on quite a per- formance. The festivities continued with a reception in the parish hall after the performance. Donuts for Dad is a special treat since we don’t see dads that frequently. Finally, our annual Spaghetti Dinner was a fabulous evening – combining fundraising with fellowship, and our inaugural silent auction was wonderfully successful! Our preschool year will culminate with our graduation ceremony on May 14 th. It is with mixed emotions that we will watch our four year old classes sing their last songs and receive their “diplomas.” Many of our graduates have been students in our school for four years; others have joined our program this year. No matter how long they have been with us, we have gotten to know, understand, and love each of them – we will miss them all! We hope we have instilled in them a love for learning, and the life skills of sharing and caring. Big hearty congratulations to our graduates! Brian Bauman Luke Barker Hannah Baker Evan Carter Rachel DeLoach Noah Dressen Cecilia Childers Ashton Ellis Philip Eichelzer Catherine Fernandez Sophie Friend Cameron Ellis Hayden Forestner Emma Gephart Sam Hartt Jodan Gettys Gabrielle Godfrey Abigail Lewis Lauren Lassiter Brooke Gumpert Madison Loud Alex Lebrun John Henry Hynes Joshua MacKay Cassidy MacDonald Ian Ward Marin Picchi Carter Oliff Kayleigh Rizk John Roehsler Nimai Patel Arik Scofield Sara Beth Warnken Carys Roberts Sam Shaw Crandel Wright Katie Shelton Abigail Swank Reagan Tull Financial Notes - February 2009 Y-T-D through February Operating Fund 2008 Actual 2009 Budget 2009 Actual Total offering income $ 135,210 $ 171,144 $ 146,380 Total expenses 159,227 184,499 175,598 Excess of Income over (24,017) (13,355) (29,218) Expenses
  11. 11. 11 Breaking Bread SUNDAY EVENING Walgreen’s ADULT BIBLE STUDY BEGINS Take Care Clinics JUNE 7 Walgreen’s is providing free treatment at its in- We are forming a Bible study group, open to all store Take Care clinics for respiratory problems, aller- adults, but especially for those unable to at- gies, infections and skin tend Sunday School due to choir practice, conditions, among other teaching Sunday School, or who are otherwise ailments. Patients will still occupied during the 9-10 am time period on pay for prescriptions. This Sundays. We will meet from 7 – 8:30 pm on service is being offered to patients who lost their job Sunday evenings in Room 3 of the church. The and health insurance after tentative agenda is a short fellowship and March 31. The program is opening prayer, Bible study and discussion, expected to last through and closing prayers. the end of 2009. Services will be offered from 11:00am to 3:00pm Mon- The intention of this class is to have enough day - Friday. Patients time to really dig into the selected readings must present proof they and provide a forum to discuss our under- are unemployed, including standing of the message and how it applies to a federal or state unem- ployment determination our lives. We begin with John. Of all the Gos- letter and an unemploy- pels, John is not a chronological account of Je- sus’ life but is rather a meditation on the sig- nificance of his death. At the first session we Parish Hall / Kitchen will discuss the Book of John, Chapters 1 – Reservations 2:11, the stories of Jesus calling the first disci- ples and changing water to wine at the wed- When requesting ding at Cana. meetings in the parish hall, it is important for Join us! Prepare to make friends and grow you to advise if your spiritually. group will require use of the kitchen. If we Facilitators: are not notified of your needs, the kitchen Dan Tedder 770-843-3826 may be reserved for a different party. Kathryn Scofield 404-583-1989
  12. 12. Breaking Bread CALLING ALL 2009 GRADUATES! We would like to pay tribute to all 2009 graduating pa- rishioners from high school, college, and graduate school. If you are a graduate, or you have a graduate in May 2009 your household, please let the church office know. We want to honor their accomplishment! Please return the form below to the church office by Sunday, May 10. PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY! Graduate’s name ________________________ Graduating from _________________________ Future Plans ____________________________ ________________________________________ Postmaster: Send changes to Non-profit Organization The Episcopal Church of U.S. Postage Paid St. Peter & St. Paul Permit No. 347 1795 Johnson Ferry Road Marietta, GA 30060 Marietta, GA 30062 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED