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Sunday, February 5, 2012


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Joint Oromocto and Pine Grove service and Baptism, held in Oromocto.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

  1. 1. MINUTE FOR MISSON Getting to Know Justice SeekersNews Clipping: International Community Urges DemocracySince the December 2006 coup in Fiji, the international community has been urgingthe return of democracy and free speech. Order of Worship for OROMOCTO & PINE GROVEDidn’t Make the Papers: A young family in one of Fiji’s squatter settlements lives in UNITED CHURCHa 10-by-14-foot home. It cost them $200 and is located on unserviced governmentland in a poorly drained low area, surrounded by polluted and marshy water. Thefamily’s health will suffer in this location and because they are squatters they canbe forced off the land at any time. We welcome everyone to this time together in worship. We gather in this church in the belief that we are all equally God’s guests whether we’ve been here all our lives or thisFather Barr is a coordinator at ECREA (say eck cree ah), which stands for the Ecu- is our first time. We welcome everyone in this spirit of Christ as it is our belief that thismenical Centre for Research, Education & Advocacy. “Democracy and free speech is how we are to live. Everyone, without exception, belongs equally at God’s table.make the headlines,” he says. “But what about the other human rights? Whatabout the right to clean water? The right to a decent education and freedom fromexploitation?” If you are visiting with us please sign our guest book opposite the usher’s table. If you are new with us and wish a follow up contact please fill out a ‘Guest/New MemberThe United Church’s Mission and Service Fund supports the work of Father Barr Card which can be found with the guest book. As well you may pick up an orientationand others in ECREA to address the roots of the problem. His Economic Justice Pro- package on the table in the entrance. We invite visitors from other churches to pick upgram is trying to get the government and international funding bodies to give one of our Peace Candles to take home with you. An explanation of this symbolsquatter communities a say in the decisions that affect them. ECREA strives for the accompanies each candle and these can be found on the usher’s table.kind of democracy in which the voices of the poor and the marginalized are heard.Our gifts to M&S help maintain ECREA’s ongoing effort for Should you require a rest room it is at the end of the hall and it is equipped with a babyhuman rights. change station. If you have young children who become restless there is a nursery behind the back pew where they can play while you hear the service over the speakers. You are welcome to bring a coffee into worship with you. The coffee pot is in theTogether, we carry out the work of our United Church. Make a entrance.difference! Join the partnership! Support the work of the Missionand Service Fund today. *While we stand for most hymns and at others times in our worship, please feel free not to if for any reasons you can not or would rather not. VU stands for Voices United and MV for More Voices. You are also invited to pick up a Bible version of your choice Minister Rev Robert McDowell at usher’s desk. Should you have any concerns please speak to an usher. Accompanist/ Choir Director Joyce Andrews VU: Voices United – our hard cover red hymn book Office Administration Jennifer Chiasson MV: More Voices – our soft covered hymn book Rev Bob McDowell Oromocto United Church Office 357-3423; Cell 470-1155; Home 488-2154 144 Winnebago Email: Oromocto February 5, 2012 10:30 am
  2. 2. SERVICE AnnouncementsAnnouncements:Welcome and About Today: Reverse Offering papers are in the offering plates. These are items the food bank especially needs. If you wish you can select one and bring that*Introit: VU 87, verse 1 item next week.Lighting Our Resurrection Candle, Katherine Tesselaar Please sign up to help lead in worship by lighting the candle, reading scrip- ture or some of the other roles. Signup sheets are in the NarthexLeader: Let us give thanks to God for all the freedoms we enjoy, for ballot boxes, [entrance].newspaper editorials, and open borders. Snow Day Cancellation Plan. From time to time it is predictable theAll: Let us give thanks to God for all the freedoms we enjoy, for diplomats, trea- weather will dictate there is wisdom in cancelling our church services ma-ties, and compromise and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. chine. If Oromocto is cancelled we will decide by 8 a.m. We will also try toLeader: Let us give thanks to God for all the freedoms we enjoy, for police officers, put it on the website, send out an email and ask the radio stations tostreetlights, concerned neighbors and for safety from fear and harm. broadcast our cancellation. You can also check the office number 357-3423All: Let us give thanks to God for people who make a difference, for St. Francis, and a message should be there if service is cancelled. Should the power beMartin Luther, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa and those around us who try off due to a winter storm you can safely assume make our community a better home for all.Leader: Let us give thanks to God for a good creation, for voices of faith; for Mosesand Jesus and Mohammad.All: Let us give thanks to God for all the wonders of the creative mind, for Mo-zart, Michelangelo, and Milton, for pianos, paint brushes, and pencils.Leader: Let us give thanks to God for men and women with dark skin and light skin,people with other cultures and ways of seeing, for the wondrous variety we, as ahumanity, have become.All: For all the beautiful of your diversity God, all over the world, who make upthe one family of God, bound together in Jesus our Christ, we give you Thanks.Leader: and we dedicate our candle to these themes this day.*Our Hymn to Begin: VU 624, Give to Us Laughter and the food offering collected and presented by the childrenOur Prayer for This Time TogetherOur Children’s Hymn: VU 585, Jesus Bids Us ShineBaptism: Our Sacrament of Belonging
  3. 3. SERVICE SERVICE Dates to Note: Leader: We read in the gospels of Our Lord that Jesus invited everyone to turn to- Annual Reports are due ASAP. ward, and accept, the God who already accepted them just as they were. Feb 5, Sunday, Baptism Jacob and Allison Allaby Feb 8, Wednesday, 6pm, Worship Leadership Team Meeting All: We, the members and friends of Oromocto United Church claim to be a com- munity of people who try to turn daily towards God. We dare to claim that we Feb 12, Restorative justice Sunday and Workshop and Pot Luck stand in the same tradition of love Jesus tried to create. We believe God has Feb 19, Communion Sunday claimed us. We believe that God invites us to extend that claim to all who come Feb 16, Thursday, 7pm, Session to us regardless of age or any other circumstance. Feb 19, Annual Reports available Feb 26, Annual Meeting Sunday, finger food pot luck Leader: In baptism we celebrate what already exists, the unconditional love and Feb 27, 2nd meeting on Statement of faith Remit, 7pm acceptance of God for all. Friends it is my privilege to introduce to you, Feb 29, Wed, 6pm, Membership and Pastoral Care Team Meeting Allyson Nicole Allaby and Jacob Harold Allaby Daughter and son of Shannon and Curtis Allaby Website Update: I am still looking for feedback and suggestions about [pause while the family comes forward] our website. Please let me know of anything you would like to see added to the site. An interesting fact to note is that over the past 30 Leader: Friends, Curtis and Shannon have brought their children to us for baptism, for initiation into the church of Jesus Christ. Together we join all those who came days we have had 168 visits to the website and 100 of those visitors before us in asking the questions of the church. have read our service online. If you have not yet had a peek, check it out: All: Shannon and Curtis, as parents you are asking us to baptize Allison and Jacob into membership within the family of God. Do you accept the responsibility of leading your children to know God and serve God in this life?Restorative Justice Sunday, Feb 12. We will be hosting a special Sunday onthis theme that is offering hope for new approaches to restoring people to Parents: Yes we do.proper relationships in society when thing go awry. Christina Farnsworthwill be our guest speaker and workshop leader as we engage this topic All: We ask you then, do you believe in God and God’s unconditional love for allwith the intent of creating awareness and appreciation for how the re- people?storative justice approach can represent a more faithful response to crimeand punishment. The workshop will begin at about 12 noon. Please invite Parents: Yes we do.neighbours and friends to both or just the workshop. Of course they arewelcome to join us for lunch. All: Do you believe that God has become particularly known in the life and minis- try of Jesus of Nazareth who lived and died and lives again?Bible Study this winter will be on Mark’s gospel. We will be meeting Parents: Yes we do.Thursday afternoon from 1:30-3:00. Please bring a friend! All: Do you believe that God, through the Spirit, is active in this world to direct and strengthen you? Parents: Yes we do. All: Will you do your best to provide a home based on God’s kind of values for your children. Will you bring them to church and encourage them to seek confir- mation?
  4. 4. SERVICE SERVICEParents: Yes we will. Our Hymn: MV 37, Each Blade of GrassLeader: Will you all please stand. [Congregation Stands] Our Reading from the Christian Scriptures, Mark 1:35-45,Friends, are we willing to offer Jacob and Allison, and indeed all who attend this A Message for Todaychurch, the support and example of a community of love and concern. Rev Bob will be joining the children after the message todayAll: Yes we are. Anthem:Pouring the Water and We will Sing: VU 453: Out of Deep Unordered Water Lighting Our Candle of Concern& Children pour the water baptism *Our Words of Faith, page 918 VU [standing]Our Dedication of the Water: Lighting Our Candle of Concern:Leader: Water brings us life and health, refreshment and food. Everything thatlives needs water on this, our blue planet. Our Prayer of ConcernAll: Our myths tell us God brought order from the primordial waters of chaos. A Minute for MissionOur legends speak of God leading the Hebrews through the water and makingthem God’s chosen people. Our Offering CollectedLeader: Our scriptures tell us Jesus received his water baptism from John in an actof commitment to follow wherever God may lead. After his resurrection his first Our Offering Presented [vs 1 #603 VU]followers invited all to join Jesus in a life acknowledging resurrection in death and Joyful Joyful Lord we give youcontinuing the journey of God’s people in this world. Gifts that You may use this day Take them, Bless them, may Your KingdomAll: God bless this water of baptism as a symbol of who we are in Jesus Christ our Spread to all the world we pray.Lord. Bless this symbol and remind us that we are all called to live strong in trust, Here we are, our time our talentsloyal in vision, compassionate in love and wise stewards of this world. We now dedicate as well. May we show Christ’s love within us By our lives of faith to tell.The Act of Christian Initiation:The Welcome and Promise: Our Prayers of Thanks and Concern and the Lord’s PrayerAll: Jacob and Allison, we welcome you joyfully and reverently into our Our Hymn to Leave With: VU 353, Lord of the Dancefamily, the family of God. We all offer ourselves to be your sisters and brothers,aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers in faith. We will do our best to Our Benediction:surround you with God’s kind of love all the days of your life. As you parentsgrow in your responsibilities as family, we pledge ourselves to help you covey Our Choral BlessingGod’s care in real and human terms to John Camden. Go make a difference, We can make a difference Go make a difference in the WorldAllison and Jacob, may the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make Go make a difference, We can make a differenceGod’s face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the Lord lift up Go make a difference in the WorldGod’s countenance upon you and grant you peace. Amen