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Quiz digital resource

  1. 1. By Caity Sim and Corrie SandersonPODEWashing your handseveryday, keeps thegerms away!!!+ =Quiz time!
  2. 2. It’s important to wash our hands to…? To make them smell nice? To make them shiny? To stop germs from spreading? So we can wear gloves?
  3. 3. Wrong Answer!!!Try Again???
  4. 4. .ANSWER: Tostop germs fromspreading!*Washing your hands regularly is thebest way to stop nasty germs fromspreading!*Next Question
  5. 5. Wash your hands before you….Play in the rain?Prepare or eat your food?Pat your animals?Build a sand castle at the beach?It is important to wash your hands beforeyou….
  6. 6. Wrong Answer!!!Try Again???
  7. 7. ANSWER: Always washyour hands before youprepare or eat anyfood.Next Question
  8. 8. How do we wash our hands? By quickly rinsing them under the tap?By rubbing them in the mud?By washing hands with warms soapy water for 15seconds and drying them thoroughly on a towel?By washing them in dirty water from the outsidebucket in the backyard?Do you know how to wash your hands?
  9. 9. Wrong Answer!!!Try Again???
  10. 10. ANSWER: By washinghands with warmssoapy water for 15seconds and dryingthem thoroughly on atowel.Next Question
  11. 11. What do we use to wash ourhands?Muddy water full of worms and grass?Warm soapy water, wet wipes and handsanitisers?A towel?Nothing at all?What do you use towash yourhands??
  12. 12. Wrong Answer!!!Try Again???
  13. 13. ANSWER: Warmsoapy water, wetwipes and handsanitisersNext Question
  14. 14. What can happen if we don’twash our hands?They stay dirty?The germs will make you sick with a cold, fluor tummy bug?They will fall off?
  15. 15. Wrong Answer!!!Try Again???
  16. 16. ANSWER: The germswill make you sick witha cold, flu or tummybug.Next Question
  17. 17. What is one other way to keepyour hands clean?• Washing your hands with a dirty towel?• Using Hand sanitisers or wet wipes?• Rubbing them in the dirt?
  18. 18. Wrong Answer!!!Try Again???
  19. 19. ANSWER: Handsanitiser or wetwipes.Hand sanitiser and wet wipes can killup to 99% of bad bacteria so its greatto keep some spare in your schoolbags! Next Question
  20. 20. Germs are yucky green creatures that live onyour hands?Germs are single-celled bacteria that live onnutrients from the environment?Germs are a type of soapWhat are Germs?
  21. 21. Wrong Answer!!!Try Again???
  22. 22. ANSWER: Germs aresingle-celledbacteria that live onnutrients from theenvironment.Next Question
  23. 23. Who needs to wash their handsregularly?Your cat or dog?Your mum and dad?Your teacher?EVERYONE?
  24. 24. Wrong Answer!!!Try Again???
  25. 25. ANSWER:EVERYONE!!!
  26. 26. References!• Images from Google images:http://musthavemom.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/wet-ones-wipes-pack.jpg• http://www.getprice.com.au/images/uploadimg/2987/original-8993560027247.JPG