clinical lab investigations and their importance exposure metabolism early clinical medical students aminoacid early clinical exposure mbbs carbohydrate metabolism mbbs early clinical exposure proteoglycans glycoaminoglycans fibronectin deb osteogenesis imperfecta marfans syndrome fibrillin laminin integrin collagen serotonin dopamine gpcr acetyl choline glycine gaba urine acidification test rta type 4 rta type 2 rta type 1 vitamin d hypercalcemia calcium pth forensic analysis vntr minisatellite microsatellite porphyria cutanea tarda acute intermittent porphyria heme synthesis skull lytic lesions vertebral lytic lesions plasma cell bence jones proteins multiple myelome renal plasma flow egfr renal failure index creatinine gfr renal functions malabsorption lactose intolernece steatorrhoea pancreas ast alp alt jaundice liver function winters formula buffers respiratory acidosis metabolic acidosis lpl chylomicrons hdl ldl hyperlipediemias lipoproteins water and electrolyte balance basic and clinical urinalysis interpretation basic aspects investiagations inborn errors of metabolism recent advances thyroid disorders hand wash technique and its importance pcr medical applications basic of immune system acid base balance and its disorders lipids pcos bpa quality control clinical lab nutrition and diseases healthy heart biosensors gene expression pcr translation transcription
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