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The Evolution of Inbound Marketing



Becoming a Versatile Professional in the DARC Ages, presented at Baldwin-Wallace College PR Center by Keith Gutierrez, CEO and Byron Fernandez, CCO

Becoming a Versatile Professional in the DARC Ages, presented at Baldwin-Wallace College PR Center by Keith Gutierrez, CEO and Byron Fernandez, CCO



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The Evolution of Inbound Marketing The Evolution of Inbound Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • The Evolution of Inbound Marketing Becoming a Versatile Professional in the D.A.R.C Ages2012 Baldwin-Wallace College PR Center Presented by Keith Gutierrez | Byron Fernandez Structure Marketing.com Building Remarkable Brands
  • The Marketing Landscape Online • Inbound Marketing • OutboundMarketing•Brand•Content•Public Relations Traditional • Inbound Marketing • Outbound
  • What is Inbound Marketing Inbound Pull Targeted Audience OnlineMarketing Audience Outbound Push
  • Inbound Marketing Methodology • Value Added Content • Search Engine Get Optimization Found • Social Media Marketing • Targeted Search Engine Marketing • Premium Content Offers • Requested Email MarketingInbound Convert • Calls-To-Action • Landing Pages withMarketing Conversion Forms • Lead Nurturing • Website & Blog Analytics • Multi-Variant Testing Analyze • Closed Loop Marketing Analytics
  • Inbound Marketing Software Brian Halligan Co-Founder, CEO Second Fastest Growing Software Company on Inc. 500 More than $60 million in venture capital funding to date Dharmesh Shah Co-Founder, CTO What is HubSpot?
  • Inbound Marketing Solutions Convergence of Art, Science and Technology
  • Inbound Marketing Professional Core Traits•Passion•Exceptional Writer, Communicator•Balanced, logical•Artistic, creative Brand•Vision, Purpose•Tech-Savvy•Intrinsically Motivated•Team Player INBOUND•Analytical – loves Data•Builds Relationships PR &•Attentive to Detail Social Content•Listens, Learns, Leads Media
  • What is D.A.R.C?D = Are Digital CitizensA = Have Analytical ChopsR = Have Web ReachC = Are Content Creators
  • Oh, the Places You’ll Go A Changing of the Guard•Digital Native: “The Millennial consumer”•Born between the mid-1970s and the late 1990s•Grew up immersed in the current “Golden Age” ofdigital technology•Mid-teens to mid-thirties•Represents almost a ¼ of the market•2017: Projected to have more spending power thanany other generation in America•Change agents: Incorporate technology and socialmedia to become more effective in business andclient relationships Note: Represents largest consumer base in the generation of digital influence. All consumer bases should be considered in digital markets.
  • FACT: Testable, Tried & True No More Rainbows & UnicornsMarketing Fantasy #199Marketing Fantasy #217 “It’s not about the communities you join; it’s about the CONNECTIONS you make there…” ~ Chris Brogan, co-author of Trust Agents
  • Are You IN? Digital Muster: Start FlexingJoin the IMU communityInbound Marketing University trainingprogram#IMU on twitter + 18 online classes + Training, preparation for Inbound Marketing Certification + Interactive tutorials, webinars with industry thought leaders and influencers NOTABLE PRESENTERS *Mike Volpe, Chief Marketing Officer at HubSpot *Todd Defren, SHIFT Communications *Ann Handley, marketingprofs.com *Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing online *Chris Brogan, New Marketing Labs *Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz *Brian Carroll, MEClabs and InTouch *Mitch Joel, Six Pixels of Separation
  • Go Where Others Are Nottwitter.com/byron_fernandezlinkedin.com/in/byronfernandezfacebook.com/StructureMarketing.comQuestions? “Technology alone is not enough. Its technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that make our hearts sing“ – Steve Jobs
  • Success is about Making ThoseWho Believed in You Look Brillant twitter.com/keithgutierrez linkedin.com/in/keithgutierrez facebook.com/StructureMarketing.com Questions? Be Remarkable – “Your job is to get them to talk about you, and to do that by being remarkable in the first place” – Seth Godin
  • LinksFernandez, Byron. How to Make it in PR and Marketing: GetLost to Find Answers byronfernandez.com, TopRank OnlineMarketing (2011)Social Media Charlatans are Like Wile E. CoyoteSpinSucks.com (2011)Gutierrez, Keith. Inbound Marketing Evolution: The Future ofNow Structure Marketing (2012)Halligan, Brian, Shah, Dharmesh. Inbound Marketing: GetFound Using Google, Social Media and Blogs (New RulesSocial Media Series) Wiley (2009)HubSpot.com Hiring in the DARC Ages; excerpt from InboundMarketing (2012)Meerman Scott, David. The New Rules of Marketing and PR;Real-Time Marketing and PR; Newsjacking Wiley 2009-2012Redsicker, Patricia. Digital Natives: How they are Changingthe Content Marketing Game Content Marketing Institute(CMI) April 12, 2012
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  • Building Remarkable Brands Convergence of Art, Science and Technology