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DMA North: Making mobile marketing work


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DMA North: Making mobile marketing work

  1. 1. Making MobileMarketing Work
  2. 2. Connect with the DMA…• The #tag for this event is: #dmamobile• LinkedIn: DMA: Direct Marketing Association (UK) Limited• Twitter: @DMA_UK/ @DMANorth• DMA Website:• Email: or• Phone: 020 7291 3300 or 0161 918 6722
  3. 3. Today’s agenda• 13.15 – 13:40 Registration and Coffee• 13.40 – 13.45 Welcome and Introduction• 13.45 – 14.25 The Business Case for Mobile Marketing, Mark Brill• 14.25 – 14.45 Response and Acquisition: Messaging it’s a bit old hat isnt it? Jason Palgrave-Jones• 14.45 – 15:15 How to conduct an enduring, meaningful relationship via Mobile? Richard Hicks• 15.15 – 15:35 Coffee Break• 15:35 – 16:05 CRM & Service: Mobile Web: There’s a bandwagon, so why not jump on it? Jo Garcia• 16:05 – 16:35 Emerging Mobile: What does the future look like? Mark Brill• 16:35 – 17:15 Exercise: How to build your own Mobile website• 17:15 – 17:30 Event Summary, Mark Brill
  4. 4. Making Mobile Marketing WorkINTRO TO MOBILE
  5. 5. About meMark Brill-CEO Formation-Mobile marketing strategist,consultant and lecturer-Chair of DMA Mobile Council @marktxt4ever
  6. 6. About you?
  7. 7. Random Fact #180% of young people would rather spend … their last £10 topping up their phone than buying food!
  8. 8. The Challenges for Mobile MarketingBroadest info technologyAlways there, always onGreat engagement & responseExciting and interactive content But … Many standards, technologies and channels Highly personal Few measurement standards Confusing regulatory practices
  9. 9. What is mobile marketing?
  10. 10. Mobile marketing is … Service Marketing Commerce
  11. 11. Mobile can have different roles MOBILE ONLY MOBILE AS CORE MOBILE IS COMPONENT Sometimes it’s all  It can be a mobile  Or it can be just one  based around  centred integrated  element of the  mobile experience interaction, joining other  bits of advertising or  service
  12. 12. Why mobile? of human beings are ‘mobile’
  13. 13. Tipping point?
  14. 14. Who are our users? Comscore: Jan 2012
  15. 15. And what do they do? 48% 89% 35% 38% 24% 7% 45% Comscore: Jan 2012
  16. 16. Mobile is a multi-functional device My schedule My news My friends My music My fun My shopping
  17. 17. Why mobile marketing? 72% of people would opt-in to messaging for the right incentive*Mobile advertising spend has doubled each year since 2007 (and it’sstill rising) *** 12% of mobile owners have made apayment through their device and is predicted to increase by 100% year onyear ++47% of people have a positive view of personalised ads on their mobile*** 48% of smartphone owners look for offers and discountson their device (and have up to 10x the redemption rate)+ 92% of brand messages are read, and over 85% withinthe first hour* Sources: * DMA/IAB, 2010 // ** O2, 2009// ***IAB, 2011// + Google Ipsos 2012 // ++ Pew Research 2012
  18. 18. Random Fact #2In their first 5 weeks,Drawsomthing had … 20 million downloads. That’s more than Foursquare achieved in three years.
  19. 19. Understanding Mobile Users Innovative Immediate Relevant Personal Trustworthy
  20. 20. Mobile is Innovative and Personal newspapers comprehensiveanother plus is I’m theonly user where as a up to datelaptop I share with the informationwife! immediate trustworthy internet convenient on PC persuasive personalised for me innovative radio mobile TV undemanding entertaining mood setter I like to try new things relaxing I like to try new things fun withmy new phone with my new phone creative magazines stylish
  21. 21. And then there are the Digital Natives Us Them
  22. 22. Digital Natives simply expect it to work
  23. 23. It means brands have to think differently Wha’eva Social Networks Mobile web Widgets GamesBuy it! MatesBuy it! Email Apps SMS Branches Viral Call Centres IM Own-brand web sites TV Advertising Direct Mail Outbound calling
  24. 24. Random Fact #330% of apps on parentssmartphones have … been downloaded by their children
  25. 25. Tech to deploy mobile marketing Messaging Mobile Web Apps Proximity
  26. 26. Key marketing disciplines in mobile
  28. 28. CRM
  29. 29. Ad Response
  30. 30. Ad Response
  31. 31. Sales Promotion
  32. 32. Brand Awareness
  33. 33. Branding Celebration
  34. 34. Experiential
  35. 35. Advertising
  36. 36. Advertising: Mobile DM
  37. 37. Advertising: Geo-Targetting
  38. 38. Service
  39. 39. CRM: Email
  40. 40. It doesn’t need to end up on mobile
  41. 41. New channels are emerging
  42. 42. Random Fact #426% of smartphone shoppers owners have … Bought from a competitor whilst in-sore on their device
  43. 43. If mobile is so great, why isn’teveryone doing it?We don’t understand of it How do we know it works? How can you measure it? Too much technology There’s too many regulations for our sector ‘Our customers won’t like it’
  44. 44. Understanding Permissions volume/response/opt-out/spam
  45. 45. Is there a problem with spam? 58% of UK consumers received a spam SMS in August 22% of consumers included 2011 soft opt-in marketing as spam 18% had received 10+ messages DMA/Touluna Quicksurvey 2011
  46. 46. Spam and The Regulations UNSOLICITED: OPT-IN: BEST PRACTICE MISLEADING CONDITIONAL Accident Claims Prize DrawsMALICIOUS Debt UNSOLICITED: Alcohol OPT-IN:Lotto PPI NO OPT-IN Children UNEXPECTEDPhising No T&Cs Old dataPremium No brand ID Unclear T&Cs OFT ICO ICO ASA Brand PPP MOJ OFT ICO (?) Criminal OFT
  47. 47. Random Fact #54% of all SMS is spam. With email that figure is … 75%
  48. 48. It’s not just messaging Are Audi A4s really that horrible to drive? ...drives like there is a drunk behind the wheel If their cars handled like this the company would be in big trouble I feel ripped off – even though the game was free! Just like a real A4 –it’s boring and tedious
  49. 49. You can throw money at your app
  50. 50. Or you can have a strategy Information orService? Entertainment? Brand Utility? Experience?
  51. 51. But app stores are busy places
  52. 52. A strategy should be in all channels―What are your business/campaignobjectives?―What problems are you looking to solve?―Who are your users and where are they inthe mobile landscape?―What are the business barriers toimplementing mobile?―Who are your mobile evangelists?―How will you develop your ideas?―What does success look like?―What is your roadmap for the future?―An app is NOT a replacement for astrategy
  53. 53. Random Fact #6When Facebook bought Instagram for$1 billion their employees numbered … 13. That’s $76m per staff member
  54. 54. Best Practice
  55. 55. Best Practice... is about understandingour users expectationsand meeting them (oreven exceeding them)
  56. 56. To sum up …- Mobile is a significant channel and still growing- It can be used for a range of brand activities- Brands should not be led by tech be led by what it can do- Your users expect a GREAT experience- Plan your strategy- Learn from other campaigns- Don’t abuse their permissions and deliver best practice
  57. 57. Response and AcquisitionMessaging: it’s a bit old hat isn’tit?Jason Palgrave-JonesBusiness Development Director
  58. 58. Need convincing? There are Over 6.25.8 billion 30 million trillionmobile phones phones are sold in SMS worldwide the UK each year messagesaccounting for ( will be sent in 2012 87% ( of the global population Mobile devices will  soon outnumber  humans by 2016 (Cisco research)
  59. 59. Not so ‘old hat’ 40% of UK consumers are 2012 marks interested in being Almost 50% of mobile contact via mobile consumers who messaging’s by advertisers respond to mobile20th anniversary ( text marketing go ( on to buy ( 81% of adults keep their mobile switched on all of the time, even when their in bed (
  60. 60. Response rates
  61. 61. Case study: Sales PromotionLooking at the last two campaigns we spent a total of just over £500 on text credits whichyielded £8,000 gross profit. An ROI rate of 16:1 Jonathan Broad, Marketing Manager Challenge ENO wanted to increase attendance to times of certain shows. Solution ENO sent last minute offers for specific performances where they had excessive tickets left. Results •£500 spent on texts that yielded £8,000 gross profit. •An ROI rate of 16:1
  62. 62. Case study: Customer Service Through our mobile text service our customers can manage their finances with ease, and rest assured that they have access to their accounts on the move at any time of the day 365 days of the year Gary Solomon, Head of Marketing and AcquisitionChallenge1.Provide customers the ability to get an immediatebalance by phone.2.Let customers immediately send in a photo of theirpassport rather than post, fax or scan and email it.Solution1.Customers text: BALANCE to 607771.Customers2.Customers take a picture of passport then MMS it toCard One’s unique number. This arrives at Card One asan email with the attachment.Results1. 80% of customers use the mobile banking facility.2. Customer feedback has been excellent.
  63. 63. Case study: Operational Alerts& Cost Saving InitiativesTextlocal provides a real time communications solution. We can guarantee that at least95% of our members will read what we send Saad Afzal, General Manager Challenge 1.Reduce inbound calls relating to ticket allocation requests. 2.Notify Season Ticket holders of emergency events e.g. late kick off, traffic accidents etc. Solution 1.Texts sent to customers as soon as allocation is decided. 2.Simple text sent to the pre-created ‘Season Ticket holders’ group. Arrives in 4 seconds. Results 1.Significant reduction in call volumes from people, relating to whether they had been successful or not. 2.Great Season Ticket holder feedback.
  64. 64. Case study: Reminders& ConfirmationsThe Textlocal system is so simple to use, and means we can communicate with every student instantlyto make sure they attend their appointments on time. It means that our guidance service, whichensures all students are receiving the right support and encouragement to succeed, can run efficientlyand effectively. Karen Fitzsimmons, Careers and Employment Department Challenge Reduce the number of missed appointments for their Careers & Employability Service. Solution Texts sent automatically from their CRM system to students the evening before their appointment. Results Significantly reduced the number of no-shows. Text service then used to keep students informed about other activities as well.
  65. 65. Case study: Lead Generation& Brochure Request ServiceWe have used every other form of marketing and advertising and we needed to combat spirallingcosts. Mobile marketing gives us a massive return on investment. Mike Ashcroft, Tessuti OwnerChallengeCollect mobile numbers for future SMS promotionsand new stock arriving texts.SolutionText: TESSUITI to 60777ResultsMobile Marketing gave a massive return oninvestment and provided an excellent tool forpromotions and special offers.
  66. 66. Case study: Ticketing For Events“Using QR Codes to track attendees meant that Greenpeace staff could easily use mobile phones to trackwho attended. Being able to track everyone electronically through the Textlocal reporting system workedperfectly for us, as we were able to follow up with our supporters accordingly to say thank you for coming,or reach out quickly to those that couldn’t make it with a separate message.” Molly Brooks, Digital Marketing Co-ordinator at GreenpeaceChallengeGreenpeace worked with Textlocal to execute the launchevent of their famous Rainbow Warrior III ship.SolutionThey embraced the latest mobile technology using QR Codesto track attendees and to improve the efficiency of theirmarketing efforts to their supporters.Results•Mobile made the whole process fast and accurate.•Reduction in the need for paper forms at the eventand is therefore kinder to the environment.
  67. 67. It’s all about Messenger
  68. 68. See how simple SMS is… Text DMA to 60777 Now
  69. 69. Textlocal’s Top Tips to a perfectSMS campaign 1 . C all to ac tio n 2. Go od ti min g 3 . K ee p it 4. Av oid s ho rt repe tit ion 5 . C le an s e yo ur da t 6. Tr ac k ab as e y ou r p ro 7 . Gr o w y g re ss ou 8. Resp e r au die nc e c t o pt -ou t 9 . Send r s el ev an t m 10 .G et p es sa ge s e rs on al
  70. 70. Our clients include
  71. 71. Thank you Q&A
  72. 72. Richard HicksHead Of MobileGillian RobertsOnline & Mobile Manager
  73. 73. ConnectedAlways On Event TV TV…
  74. 74. This is most likely to be driven by (44%) TV adverts as 1 in 2 smartphone consumers looking for quick convenient price and product owners have informationfollowed up an advert or recommendationon their mobile phone Because… Looking for… 46% stated 40% product convenience information 41% said it was 37% price the only device information available to them at the time
  75. 75. Extending Enjoyment extra content, build up and catch upSelf Expression support, vote social, with friends andSharing new friends participation, gettingConnecting closer
  76. 76. • Rewarding customer for brand knowledge• Can be used to hypercharge brand message towards end of campaign• Brand awareness increases by 60% after 4 exposures*• To be available on both long and short form May/June 2012• Innovations in development: AdExplore, AdPlay, Adsave
  77. 77. The Mobile Internet: There’s a bandwagon, so why not jump on it?Jo GarciaBusiness Development DirectorJo.garcia@tractionplatform.comMobile: +44 7850 927 501
  78. 78. There’s a bandwagon, so why not jump on it?
  79. 79. Section 1: Snapshot of the market ‐ Brands  
  80. 80. Are YOU ready for it?Some web giants have adapted well to mobile
  81. 81. No!
  82. 82. But then – who is? Site rendered for mobile Amazon Sites YES Home Retail Group No Sites No Dixons Stores Group No Wal-Mart YES John Lewis Partnership YES HMV YES Arcadia Group Limited No GAME Group PLC No Marks & Spencer YES NEXT Group YES Boots Plc YES IKEA No Comet YES
  83. 83. “Mobile is the new face of engagement.  Businesses should stop thinking about it as a  small website on a tiny computer, and start thinking about mobile as being deeply embedded  systems of engagement.” Ted Schadler: Principle Analyst, Forrester
  84. 84. Section 2: Snapshot of the market ‐ Audience  
  85. 85. The stellar rise of mobile usage 53% UK Smartphone Ownership* 24.6 million – Mobile Internet Audience* £203 million – UK Mobile Ad Spend**Tablets 72% growth in 7 months*  Mobile visits to e‐retail sites up to 8.2% £134.3 million Search = 66%** *comScore Mobilens Jan 2012 **IAB/PWC March 2012
  86. 86. Mobile web set to overtake fixed internet Source:  Morgan Stanley 2010
  87. 87. AM• Finance/banking (20%)• First choice (29%) Morning Rush 10am-12pm Breakfast Slot 6am-9am• News/weather (29%), and traffic/travel (13%)• First choice (34%) Source: IAB’s Mobile & the Media Day Study, Jan 2011 Base: Average of 500 respondents, over 7 days
  88. 88. PM • Careers (10%), search (19%), and• Social media (41%), music/radio (17%) news/weather (23%)• Bored (32%), time saving (25%) • Only way to access (19%), private (17%) Me time Lunch 9pm-12am Break 12-3pm Feet Up Out & 6pm-9pm About 3pm-6pm• entertainment (26%), games (25%), sport • maps (13%), directories/classifieds (20%) and shopping (18%) (12%) and search (20%)• Instead of PC(21%), time saving (27%) • Prompted by other media (13%) Source: IAB’s Mobile & the Media Day Study, Jan 2011 Base: Average of 500 respondents, over 7 days
  89. 89. How consumers are using their mobile devices40% Smartphones & 42% Tablets Dual Screening* Tablet owners 4+ hours per week on retail sites**£2.4m ad revenue on tablet*** 24% take mobile shopping to compare prices****54% of display advertising is in App** *Neilsen ***IAB/PWC March 2012 **IAB MOJO Study Jan 2012 ****Google‐Our Mobile Planet
  90. 90. How consumers are using their mobile devices US adults spend daily 65 minutes with  mobile vs. just 44 minutes with print  magazines & newspapers combined  10% share of adults’ media time each day  ‐ but less than 1% of ad $ eMarketer Dec 2011
  91. 91. UK Mobile Marketplace – Ad Expenditure2011 £203m 2010 £83mMobile Display Advertising Mobile Display Advertising£68.9m £28.1mPaid for search on Mobile Paid for search on MobileInternet £134.3m Internet £54.9m Top 5 display ad categories:  Entertainment & Media ‐ 23.2% (32.9% in 2010) Telecoms ‐ 14.9% (14.3% in 2010) Consumer Goods ‐ 14.4% (11.8% in 2010) Retail – 12.3.% (5.5% in 2010)  Finance – 10.3%  (18.6%  in 2010) IAB & PwC research
  92. 92. But then – who is? Site rendered for mobile Amazon Sites YES Home Retail Group No Sites No Dixons Stores Group No Wal-Mart Yes John Lewis Partnership YES HMV YES Arcadia Group Limited (Top Shop Y) No GAME Group PLC No Marks & Spencer YES NEXT Group YES Boots Plc Yes IKEA (Promising, but NO) No Comet YES
  93. 93. Mobile Search1 51% of mobile browsers use search 2 Mobile search has increased 500% in 2 years3 PPC campaigns offer better value than desktop4 Targeting is more precise on mobile 5 13.4% of paid search from mobile clicks* * Source: Latitude Report 2012
  94. 94. Mobile minutes spent online in UK GSMA UK comScore December 2010
  95. 95. March 2012 – Month of the Mobile! (nearly!)250 billionth App downloaded - AppleGoogle’s Android Market Renamed Google PlayGoMo CampaignFacebook Mobile Ads
  96. 96. Section 3: Snapshot of the market –Best Practice in Mobile Advertising
  98. 98. Ad Formats – pre-roll
  99. 99. Ad Formats - Expandables
  100. 100. Ad Formats – In-app
  101. 101. Ad Formats - Creative
  102. 102. Section 4: Snapshot of the market –Best Practice in Mobile Search
  103. 103. Mobile Search is Different... ad slots ad slots ABC Restaurant ABC Restaurant Fine dining for any occasion. Fine dining for any occasion. Fresh, organic ingredients.  Call us now to reserve a table! 020 7031 1000
  104. 104. Local drive to Mobile Search 33% of all search queries have local intent 15% of iPhone applications are local Get driving  Walk into a  directions store
  105. 105. Unique Feature – Click to Call Advertisers who use click-to-call get a 5-10% increase in CTRs CTC provides a safety net and doesn’t cannibalize URL clicks restaurant restaurant Paolo’s Italian Restaurant Fine dining for any  occasion. Featuring organic and fresh  ingredients. 01342 945547‐ 20 London Road, East Grinstead,  West Sussex, RH19 2TA Sussex restaurant reviews Find the perfect restaurant. Hours, reviews,  directions & more. Book a table and read …
  106. 106. Unique Feature – Click to Download Promote Apps with mobile search: Link directly to the download page for Apple App Store and Android Market
  107. 107. Section 5: Case Studies
  108. 108. Directgov
  109. 109. Banners
  110. 110. M&S M&S m‐site 1.2m visitors and  13,000 orders since launch 10million page views and 13,000  orders from the site  One single order of £3,280 – 2 sofas! (Up to Dec 2010)113
  111. 111. Furniture VillageMobile AOVs surpass online for Furniture VillageMobile being used as both a research and purchase toolThe importance of mobile in offline retailOver 1 in 5 visitors now arrive at the website via a smartphone or tablet “The mobile website has created a new shopping experience for  our customers. It’s not an uncommon sight to see someone sat  on the very sofa that they’re looking at on their phone.” Charlie Harrison, head of e‐commerce at Furniture Village
  112. 112. John Lewis• 20% of respondents would buy from a  competitor if no site available on their mobile• Retailers risk losing 30% of potential business  by not having a site that works on mobiles• Android/iPhone users are 28% more likely to  recall static ads BUT• 50% more likely to recall the rich media ads Source: IAB Rich Media Brand Effectiveness Study July 2011
  113. 113. ArgosMobile channel delivered £90m +worth of incremental revenue in 2010Text & Reserve £30m worth ofreservations in 201040m notification messages in 2010 =210% annual growth6m unique members withinnotifications & 4m Opted In formarketing activities
  114. 114. Go Outdoors • Mobile Loyalty  Scheme for discount card  holders • First Smartphone based loyalty scheme • Redeem exclusive deals at the Point Of Sale • Bringing together mobile phone technology,  terminal & EPOS payment systems
  115. 115. • Web Site • Email Alerts • Mobile Site • Mobile App • SMS Alerts • Weekly Film Times • Targeted Promotions118
  116. 116. Unilever• Embraced Mobile • Mobile Promotions• Enhanced Customer Data• Social Media Integration
  117. 117. SummaryDistinct business advantage for businesses who optimise their sites for mobileClear benefit for retail & mCommerce - but not just retail...Optimise for internet – apps can follow, if appropriateMobile market is moving away from feature phones – but not everyone has aniPhone!Increased activity on the mobile internet – higher levels of browsing & searchIncreased mobile advertising & more creative use of ad formatsMobile is an “always on” companionConsider Mobile opportunities in integrated cross channel marketing activity
  118. 118. Let’s ride out into the “wild west!”
  119. 119. Making Mobile Marketing WorkEMERGING ANDFUTURE MOBILE
  120. 120. What does the future look like?
  121. 121. Will it look like this?
  122. 122. Or this?
  123. 123. Looks are important
  124. 124. Predicting the future isn’t easy ‘Do you think that computers will be radios,  stereos, things like that?’ ‘No, I think they’ll just be computers’ Steve Jobs, 1990
  125. 125. The rise of the convergent device
  126. 126. New ways to make TV
  127. 127. The revolution will not be televised
  128. 128. The fall of old media
  129. 129. The future is open
  130. 130. It’s about location
  131. 131. And gamification
  132. 132. And social engagement
  133. 133. Not just coffee, pizzas or burgers
  134. 134. Consumers want to be engaged
  135. 135. Or surprised?
  136. 136. Or simply get a better service?
  137. 137. Or just get connected
  138. 138. The rise of the sofa surfer
  139. 139. Mobile connects devices
  140. 140. The wheel is reinvented
  141. 141. Mobile connects all media
  142. 142. Can QR connect?
  143. 143. Shops won’t be shops
  144. 144. They can pop up anywhere
  145. 145. The new QR?
  146. 146. New ways to engage
  147. 147. Anything can be responsive
  148. 148. Sound can be responsive
  149. 149. New ways to search
  150. 150. Building old over new
  151. 151. Augmented Fiction
  152. 152. New ways to pay
  153. 153. And new ways to interact
  154. 154. The future will feel different
  155. 155. There will be new devices
  156. 156. New screens and new interactions
  157. 157. The future seems uncertain?But in reality we already know what it is Because the future is  already here
  158. 158. Thank you for listening! Any questions? @marktxt4ever
  159. 159. Making Mobile Marketing WorkBUILD YOUR OWNMOBILE SITE
  160. 160. So what’s changed? It used to be a specific activity: • Full sized keyboard • A chair/desk • Constant power and connection
  161. 161. A new context for mobile • Different device capabilities • Different screen sizes • Different locations • Different intent Mobile web is different
  162. 162. Understanding mobile UXGoogle defines three types of behaviours•Repetitive Now•Bored Now•Urgent NowForget trying to control the user•Mobile sites should be ‘loose’•You can’t plan how it will look on every device•Let the users tweak•Think ‘mobile first’•Content – should we be thinking more like anapp?
  163. 163. Other ways to approach mobile web
  164. 164. Yellow Pages, Canada
  165. 165. Audi LEDs
  166. 166. Nike Air Jordan Fly Over
  167. 167. Responsive Design
  168. 168. But simplicity can also work
  169. 169. How to do it
  170. 170. Off you go...
  171. 171. We hope you enjoyed today’s session! A final thank you to all of today’s speakers: Mark Brill, Formation Jason Palgrave-Jones, Textlocal Richard Hicks, ITV Gillian Roberts, ITV Jo Garcia, Traction And our sponsors:
  172. 172. Presentations will be emailed to you tomorrow.Please return your completed evaluation forms andbadges to the registration desk we look forward to seeing you again!