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Presenented to Univ of the Pacific Facility & Students

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  • Uop Presentation V4ppt

    1. 1. The Death of Marketing and the Rise of the Content Engineer What It Means
    2. 2. What You Will Get From This PresentationHow Technology is Creating NewOpportunities for Your Future! What is a Content Engineer? Engaging Customer 2.0 Evolution of Marketing and Marketers Where Do You go from Here? Where does UOP go from Here?
    3. 3. Juxtaposition: The English Major as Technologist – The Recipe• The Start - Creative – Words / Images• Ad Agency / Direct Marketing Experience – Applying Numbers to Words• Ah Ha Moment! – Web Analytics – We Can Gather Empirical Data• Recognize Patterns – Online is Really the Same as Off Line• Four Essential Business Models / 15 years / Five Companies later• Measure / Monitor / Maximize
    4. 4. Rand Schulman rand@schulmanthorogood.comRand has been a technology executive for the past 25 years andhelped create an industry - inventing brand name online marketing andnew media companies. In 2005 he was named one of the Top 100BtoB marketing executives by BtoB Magazine, and has been on theexecutive team for two IPOs and served as a public company officer atthree technology firms. He has been active advisor and board memberto several Social Media companies. He is regularly quoted in theWSJ, Business Week, and in numerous industry publications. Rand isa founder and past board member of the Web Analytics Association.Rand holds a BA in English from the University of the Pacific. @RandSchulman
    5. 5. Juxtaposition – The Engineer as Communicator• The Start – Analytical – I can optimize almost anything!• The Icing – Business – Strategy and communication• Product Management / Product Marketing Experience– Defining and communicating product strategy• Ah Ha Moment #1 – Web Analytics – We can finally optimize marketing!• Ah Ha Moment #2 – An engineer who can communicate is priceless • Measure / Monitor / MaximizeYou cannot improve what you cannot measure!
    6. 6. Pelin Thorogood pelin@schulmanthorogood.comPelin is a new media marketer and entrepreneur, with success in bothventure-backed startups and public companies. Throughout her careeras a high technology executive, she has consistently been in theforefront of emerging technologies and trends. Pelin sits on boardsand advises new media and cloud computing companies and wasnamed one of the “20 Women to Watch” in sales lead management,and is a regular speaker and author on “Social Media topics. She alsoserves as a guest lecturer and a virtual Entrepreneur-in-Residence forCornells Johnson Graduate School of Management. Pelin holds aBachelor of Science in Operations Research, M.Eng and MBAdegrees, all from Cornell University. @PelinT
    7. 7. What does it mean to be a Content Engineer?Both LEFT and RIGHT BrainRequired:One Part Creative DirectorOne Part Data Analyst Content Creation Business Metrics Technology Driven
    8. 8. The Customer is Driving the Conversation “…social media has become massively more important because customers have stopped listening to vendors and analyst/reviewers. Think about that. Most of marketing and press/analyst relations are being trumped by customers talking to customers. ” Geoffrey James BNET
    9. 9. What it means - Content isKEY to Marketing SuccessInvest in the Content EngineerListen before you talkEngage in the conversationCreate a Virtuous Marketing CycleBuild a culture of measurement….and Repeat!
    10. 10. Listen Before You TalkSocial Media Analytics
    11. 11. Listen Before You TalkSocial Media Sentiments
    12. 12. What it Means - Engage in the ConversationCreate relevant contentGo where your customers areEmpower your community managersLeverage different social channels fordifferent purposesPower the community!
    13. 13. Emergence ofInbound Marketing
    14. 14. Outbound v Inbound Interrupt-driven Organic / Findability-based Talking Listening Program $$ People $$ Push Pull Business-Generated User-GeneratedPress releases, seminars, Blog posts, podcasts, LinkedIn videos, collateral & Facebook groups, YouTube Business Connections Social Connections Building Websites Building Communities Sales Cycle Buying Cycle 14
    15. 15. 2011 Marketing Trends
    16. 16. Content Engineers Create Relevance Relevant content is key to findability SEO (search engine optimization) Link-building Relevant content is key to customer engagement, stickiness and community buildingRelevance  Engagement  Conversion Creativity without Conversion = ZERO
    17. 17. You are key to Creating aVirtuous Marketing Cycle™
    18. 18. What it Means - Social Media in ActionReach – Whole Foods, InsideView (client)Engagement - NordstromsTransparency – California Olive FarmsContent Relevance – CitrixRe-branding – Domino’s PizzaCrisis Management –Wright County Farms,Domino’s Pizza
    19. 19. The Content Engineer’s Work is (Now) Measured & Optimized
    20. 20. What it Means - Use the Latest Technologies
    21. 21. What it Means - Demand is Greater Than SupplyContent is Becoming More Critical toBusinessThe Rate of Change is UnbelievableIndustry Can’t find Skills to fill PositionsStarting pay for Skills is Very High -$60k+The Future is Extremely Bright!
    22. 22. English Classes You Might Consider ENGL 025. Introduction to English Studies ENGL 082. How English Works * ENGL 107. Creative Writing – Non Fiction * ENGL 109. Writing in the Workplace * ENGL 111. Creative Writing * Other possible COP courses could include – film, psychology and writing in a cultural context
    23. 23. Communications Classes You Might Consider COMM 031. Media and Society * COMM 050. Introduction to Communication Technologies COMM 132. Writing for the Media * COMM 135 Principals of Public Relations COMMS 139 Principals of Mass Communications COMMS 155. Persuasion * COMMS 160. Communications Research Methods
    24. 24. Business School Classes You Might Consider BUSI 107 Marketing Management * BUSI 141 Marketing Research BUSI 143 Product Innovation BUSI 145 Retailing and Channels BUSI 147 Consumer Behavior BUSI 149 Strategic Marketing * BUSI 172 Entrepreneurship BUSI 181 Strategic Management & Policy BUSI 188 Data and Decisions *
    25. 25. And From the Engineering School Current Technology Minor Could be Nicely Incorporated
    26. 26. You Will Need to Know What it Means What is Search? SEO, (Organic) SEM, (Paid) Four Fundamental Online Models eCommerce (sell more product) On-line Media (stickiness, ad space) Service / Support (cost deflection) Lead Generation (names) The Tools Content Engineer What is Marketing Automation What is CRM What is Web Analytics What is Behavioral Targeting
    27. 27. Find Out About What it Means Bryan Eisenberg – Digital Marketing Call to Action Waiting for Your Cat to Bark Jim Sterne – Web Analytics World Wide Web Marketing Paco Underhill – Buying Behavior Why We Buy Marshal McLuhan – Philosophy / Communication The Medium is the Message David Ogilvy – Advertising / Marketing Ogilvy on Advertising Vance Packard – Persuasion / Sociology The Hidden Persuaders John Blossom – Social Media Content Nation