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Panel - SNS Game


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Akio NATAKA | Infinity Venture Partners
Justin Smith | Inside Network
Tomohiro Ebata | KDDI
An Jing | Rekoo
Jin Hashimoto | Gree China

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Panel - SNS Game

  1. 1. Panel Discussion
  2. 2. Hey RememberWe Once Ruled The Earth!
  3. 3. Then came ... a climate change thatchanged the Earth’s ecosystem
  4. 4. Now We Rule ...
  5. 5. I evolve therefore I survive ...
  6. 6. what are forces?• PC to Post-PC (PC Web to Mobile Web)• Feature Phone to Smartphone• 2G to 3G/4G
  7. 7. who are the players?• Game Companies (traditional, social, mobile + new players)• Platforms (OS, SNS, Payment, Advertising)• Operators
  8. 8. what the markets say?
  9. 9. what the markets say?
  10. 10. Now let’s here from the players who isgoing to rule the coming world andwhy ....