Arby's New Marketing Strategy

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  • 1. I’m Thinkin’

    Liana Butkunas
    Final Presentation
  • 2. Current Marketing Plan
    Creative advertisements that focus on low price and value menu and signature sandwhiches
    TV Commercials
    Rebates and offers to loyal customers
    Text message discounts
  • 3. Current Strategy’s Pitfalls
    Arby’s has started electronic campaign with text messages, but have not utilized the Internet
    Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc.
    Social media will enhance customer loyalty and better target the market segment
  • 4. Add to Current Campaign
    • Focus will still be value menu, signature sandwiches and importance of the customer
    • 5. Comedic feel will be maintained, coinciding with billboards and commercials
  • So What’s New?
    Social Media
    Facebook and Twitter accounts
    The accounts could be written by an actual “Arby’s signature worker” with added humor, or the Arby’s oven mitt
    It will give more brand personality and motivate customers to become “friends” and “followers”
    Tweets and statuses could also incorporate special offers and discounts
    Discounts offered to various “check-in’s” using FourSquare
  • 6. …What Else is New?
    The company will now have a blog updating customers about important news/progress
    Opens opportunities for publicizing sponsorships and promotions
    Will make the company more personable
  • 7. Bringing It All Together
    The overall Internet campaign will coincide
    There will be links to each on the Arby’s website
    Will all stylistically look the same
    Arby’s is already an recognizable brand, but with this strategy it will become even more familiar
    Through social media it can be in the minds of consumers more often
  • 8. Measuring Campaign Success
    Arby’s can monitor followers on Twitter, friends on Facebook, and amount of check in’s for each region
    Survey’s asking consumer opinion of new strategy
    Feedback from social media sites
    Monitor traffic to company website
    Compare to traffic before/after the new media strategy
  • 9. Budget Suggestions
    Hire additional staff to manage social media campaign
    Writers for blog, copywriters for social media accounts, organizational staff for media traffic etc.
    Also hire web designers to make blog and accounts so that they can be visually appealing and professional looking
  • 10. Budget Allocation
    Push coupons and promotions during high times
    Budget for
    and new staff
    *Expenses will
    be relatively low