Anne Lidgard - VINNOVA - Sweden Innovation Ecosystem Snapshot - Stanford Engineering - Jan 28 2013

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  • 1. Sweden and Its Innovation System: A Brief Introduction Anne Lidgard Director, Silicon Valley OfficeEuropean Entrepreneurship and Innovation Thought Leaders (ME421)Stanford EngineeringJanuary 28 2013 Slide 1
  • 2. From violent to peacefulOla Ericson/ Henrik Trygg/imagebank,
  • 3. Largest number of global companiesper capita
  • 4. Innovated in Sweden…Tetra Pak Zipper Pacemaker Bluetooth Color screen Vacuum cleaner3-point Graphics for computers Dynamite Safety Losecsafety belt match DialysisMobile telephonyScrew Celsius thermometer machine Ultrasoundpropeller Welding AGA Lighthouse AXE switch Skype Ball helmet Hasselblad cameraBlowtorch Metro bearing Spotify Plastic plug Xylocain Tooth implants Adjustable Modern Rear-facing child safety seat wrench refrigerator
  • 5. All this while less than0.15% of the world’spopulation is actuallySwedish. 0.14%
  • 6. But Sweden was a poor, impoverished,agrarian country just over 100 years ago From 1880-ies to 1930, about 1,5 million (25% of the population) emigrated, most to North America. Slide 6
  • 7. Strong and Stable Economy GDP growth in selected countries Inflation rate 1998–2012, average annual change, percent 1998-2012 annual average, percentSource: Eurostat, June 2012 Source: OECD, June 2012 7 www.investswe
  • 8. 10,5% 9,7% 1,7% 4,4% 2010…the competition increases (Annual growth of GDP) Bild 8
  • 9. Political focus Education Infrastructure Research and innovation
  • 10. Open borders
  • 11. A culture nurturing innovation Cooperation Open and international climate Critical thinking Non-hierarchical organizations Diversity Delegated responsibilty Equality Encourage children’s play
  • 12. Total R&D expenditure in relation to GDP, 2010 Israel Finland Korea Sweden (2011) Japan Denmark Switzerland (2008) TaiwanUnited States (2009) Germany Austria France Business enterprise Singapore Higher education Belgium Netherlands Government sector Canada Other organisations China Ireland United Kingdom Norway Spain Italy 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0 Percent of GDPSource: OECD, MSTI 2012
  • 13. Sweden ranks high in innovation and competitiveness Innovation Union Scoreboard Global Competitiveness Index 2011 2012/2013 Switzerland Switzerland Sweden Singapore Denmark Finland Germany Sweden Finland Netherlands Belgium Germany United Kingdom United States Iceland United Kingdom Netherlands Hong Kong Austria JapanSource: European Innovation Scoreboard 2011 and World Economic Forum, Global Competitiveness Report 2012/13.
  • 14. Swedish rank per dimension in Innovation Union Scoreboard 2011 Dimension Main type Rank Human Resources Enabler 1 Open, excellent & attractive research Enabler 3 systems Finance and support Enabler 1 Firm investments Firm activities 1 Linkages & entrepreneurship Firm activities 4 Intellectual assets Firm activities 2 Innovators Output 10 Economic effects Output 8Source: Innovation Union Scoreboard 2011
  • 15. Mission: To develop Sweden’s innovation capacity forsustainable growth and for the benefit of society Sweden´s Innovation Agency Reports to the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications Annual budget: 350 Mn USD Number of staff: 200 Offices in Stockholm, Brussels and Silicon Valley
  • 16. Investing in R&I InnovationHow? What? Research & capacity in Grow ICT Health SMEsEg. Challenge Innovation Services Managementdriven innovation Manufacturing Transport Innovation Infrastructure capacity for innovation Global links Eg Test Site Sweden, Living Labs Innovation procurement University Tech transfer capacity Policy development Slide 16
  • 17. Universities 31 Higher Education Institutions 21 have the right to award post-graduate degrees Pioneered on-line education Uppsala University oldest, founded in 1477. Many courses now taught in English Slide 17
  • 18. Swedish Incubators & Science ParksTriple helix-based nodes in regionalinnovation systems43 Business Incubators (accelerators),33 Science Parks,12 Regional Seed Capital FundsFocus on processes,commercialization and renewal ofbusinesses5000 growth companies with 72,000employees
  • 19. Acquisitions: Online Video Mobile Development Conferences, VoIP tech, Center online statistics viewer Nordic R&D Center Mobile R&D Centers in Stockholm,Gothenburg Equity Low power & cost rural base and Lund investment: stations development Videoplaza Acquisitions in STB Development Center Acquisitions: UI and Acquisition: Online Video Editing Scalado Acquisition: Saab Ericsson Space Acquisition: Acquisitions: Face Logipard Recognition and 3D map technologiesAcquisition: System Simulation Acquisition: SwiftfootAndroid Center of Excellence Graphics Equity invest: Tobii Acquisition: CoreSonic Acquisition: NanoRadio Northern European S&M HQ Datacenter19
  • 20. Keep an eye out for these!Anticipated 1Bn USD-exits + Many interesting prospects  Tripbirds, Rebtel, Wrapp, Tictail,CLX Networks, Cint, Desmo, Graphensic, Heliospektra, Neo Technology, Organoclick, Peepoople, Protaurius, Voddler, Atlas Antibodies, Algoryx, and of course: Senion Labs! Slide 20
  • 21. To summarize: Sweden  Technologically advanced  Skilled and well educated population  Societal values striving towards openness and peaceful, sustainable livingChina Silicon Valley  Strategically located: • Stockholm-SF 5142 miles • Stockholm-Beijing 4420 miles • SF-Beijing 5918 miles Slide 21
  • 22. Thank you! Slide 22