InnovNation - Main Presentation in English


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InnovNation - Main Presentation in English

  1. 1. © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved
  2. 2. About bluenove> ProfileLeader in consulting services in Open & collaborative innovationFounded in 2008 by Martin Duval.Based in Paris (France), subsidiary in Montreal (Canada), partnership in Brazil.A team of 25 employees, more than 120 projects realized for more than 50 clients, French andinternational big groups and SMEs.Academic partnership with the Management Institute for Research and Innovation (IMRI, Université deDauphine).Open and collaborative innovation consists in using the company’s innovative ecosystem and its internalresources in collaborative innovation dynamics. The future is about ‘opening innovation’ and we are all about the .. ING ! © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 2
  3. 3. About bluenove> Clients and references © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 3
  4. 4. About Paraschool Conceptualization & Development of Serious Games Publication & Diffusion of online textbooks The group (3 Md€) Creation: 2000 Number of employees: 25 Turnover in 2011: 3 400 000 € Office: © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 4
  5. 5. About Paraschool> Initial education for all levels From primary school to high school Online textbooks Overviews for all fields 400.000 students in more than 3000 institutions  Middle schools  High schools  Professional high schools © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 5
  6. 6. About Paraschool> Serious Games and e-learning To develop skills Evaluation Tests, certification Training Technical Basics (French, mathematics, sciences) General To change behaviour Professional (Commerce, management, CRM) Strategy implementation Behaviour in risk situations To communicate Internally Values and image Sensibilization to strategy evolution/ issues Sensibilization to risks Externally Recruitment Sensibilization to changes Team integration, mass education © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 6
  7. 7. Innov’Nation> OriginsIn September 2008, Paraschool, INRIA, the CEA and bluenove were selectedto develop Innov’Nation, a brand new generation of Serious Game focusedon Innovation.• Multi partners private/public project• The project includes conception, development and the test of a multiplayer Serious Game, whose scenario allows to help the player better understand open and collaborative innovation best practices.• The gamers will discover the key steps of an innovation process, from idea generation to the project launch. They will have to defend their ideas, to rethink their strategies, to consider new perspectives, to manage collaboration and adversity, to anticipate and pursue.• Through the scenario and technologies of this Serious Game we aim to promote an open and collaborative innovation management. © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 7
  8. 8. Innov’Nation> Why a Serious Game ?Context of emergence: Technical evolution Business issues Democratization Individuals Less Need of and Development of SERIOUS dispersed in time news means development of the Internet GAMES multiple availab to get the video games locations le tools used GamificationSerious Games have several advantages:• Effectiveness: The video game technology can enhance immersion in the application and thus facilitates the involvement of the user. There are tools in place to evaluate applicants and measure their performance against targets.• Profitability: Although the initial investment is significant, the number of individuals using the Serious Game is designed for rapid economies of scale.• Attraction: The technologies of video games allow a quick and pleasant start, attractive graphics and animations, which can enhance the usability of these solutions. © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 8
  9. 9. Innov’Nation> Whom this serious game aims at?• Groups/ companies looking to use it as a complement to their educational programs, idea competition or management.• Universities and schools looking to develop the course specifically dedicated to the open and collaborative innovation or to integrate it in already existing course.• Public services and administrations looking to develop the culture of collaborative innovation in their institutions.• Potential partners (consultant companies and Training institute) looking to promote, sell and support Innov’Nation in their local markets or countries. © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 9
  10. 10. Innov’Nation> Objectives: enrich your knowledge in innovation!• Knowledge (theoretical contents) • Control the process "stage-decision" project management, and involve external knowledge. • Understand market research "classic". • Include a feasibility study, a statement of requirements, specifications. • Building a project folder with all the elements needed to decide, from various sources of internal and external information.• Expertise/ Know-How (case studies) • Manage a budget of financial and project control external services. • Manage a budget-type project man-day and controlling of external resources. • Submit a file to the project include internal decision makers and external partners. • Conduct an internal and external watch, active and passive. • Put into perspective of information internal and external sources of very different natures.• Skills (corporate culture) • Have the reflex to engage as soon as possible appropriate trades needed at each stage of the project. • Have the reflex to rely on its ecosystem (partners, start-ups, public labs, universities) • Positive consideration to stop the project and did not enjoy it as a failure. • Take into account the internal and external weak signals (Business Intelligence) © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 10
  11. 11. Innov’Nation> Game context: become a Project manager at Paranove!Your mission: Project manager Paranove In Innov’Nation, you are a Project manager at • Telecom operator in Western Paranove, a leader in the telecom business. European market. You must drive the development of an • The company comprises 43.000 innovative project. employees in 9 countries. Your objective is to advance your project • In 2010, the turnover was 8.3 through IDEATION and CONCEPTUALISATION milliards. phases in order to prepare successfully the • The activities of Paranove are majorly launch of a new product. focused on the fixed and mobile In each stage of the project you need to make a telecommunications. presentation to the Board. It will decide the • Paranove mangement was very clear future of your project: Continue or Recycle. about the objectives in innovation and conquering «new horizons». This environment (the telecommunications) and its content (dialogues, situations, characters,…) can be personalized and adapted to the requirement of a client having some particular expectations (timelines and pricelist on demande). © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 11
  12. 12. Innov’Nation> The innovation process «Stage/ Gate» STAGES GATESEach stage consists of a series of cross-cutting activities At each gate, held a committee decision that assesses theundertaken in parallel by a team of people from different quality of the project, and decide whether to continue.fields of activity. The stages have a common structure Each gate has a common structure and consists of threeand consist of three main elements: main elements:Activities: tasks defined in the previous Committee Data: the deliverables achieved during the previous decision to allow the projects progress course that must be evaluated by the committee decisionControl: evaluation of project progress and resource Criteria: analytical (categories and associated metrics) consumption according to different indicators that evaluates the quality of a projectDeliverables: the results of activities, obtained by the Outputs: Decision follow-up project Go / Recycle / Kill. project team. They must give to the committee decision to gate the means to decide whether or not to proceed Presentation of the next level and waiting for the decision with the project of the Board. Provision of new resources for the implementation of the next training. Each stage – IDEATION and CONCEPTION – lasts approximately an hour. © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 12
  13. 13. The Innov’Nation approach > IDEATION and CONCEPTUALIZATION Having 4 years of experience behind and having realized more than one hundred projects for 50 international groups and SMEs, bluenove focused Innov’Nation on two upstream stages of innovation process: the IDEATION and CONCEPTUALIZATION. • IDEATION: Many companies try to manage their creativity and their IDEATION process in a more effective way, at the same time to learn how to mobilize their ecosystem better. • CONCEPTUALIZATION: Companies that are not looking for new ideas, but are more concentrated on how to transform the already selected ideas into real projects. Those two phases are deployed in a “stage and gate” form.Stage 1 Gate 1 Stage 2 Gate 2 Stage 3 Gate 3 Stage 4 Gate 4 Stage 5 Gate 5 Stage 6 Gate 6 Proof of Ideation Concept Development Prototype Launch concept Episode 1 Episode 2 Those stages can be developed on client’s demand Innov’Nation field based on the specific requirements © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 13
  14. 14. Innov’Nation environment> Internal and external zones External Internal Start-up R&D Marketing Clusters department department External experts HR department Administration Schools & Gamer & Finance universities Clients department department DG Suppliers Large Procurement Legal companies department department © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 14
  15. 15. Welcome to Paranove ! © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 15
  16. 16. Click to know more ! Your external partners Your office New and future missions Your indicators (timing, budget, ressources) © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 16
  17. 17. Choose and launch missions to collect information you will needfor your project. © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 17
  18. 18. During the missions, make acquaintance and cooperate with your colleagues and partners. Julien de Marjorette CEO Isabelle Brissac R&D manager Robert Duvallois Director of acompetitivenss cluster Albert Doux Director, Investment funds Roger Rycan Jeanne Martin Founder and CEO of a start-up Xi Man Lee Diretor of a Customer protection Director of an incubator association © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 18
  19. 19. Collect information to present it to the Board. © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 19
  20. 20. Ready to play the role of Innovation Project Manager? Innov’Nation is an online serious game “single player” (SaaS) that do not require installation of any particular software and operates on PC and MAC (HTML5). It was tested by French clients (big groups) during the 1st trimester 2012. The second version of the game, feedbacks of beta-testers included, will be available in French at the end of November 2012 and in English at the end of December 2012. Other languages can be developed depanding on the partnership opportunities with local clients, consultant companies or training institutes. © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 20
  21. 21. Innov’Nation> for your companyInnov’Nation and its e-learning platform can train a big number of managers and teamsin innovation project management, resolve collaboration issues between colleagues andwithin teams (collaborative innovation) or with actors of company’s external ecosystem(open innovation). The target: – All employees managing innovative projects, discovering the innovation management and advantages of this collaboration. – All departments (Ex: Innovation, R&D, Marketing, Finance, Procurement…) – All levels (Junior, Senior, Managers , Directors) Pedagogical objectives: – Discover IDEATION and CONCEPTUALIZATION as part of Stage & Gate process. – Organize and manage multidisciplinary projects including internal and external players. – Learn how to use the best practice of the open and collaborative innovation managing innovative project. 2 Modules (IDEATION and CONCEPTUALIZATION) – Episode 1 – IDEATION: generation, evaluation, and selection of ideas – Episode 2 – CONCEPTUALIZATION: concept development based on a chosen idea. © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 21
  22. 22. Innov’Nation> The first client trusts us!Véolia Transdev has just chosen Innov’Nation as a pilot for the sensibilazation of its managers to themanagement of innovative projects.Véolia Transdev is an international actor of multimodal public transportation.Represented in 27 countries, Véolia Transdev encounts 102.000 employees and in 2011 has generated theturnover of 7.8 Milliards of Euros. © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 22
  23. 23. Watch the presentation video following For more information, do not hesitate to contact us: © 2012 Paraschool & bluenove. All rights reserved 23