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  • The co-location model: each KIC consists of typically 5-6 world class innovation hotspots building and leveraging on existing European capacities.
  • Lets have a look at our website – You will immediatly notice the different style – but also that we kept the fonts, logo and graphics. The website information covers what we believe a student needs to know. At the moment, most texts are still „raw“ – we areworking on that and I also would like to encourage you to deliver texts, pictures, gaphics, etc.
  • Willem jonker

    1. 1. EIT ICT LabsBoosting ICT Innovation in EuropeWillem JonkerCEO EIT ICT LabsDestination Europe, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 20 January 2012
    2. 2. EIT ICT Labs is a Knowledge andInnovation Community of the EuropeanInstitute of Innovation & Technology KICs KIC Climate KIC EIT ICT Labs InnoEnergy
    3. 3. European Institute of Innovation & Technology EIT to unlock the European innovation landscape MISSION: through a new agenda at EU level To become the catalyst for a step change in the European Union’s innovation capacity and impact The EIT is an integral part ofEIT is the first initiative of the EU bringingtogether the three corners of the knowledgetriangle with the entrepreneur in the driver’sseat to form the necessary links betweeneducation, business and research
    4. 4. KICs operate from co-location centers all over EuropeClimate KIC Co-location centre Regional Innovation CentreEIT ICT Labs Co-location centre Associate PartnerKIC InnoEnergy Co-location centre
    5. 5. EIT ICT Labs operates from Co-Location Centres from 5 European innovation hot spotsBerlin Eindhoven Helsinki Paris Stockholm
    6. 6. EIT ICT Labs operates as a company with a dedicated Management Team ...KIC CentralCoordination CEO CSO COO MarCom Willem Jonker Martti Mäntylä Stan Smits Johanna GavefalkERB-Directors Research Director Business Director Olivier Festor Klaus BeetzNodeDirectors ND Eindhoven ND Stockholm Patrick Strating Gunnar Landgren
    7. 7. ... and the execution of a focussedmanagement agenda
    8. 8. Our Education / Research / Business Innovation Framework focuses on bringing solutions to people Creation Transition Acceleration Breed Driving impact through entrepreneurial established organizations talent through Co-location education increase collaboration and effectiveness through physical Generate proximity knowledge Driving impact through newly through created outlets excellent R&DPersonal networks Open Innovation Innovation culture Attractive environment Benchmarking
    9. 9. The Catalyst-Carrier model is key in ourapproach Specific Innovation Catalyst Carrier € € EIT Funding Co-Funding
    10. 10. Education Research Business Thematic
    11. 11. Companies coached within theEntrepreneurship Support System Coached Company Node Thematic Action Line Smart Signs bv Eindhoven Smart Spaces / Digital Cities CED/Diagnostics Eindhoven H&WB MagnaView Eindhoven Future Media Telcred Stockholm Smart Spaces Komoot Berlin H&WB / Digital Cities HPC Paris Smart Energy / Digital Cities E3S Paris Future Media Login People Paris Future Media Script & Go Paris Future Media IP Label Paris Future Media Backelite Paris Future Media Green Communications Paris Digital Cities Innorange Helsinki Smart Spaces CLS Trento Smart Spaces / Future Media Practix Trento Smart Spaces Fabrica Ludens Trento Smart Spaces RSens Trento Smart Energy U-Hopper Trento Digital Cities SayService Trento Digital Cities
    12. 12. In its first year of operation EIT ICT Labsalready delivered four new start-ups
    13. 13. Education Research Business Thematic
    14. 14. Education Research Business Thematic
    15. 15. EIT ICT Labs28 Partner Universities Helsinki Stockholm Berlin Eindhoven Paris
    16. 16. The Core Master Program starts in 2012 and is set up to entrepreneurial ICT Master Students with a broad European perspective Launch of EIT ICT Labs Master Program Entry Point1st year University A  21 out of 28 EIT ICT Labs partner universities contribute2nd year Exit Point  Max. 200 students admitted with a choice between 7 University B technical majorsEIT labeled double degree
    17. 17. Master School Web site
    18. 18. EIT ICT Labs runs theGerman Software Campus
    19. 19. Visit us @ www.eit.ictlabs.eu