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Elif Ceylan - ITU ARI Teknokent & Innogate - University Accelerators in Turkey - Stanford Engineering - 4 Feb 2019


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Talk by Elif Ceylan, ITU ARI Teknokent & Innogate (Istanbul & SV), at Stanford Engineering on February 4 2019, Session #4: 'Turkey : Innovation Ecosystem, Wellness Startups, Family Enterprises & University Accelerators'.

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Elif Ceylan - ITU ARI Teknokent & Innogate - University Accelerators in Turkey - Stanford Engineering - 4 Feb 2019

  1. 1. • Engineer • Program Manager • Consultant to Governments, Universities, Tech Companies • Guest speaker/lecturer: Berkeley, Santa Clara • 2019 ATS 2019 Young Society Leader • Love cooking & eating gourmet food • Started roller skating! Elif Ceylan 10 Seconds About Me
  2. 2. The Global Technopark of Turkey Located at the heart of Istanbul, at ITU Campus • 120.000+ m2 office space in 10 buildings • 270+ companies & 7000+ personnel • Companies exempt from various taxes The R&D export champion of Turkey • USD 1 Billion total technology exports
  3. 3. Brighter Together ITU ARI Teknokent has 270+ R&D Teams:
  4. 4. MARKET CONFIRMATION START-UP GO GLOBAL ITU CEKIRDEK Pre-incubator & Accelerator SCALE-UPIDEA GENERATION Special Enabler Programs for Different Stages
  5. 5. WHAT IS INNOGATE? INNOGATE aims to increase the technology-based export potential and to contribute creation of international technology brands from Turkey. With offices and mentors in San Francisco, New York and Chicago, INNOGATE helps Turkish technology-based companies to access the international market, providing them training, mentorship and business networking.
  6. 6. Türkiye 5 HAFTA Türkiye 3 HAFTA San Francisco/New York 2 HAFTA / 2 HAFTA San Francisco / Chicago 5 AY -Transition to Execution Strategy and KPI formulation Getting sales traction in the new market (listing target customers, forming the customer funnel, getting appointments from potential customers/partners/integrator s) Marketing implementation Preparing suitable content for the persona Lead generation support Warm introduction and tactics from Innogate mentors -Speed introduction, Networking, Exploration Everyday morning briefing sessions 6 roundtable meetings Sales coaching from Innogate mentors Access to San Francisco, New York (and Chicago) Innogate offices 2 weeks in Turkey 5 weeks in Turkey -Trainings (Introduction to USA market, strategy and competitiveness analysis, business model generation, sales process modeling, pitch perfection) -Mentorship (with Professionals from Turkey and US) Getting know-how about the market, searching, modeling and getting prepared for the new market. 4 weeks in USA 5 months in USA Follow-ups, Penetration and Reaching to KPIs Innogate companies following up with their Innogate mentors. Developing relationships with customers, partners and distributors
  7. 7. 2015-I 2015-II 2016-I 2017-I 2017-II 2018-I 2018-II 2018-III Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Cycle 4 Cycle 5 Cycle 6 Cycle 7 Cycle 8 Term Nov-Jan Jun-Aug Nov-Jan Apr-May Oct-Dec Feb-Apr Jun-August Sept-Nov. Applications (#) 125 150 175 110 Invitation Invitation Invitation Invitation Free Free Free 9500 $ 9500 $ 9500 $ 9500 $ 9500 $ TR Bootcamp (#) US Boot camp (#) 20 9 20 8 20 9 25 12 9 9 14 8 6 6 12 7 Success in USA 4 5 6 6 6 5 3 Continues Objective: Accelerate 50+ companies to go global via USA Market while expanding their engineering base in Istanbul. Accelerating Best Companies to Go Global
  8. 8. Success Stories $4M investment, hundreds of customers in USA $3M investment, their product is at Best&Buy $3M investment, Eco Excellence Awards from California Right after Innogate program, they signed a $250K contact with a customer. Their application is used by 6M users in the world, selected as the #1 app by Apple Secured $593K funding from Kickstarter campain. 80% of its revenue - exports.
  9. 9. INFOGRAPHICS Ø 117 Companies have participated to Turkey part of the Program Ø 60 of them have participated to USA part of the Program Ø 41 of them have actively continued for developing business development activities Ø 186 growth partners on INNOGATE network (12 of them form Turkey, 174 of them from USA) Ø 3 offices in San Francisco, New York and Chicago Ø INNOGATE companies have raised $15M Ø $10M is the total revenue INNOGATE companies generated in USA after the completing the program
  10. 10. TEAM
  11. 11. 9th Cohort Attendees
  12. 12. Would you like to be an Innogate mentor? Join our family!