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  1. 1. D-Day Questionnaire Analysis Prepared for BIMA November 2012Commercial In Confidence
  2. 2. Contents1 Summary ...........................................................................................................................32 Introduction........................................................................................................................33 Results ..............................................................................................................................44 Appendices........................................................................................................................74.1 Appendix 1 ....................................................................................................................................... 74.2 Appendix 2: Feedback Received ................................................................................................... 12D-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 2
  3. 3. 1 SummaryThis report provides feedback from students participating in BIMA‟s D-Day 2012. Atotal of 502 participants completed the questionnaire, representing 28% of allparticipants. The survey highlighted: A lack of awareness of the digital industry in its entirety and the breadth of career opportunities available. 63% of students surveyed were not aware of the many different jobs or opportunities in the digital industry. A lack of resources and teaching in schools to make pupils aware of digital as a career. 75% of students surveyed had never seen any information on, or been taught about working in, the digital industry and 49% stated they did not know where to find out more information about digital careers. A direct correlation between awareness of the digital industry and a desire to work within it. 74% of students surveyed stated that D-Day have made them think more about a career in digital. A day such as D-Day can be an inspiring way to generate awareness and inject creativity, collaborative working and fun into the classroom (see Appendix 2 for feedback from teachers about the day) A commitment from the UK‟s digital agency sector to support young people and the education system to increase the number of skilled digital young professionals in the UK,as demonstrated by participation in D-Day and through the feedback received (see Appendices).Fundamentally, there is a need for more information about what a digital careermeans and the vast and varying opportunities within this industry. The currentperception of the digital industry amongst this next generation is that of a careerbased around ICT or coding, rather than understanding the full range of careersavailable. Once this awareness is achieved it is possible to see a huge shift in thenumber of young people who would consider a career in this industry.2 IntroductionOn October 10th BIMA launched a national campaign, D-Day (or Digital Day), withnearly 70 schools and 1,800 students involved in the one day event to get schoolsand young people involved in digital.The aim of D-Day is to raise the awareness of the opportunities which exist withinthe digital industry, and also the variety of career options that are available foryoung people. D-Day set out to inspire the digital talent of the future andencourage a future generation of digital talent to come through.D-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 3
  4. 4. Andrew Henning, Chair of BIMA‟s Education team, said: “Digital agencies‟resources are in high demand as businesses increasingly see digital as the mostlucrative and important part of their media campaigns.“However, the demand for highly skilled and creative employees supersedes thetalent available because the number of trained professionals is dwindling. We needto raise awareness of this great industry so students can begin planning a careerin an industry that until now hasn‟t been highlighted at schools and colleges.”During the course of the day schools were visited by a digital agency, showcasingthe UKs vibrant digital industry and raising awareness of the career options andopportunities. The students also participated in a digital challenge during thecourse of the day, with challenges including designing a mobile app, an innovativedigital solution, a social media campaign, web coding or designing multimediacontent.At the end of D-Day, students were asked to fill out a questionnaire to find outmore about their previous knowledge and perception of digital and the careersavailable, and to gauge the effect of D-Day.3 ResultsIn total 502 questionnaire responses were received from the D-Day students. Thecollation and analysis of the responses given by students involved with D-Dayhighlights the lack of awareness this generation have of the career opportunitieswithin the digital sector and also the perception they have of what a digital careerinvolves.Of a total of 502 students surveyed, 75% said they had never „seen anyinformation on, or been taught about working in, the digital industry.’(Fig 1)However, 65% of the students said that they had thought about digital jobs in thepast. This shows the discrepancy between students‟ interest in the subject, and theresources required for them to inform themselves, and make educated choices.Prior to taking part in D-Day, 34% of the students said that they wouldn‟t consider,or hadn‟t considered looking for a job in the digital industry. Of those that hadthought of going down a digital career path, the most popular areas of interestwere gaming (15%), creative design (8%) and programming (5%). Looking at theanswers of those students who said they had received some information aboutworking in the digital industry at school (24%), the areas where students receivedthe greatest amount of information and instruction were Creative/Website Design(19%), Game Design/Development (15%) and Programming (15%). (Fig 3).When comparing the digital jobs that students mentioned being taught about atschool or having awareness of prior to D-Day, with the digital jobs that studentscould imagine themselves doing following D-Day, it becomes clear that there wereD-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 4
  5. 5. large areas that students were either not aware of, or did not associate with thedigital industry.On the day the two teams from Amaze found that when questioning the studentsabout what they perceived working in digital to involve most of the student‟sperception of a digital career involved being highly skilled with ICT or having skillsin programming and coding websites. It was clear that the students hadn‟t realisedthe full scale of the opportunities available, or the varying skills that can be put touse within the industry.Digital areas that students didn‟t mention having awareness of, or as possiblecareer options prior to D-Day included Social Media, Strategy/Planning, Research,Account/Project Management and Marketing. Again, the area where students hadthe most existing awareness, Design, was also the area where the most studentscould see themselves working.This is supported by 63% of the students responding that they were unaware that‘there were so many different jobs or opportunities in this industry’(Fig 6). Thisreveals that there are misconceptions about the digital industry, including the factthat students were less aware of those roles that didn‟t necessarily involve highlytechnical or creative skills (i.e. design and development). This could be anintimidating factor to those who do not consider themselves to have the skillsrequired for these jobs.Digital agency Quba commented on their blog that „We learned that there is a hugeamount of raw creativity and talent out there, but that kids aren‟t necessarily awareof the digital industry or the countless different jobs it offers. I personally feel thatit‟s been really worthwhile to show that work isn‟t just about people in grey suitsand boring offices, and that there are lots of really exciting opportunities to get outthere and do what you love.‟Phil Heywood at Redweb also stated that „They didn‟t realise the breadth of skillsthat are needed within a successful digital agency, that we‟re not all designers anddevelopers.‟When asked which were the most interesting activities conducted on D-Day, thestudents responses showed that the creative and design tasks were the mostpopular. Particular the task involving creating an app was very popular, perhapsbecause it gave the students insight into a product familiar to them.Stating the activities they would like to learn more about, the studentspredominantly chose the areas that require further in depth knowledge andexpertise, including Website Design (12%), Making Apps (15%), and WebDevelopment (12%). However, the students also chose several topics that had notbeen mentioned in their responses prior to D-Day, includingMarketing/Branding/Advertising (5%), Business Management (2%) and DesignTools (5%), showing that awareness had been raised of these other aspects of thedigital industry. (Fig 8)D-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 5
  6. 6. Tellingly, when asked whether they were aware of where to obtain additionalinformation about digital careers, 48% of respondents answered „No‟. Thisindicates the need for a better representation of the digital industries within careerscounselling, work placement schemes, internship programs and studentworkshops. (Fig 9)What becomes clear from the questionnaires is that the lack of young peopletaking up a career in digital is not due to disinterest but due to awareness, as,when asked whether at the end of D-Day they could see themselves doing any ofthe jobs mentioned, nearly 74% said „Yes‟, with 5% saying „Maybe‟. Thisrepresents a near reversal in the same statistic seen before the students took partin D-Day. (Fig 10)D-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 6
  7. 7. 4 Appendices 4.1 Appendix 1 400 75.3% 350 300 250 200 150 23.8% 100 50 0.9% 0 Blank Yes No Fig 1. Have you ever seen any information on or been taught about working in the digital industry at school? 350 64.6% 300 250 200 34.2% 150 100 50 1.2% 0 Blank Yes No Fig 2. Have you ever considered digital as a possible career option?D-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 7
  8. 8. Creative/Website Design 19% Game Design/Development 15% Programming/Development 15% Teamwork 2% Graphics 5% App Design 7% All/Any 14% None 9% Teacher 3% Film/Camera 5% Other 6% Marketing 2%Fig 3. If you have seen information on, or been taught about working in the digital industry at school, which jobs did it focus on? Maybe/Don’t Know 2% Blanks 15% No 32% Yes 4% Creative Design 8% Animating 2% Game Design 13% Website Design 4% App Design/Creation 2% Programming 5% Web Development 0% Marketing 3% Media 4% Multi-Media 3% Fig 4. Were there any digital jobs which interested you at all before now?D-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 8
  9. 9. PR 0% Marketing 2% UI Design 0% Research 1% Strategy/Planning 1% Gaming 4% Project Management 4% Creative 4% Web Design 27% Account Management 2% Multimedia 7% App Dev. 5% Creative 1% Programming 5% Web Development 3% Fig 5. Of the jobs mentioned today, which can you see yourself doing? 350 62.8% 300 250 200 34.8% 150 100 50 3.2% 0 Blank Yes No Fig 6. Were you aware that there are so many different jobs or opportunities in this industry?D-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 9
  10. 10. Other 2% Social 3% Designing/Creating App 26% Brainstorming Ideas 6% Coding 3% Planning 3% Speech/Presentation 3% Creating Video 11% Everything 1% Designing 10% Teamwork 7% Designing/Creating Website 1% Teamwork 2% Learning New Skills 5% Designing Website 1% Learning about the digital industry 7% Completing Challenge 3% Blank 5% Fig 7. What was your favourite thing or the most interesting part of today (D-Day)? Website Design 12% Making Apps 15% Making Games 8% Social Media 1% Career advice 1% Marketing/Branding/Advertising 5% Multimedia 10% Web Dev./Coding 12% Software Dev. 4% Not Sure 3% Planning/Research/Strategy 1% Business/Management 2% Design Tools 5% Other 3% Nothing 2% UI 0% All/Any 1% Fig 8. After today (D-Day), what other digital activities would you like to learn about at school?D-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 10
  11. 11. 300 50.6% 250 48.6% 200 150 100 50 0.8% 0 Blank Yes No Fig 9. Do you know where you can find more information about digital careers? 400 73.56% 350 300 250 200 150 20.9% 100 50 4.7% 0.8% 0 No Yes Maybe Not sure Fig 10. Has today (D-Day) made you think more about a career in digital?D-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 11
  12. 12. 4.2 Appendix 2: Feedback ReceivedHi AndrewIts been a very educational day – Luke Higgins was very informative letting the students know all abouthis industry and the production process of creating a media productThe students were blown away by him and impressed by his success as he developed the advertisingfor the olympics as well as showing us a number of TV advertisements and websites he has created!He has suggested us visiting their luxury offices to see how it all works and also suggested the studentsapply for apprenticeships there!They have worked very well this afternoon they designed their own digital idea to benefit thecommunity and will be presenting these ideas and evaluating the day shortly after 2:15pmThanks for all of your hard work organising todays event!Charlotte--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Weve got D-Day support from the Xfactor ;)Now we all need to vote for him on Saturday! #teamkye!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------D-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 12
  13. 13. Thank you for all the organising – it’s been a very creative day – Alain and Angela werefantastic.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Andrew,I would like to thank Fran Hoey who came in to our school today and delivered a fantasticsession to our students. We started very small this year but would very much like toexpand this next year to include year 10, 11, 12 and 13 have you set a date yet?RgdsDavid--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We had a fantastic day Andrew. Our partners, Netcel, were brilliant.Many thanks for all your work in organising the event.JudeMrs Judith RydeICT & Business TeamDr Challoners Grammar School--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Andrew / Helen,The day went really well students engaged well and learnt from the experience.We have three entries for the programming competition and two for the multimediawe would like to submit. How do we submit them?RegardsJacqueline SuterTeacher of ICT and Computing Phone: 01325 461315--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------D-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 13
  14. 14. Andrew, we had a great day so thank you for all of the resources and effort you have putin.Are there any more instructions on how to return the entries or do we just post them off(in which case, who to?)ThanksOliver OakleyWren Academy.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Went really well. Did a lot of #BIMADday tweeting as requested.Thanks for asking us to take part. Hope it works out really well for you andmassive congratulations / respect for organising it.PS. Avoided getting told off by the head master. He popped in and I thought forhalf a second we were in trouble. Result ;-)Yours sincerelyMike HawkyardDirect Number: 0044 1202 204 852Main Number: 0044 1202 767 300Mobile: 0044 7976 624855Website: AndrewI just wanted to email you to say thank you for making this day happen. It was agreat experience for the students and I look forward to doing it again next year. Ohand thanks for the picture, my students thought that was quite funny!e3 were absolutely brilliant with our students as well, we have already discussedpossibilities of work experience and visiting their headquarters. I hope that this willbe the start of a great digital partnership. It is just brilliant being able to showstudents that there are careers out there beyond Weston-super-Mare!Best wishes,D-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 14
  15. 15. Adrian EschTeacher of ICT and Computing, Hans Price Academy--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Ollie and AndrewCan I just express my thanks to you for what happened today. I could not easilywrite before now as I have only just finished boarding duty.You put a lot of effort into making resources and then getting an outstanding teamof professionals in to work with our students and it would be rude for me to notthank you on behalf of the College and especially the students..I have not had a chance to look at the work properly yet but 1. The mobile App Design seemed to originate from a series of excellent idea – the teamwork that I saw was exemplary/ 2. The video task was a real opportunity for our multimedia students to use our first rate video equipment and learn Adobe Elements to boot! 3. The Java programming resulted in a PACMAN game being coded and gave two of our very quietest and modest students a chance to shine.I will send you the work tomorrow – it is locked in my room at present.The students enjoyed the work and were well motivated. I think this would not havehappened so well had we just the resources – although they were extremely good.It was the link with the Digital professionals that really made those resources cometo life.Thank you and please continue this important work.I will be in touch again soonThank youAnthony--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Morning,I would just like to extend a huge thanks and well done to both of you for yesterday. I am sure itwas a huge amount of work to organise, Andrew and our students were thoroughly enthused bythe day and one student was still talking to David about a route into a digital career even after thefinal bell had gone.David, thank you for taking a day out from your regular work to come and assist us. Our studentsfound your presentation hugely interesting and your input helped them immensely. The fact thatD-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 15
  16. 16. they still want to come in during their lunchtime today to complete it speaks volumes about howinteresting they found it.It is always pretty hard for a rural school to find real world agencies in any industry who are willingto give their time to show the students what they do, so once again thank you both.Regards,MikeTeacher of ICT and ComputingThe Purbeck School,--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Andrew, thank you for organising a great day yesterday. The students (mostly Y11 andY12) really enjoyed it. Key points of the day: 1. The range of roles in digital was an eye opener for many girls 2. The girls were really enthused by the creativity involved. They often had preconceptions of working in IT related jobs as dull and mundane. 3. The mobile app challenge sparked great discussions and ideas that fed di- rectly into their ICT curriculum with regards emerging tech such as aug- mented reality. 4. The hands-on help from the agency was valuable as it made them pay at- tention to the real issues and the detail in their ideas.Thanks again,Jamie ChadwickAlderley Edge School for Girls--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear AndrewThank you so much for organising such an amazing event for our pupils. They loved it.They also really enjoyed finding out about Redweb and the wide variety of careersavailable in the digital industry. We would like to put our name down for next years eventas soon as we can and I have already discussed with Phil how we as a school couldimprove the way we deliver the material. Space hoppers, choccies and brain/teambuilding activities are all thoughts.Hope you enjoy your day off.RegardsVictoriaD-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 16
  17. 17. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------AndrewWe had a great day yesterday and I want to thank you and all involved for making it happen,seems it was nationally a success. I now have the complete desing to send of but nowhere to sendthem to. Can you help?Thanks so muchSue CleaverICT Curriculum coordinator, Wallingford School--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear AndrewJust a quick email to say what a great day we had yesterday at Bramdean School.I put some photos on our facebook page andhave sent some to Stephen at the Drum.The project was good fun - hairy towards the end as we were running out of time -but very enjoyable.Hope everyone else found it rewarding.Best wishesJane--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Andrew,Colin from the School and I were also on BBC Radio Cambridge and we had aphotographer into the school from the Cambridge Evening News. - The interview was at 1 hour 20 if youare interested...Richard--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HiyaCan I ask how we are meant to submit the competition entries?We have a few to send to you!D-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 17
  18. 18. We had a brilliant day, despite our server having broken downthe night before. The students were creative and resourcefulat finding solutions - and made the day work! It was great.Thank you againMany thanksSally--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OllieOn behalf of the Senior Management Team, I would like to add my thanks to youfor the work you did here yesterday with our students. In a competitive world, it isvitally important that we seek out and provide opportunities for our students to addvalue to the work that they already undertake at the College. Your input wastherefore greatly appreciated and I hope that we have opportunity again towelcome you to the College.Walter BoyleDeputy Principal--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Andrew,Our students thoroughly enjoyed the day yesterday, despite not having a link with someone fromIndustry.I cant find any information about how to submit our entries. I have tried the website today to seeif there were any updates but the website wont load (busy serverm, perhaps?)I look forward to hearing from you.Kind regards,Jacquie--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What a great day - our boys at Rokeby thoroughly enjoyed themselves and got so much out ofhaving Cat from Rabbits expertise (she was bombarded with hundreds of questions!).I will send on their work today but we have a filmed and edited an advert to accompany thestudents work - how do I send that in? Can I email it across?Thanks again for organising,D-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 18
  19. 19. Anna BowenHead of MediaRokeby School,Newham020 8534 8946--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks for a great day it was awesome !the creative excitement we overlooked the evaluation sheets – please could Send me acopy and I will endeavour get them done today!Sorry to disturb your bima day offAran--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Andrew, The student at school just need to put a few finishing touches onto their work, as wehad a very hectic day yesterday and some details were left unfinished, Is there any particulardeadline date for the submission of the work as the students would just like to tie up loose endsbefore sending the work out to yourselves.ThanksMrs M Choudhury2nd in Department, ICTSharples School- A Science Specialist College--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello Andrew,Thank you from Torchbox for organising a fantastic workshop on a national scale.Both Jonny & myself were incredibly impressed with the yr 7 students atWallingford school.The teams (Mini agencies) were really enthusiastic about the day and producedbrilliant, creative apps. Apps that we would be happy to have come up with!I would be interested in giving feedback on the day and see how we can beinvolved in the future, hopefully see you at Thirstday on the 1st Nov.Thanks again,SarahD-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 19
  20. 20. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi AndrewJust wanted to say that Im amazed at the organisation of the day and to say amassive well done!I had a great day and the kids were so receptive, certainly up for helping out again inthe future. Though it certainly realised how demanding being a teacher is - it was likedoing an all day pitch.All the bestLee--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi,We had a brilliant day yesterday, with enthusiastic help from Laurent and Paciencia atEquator. The pupils were really enthused and came up with great ideas. However, I’m notgoing to be able to return the packs tomorrow. I am on holiday tomorrow for theweekend, and won’t be able to get back into school until Monday. I will send them then,and hope that’s OK.RegardsAnn McVeyEastwood High School--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi AndrewJust to say a BIG thank you to you and the team at BIMA. Wehad a great day here at St Pauls and Kay certainly inspiredthem to think about careers in digital media. She was great.Its obvious from their questionnaires that they got a lotout of the day and I know from speaking to them that theyreally enjoyed it. We regularly hold enrichment days and itwas great to have an industry focus. Thank you once again.I sent off our entries yesterday and Charlotte should havethem by lunchtime today.Kind regardsKarenD-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 20
  21. 21. Mrs K. KeyHead of ICTSt Pauls School for Girls--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi AndrewHuge thanks for a really engaging day -Kristal and Chris from Enjoy Digital were stars.I’m running around today getting all the packs together from the teachers including thework they did on balsamiq. I won’t get the Multimedia video files until next week so I’llsubmit those together – I accept this might mean that group can’t be considered for anyprizes but for us the learning and experience are most important.Have a good weekend,Nick OKeeffeBusiness Networks ManagerDYCA--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Andrew,Thank you for organising a fantastic event, out students really enjoyed theexperience. I will not be able to return the packs until Monday as I have not been inschool, and today another member of the department is away and it is difficult tocollate all the work. I hope this will be ok, as the students have done somefantastic work and I dont want them to miss out in anyway!Can you just confirm this for me?Many thanks,Nevita--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello,just to say thankyou and that the pupils and myself greatlyenjoyed the day and found it to be a fantastic experince! Wewere lucky enough to be linked with TBL and Rob worked withthe pupils and inspired them in creating amazing projects. Iam just sorting packaging the work and will send to you bymonday at the latest. Thanks again and hopefully the sameagain next year!D-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 21
  22. 22. Thanks,Steve and all the pupils at TGGSStephen SmedleyICT Coordinator and Website ManagerD-Day Questionnaire Analysis // Survey compiled by Amaze // November 2012 22