Current TV Live Brainstorm Recap


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Summary of the LIVE brainstorm hosted by 22squared for Current TV.

Current TV Live Brainstorm Recap

  1. 04.27.09
  2. 22squared organized a LIVE streaming brainstorm to discuss the issues... and everyone was invited.
  3. ow it started... April 23rd April 24th Our Response TwitteRFP Our Friend
  4. The idea: A LIVE social brainstorm.
  5. @jkretch (client) liked it... April 24th
  6. We weren’t the only agency interested... April 24th April 25th
  7. LIVE At 1pm EST on Monday, the Brainstorm went April 27th
  8. We fielded questions from Chat and Twitter Listed as a top show on USTREAM 200 viewers
  9. We got overwhelming participation and response hundreds of chats
  10. We got overwhelming participation and response 17 pages of tweets
  11. The Client
  12. Strategic Issues Discussed
  13. A strong source of current content... RAND THREAD But no easily discernible to bring it together.
  14. David was nothing without Goliath... who’s the enemy?
  15. The ensationalism of Big Media
  16. Fear and lack of initiative The comfort of voyeurism The fear of expression Not contributing
  17. AKE REALITY Reality couldn’t be less real
  18. Enough about the against, What does Current stand for?
  19. IN 2005 Current TV set out to democratize TV
  20. But they’re not getting credit for it... While Current TV’s coverage of the 2008 elections was more participatory and inclusive, CNN got the credit for involving people in the elections.
  21. ? Cultural vs. Citizen Journalism Journalism
  22. And, when we... We lost participants and viewers. Lower the bar to increase participation huh?
  23. Question: Do viewers really care if the content is viewer generated, as long as it’s good? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s certainly a big part of the Current TV di erence.
  24. So, where does go now?
  25. Insight: The Current experience is confusing and benefit of participation isn’t clear... How do I participate? When should I participate? Where do I fit?
  26. ? Bigger Question: Should we lose participation all together and focus on really good content for a specific group of people?
  27. UT ...risk being one of many Cable TV stations that already do just that?
  28. One thing is clear, living in the murky middle is no good: Unclear about value About who we are About why we matter
  29. Go broader? Go more niche? Or go niche to go broad?
  30. IDEA: Be the Culture Source
  31. Other TV Networks Current TV Culture Source Innovators Early Adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards
  32. IDEA: The source for the fearless for those not afraid of expressing themselves and there opinions for those not afraid to get a new perspective but, does it clearly tie all of our disparate programming together?
  33. Insight: Reality has been bastardized Authenticity has been lost
  34. IDEA: The REAL reality Can Current TV be the most authentic source of reality? Does that give our VC2 clarity of purpose and benefit?
  35. Or is “reality” already too far gone to be redefined?
  36. Or is it Authentic/Transparent TV?
  37. Or is it Authentic/Transparent TV? A Cultural Wake Up Call A call to stop polluting your minds To question what’s behind the curtain To appreciate transparency
  38. Whatever Current does, it has the potential to make humanity better.
  39. And we think our industry, including 22squared, is excited to see what’s next.
  40. About 22squared 22squared, one of the largest independent, privately-owned advertising agencies (we use the term loosely) in the U.S. We provide strategic and creative advertising services across multiple business verticals. O ering an empirical approach to building brand advocacy called the Friendship Model, we specialize in communications that drive business growth by building strong relationships with customers. The number 22squared represents the exponential power of brand advocacy as well as the average number of friends a person makes throughout his or her life. 22squared is located in Atlanta, GA and Tampa, FL. For more information, visit Created by : Brandon Murphy | Gri n Farley | gri