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Tampa Ad Connect Preso - Future of Advertising


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Presentation to the University of Tampa Ad Club on the future of advertising.

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Tampa Ad Connect Preso - Future of Advertising

  1. 1. ertising Th e Future of Adv 03.24.08
  2. 2. 7 New Principles of Modern Marketing More on that in a minute... 2
  3. 3. My role in our agency... Uncover rich insights to inspire big ideas 3 SVP, Director of Brand Planning
  4. 4. What I Want 4 Uncovering Insights
  5. 5. Who I Am 5 Uncovering Insights
  6. 6. What I do This Is Patrick Name: Patrick Delaney Age: 25 Location: New York, Tokyo, Sydney Birthplace: San Francisco Occupation: art fabricator and fashion model Good Magazine 6 Uncovering Insights
  7. 7. Brand Truth 7 Uncovering Insights
  8. 8. How? 8 Uncovering Insights
  9. 9. Traditional Methods Focus Groups 1x1 Interviews Ethnographic Studies Cultural Anthropology Surveys Labs 9 Uncovering Insights
  10. 10. Newer Methods 10 Digital Anthropology Source: Paul Isakson
  11. 11. Newer Methods 11 Digital Ethnography
  12. 12. Create, Produce, Write TENET PERFORMANCE: AIRLINES Brief Communications Twenty-Two Squared Caribou has a ound ? fuel, energy drinks), What ’s t he ba ckgr converging (connoisseur, on-the-go mium coffeehouse. As a mid- With the coffee category elevate itself as a super-pre have point-of-view they e to differentiate and d achiev rare opportunity with a distinctly unique to be ignited by the giants and locals), that are just waiting less an sized brand (between n of passionate advocates always translated to the store level. We matter amassed a high proportio ive evident in Minneapo lis but not marketing and their customer ts that ally dr passion that is clearly their people, their . that re idea that can galvanize the brand and attract more customers at tene tenets most on need an inside-out to further differentia te excels ance on rlines excels experience, working th e m? hwest to kno w ab out at ’s i mp or tant Sout rform . ing w ith and wh with a set of erage pe rast, Virgin Ai vocacy Who a re we t alk who will speak to people who can identify and: ct on ad an inclusive brand coffeehouses Caribou is people who frequent only av setting beliefs. They are g more efficient and nt st impa characteri stics and fast/doing more/bein cy; in co th the greate between moving - Feel the tension ng life. and go, for perspective/ appreciati a place either to get something advoca wi borders/p ausing view coffeehouses as tenets - Based on the ocassion, relax awhile, or an indulgence. buy things on the two a place to sit down and companies and will ntally responsible - Support socially and environme their beliefs. principle to express better. - Believe that natural things are r li fe ? for perspective and we pl a y in thei day. Help them pause What rol e cou ld the course of their our environment and our op during through our coffee, Be their mountaint and comfort of nature them day in and day out. experience the clarity brand that inspires to be that soulmate people. We want tter s to the m? lie ve i n th at ma of inspiration and What d o we be that needs a balance coffee, served in the most of life creates a tension of the most natural We believe the speed the comfort and clarity of peace believe our customers a sense perspective. We arth people gives nt by the most down-to-e natural environme them seize their day. and a spark that helps e ngage the m? ways for where can we best se experience and build out. Provide natural How, when a nd with the coffeehou coffee in the most From the outside in. Start e and experience e, share their perspectiv people to feel perspectiv way possible. r frien d? with a son al it y a s thei Passionate and curious are What ’s our per a positive energy worthy of sharing. supports things that with es and The optimistic friend outdoors and appreciat into nature and the quirky wit. Really and inspiring. pure, real, relaxing cred ible ? What makes u s of discovery on Sable Mountain. from, smell where it comes - Our seminal moment for itself, taste and letting the bean speak - Natural coffee: and pure le, relaxing, real and unprocessed, fresh setting that is comfortab nt: nature-inspired - Natural environme in with a sense of pride inspires clarity optimistic people arth, approach able, natural properties - Real people: down-to-e understanding of coffee and its a keen what they do and ? about ing o f t his pe rson get to a Caribou. We want them to talk What are w e ask past a Starbucks to to drive We want people their lifestyle. it a regular part of Caribou and make gain from our the perspective you seize the day with Coffee helps you Key Ide a: Caribou experience. nature-inspired coffee 42 Campaign Assignment: Brand Date: 02.15.08 Job #: Client: Caribou Creative: Treacy Authors: Evans, Murphy Reports Briefs Strategies Workbooks There’s a tension in America today. A pull between two forces that seems nearly unsolvable. Our culture, technology and corporate engines all demand us to be faster, produce more, be more efficient. Yet inside, at least in our heads, we know that we need to draw some lines. Set borders, so that we don’t forget what’s important. All to often we disconnect from our own sense of humanity and gulp down bitter fuel in an effort to keep going at the frantic pace we have. It’s time to connect, to go within, to breathe and get the perspective only natural things can bring you. That’s exactly what our founders did the day they reached the top of Sable Mountain. After a strenous climb, they reached the summit and were rewarded with a sensational view of boundless mountains, clear blue sky, and a herd of caribou thundering through the valley. They breathed in the cool air clearing their minds and gaining a whole new perspective. Then it happened. The eureka moment and the entrepreneurial vision that began Caribou Coffee. It’s that moment that is the driving force of our company. To give people the perfect outdoor-inspired place within the context of urban & suburban life to gain some much needed perspective on their day. So they can get rid of the haze in their heads, the confusion in their guts and have a new attitude and outlook. Here’s the cornerstones of our experience: 1. Natural coffee: letting the bean speak for itself, taste and smell where it comes from, unprocessed, fresh and pure 2. Natural environment: natural mountain-lodge setting that is comfortable, relaxing, real and inspires clarity 3. Natural people: Down-to-earth, unpretentious, optimistic people with a sense of pride in what they do a keen understanding of coffee and its natural properties To us, it’s all about experiencing the most natural coffee in the most natural way, being served by very natural people. Look at us as your mountain top on the way to work, on the corner, and in your neighborhood. And even though the world can be a very serious place, we don’t take our selves too seriously. We just want to give you new sense of possibility, of what you can do or can be. It’s here where you can find the perspective you need to appreciate life, feel inspired and sieze the day. That’s our purpose. To not only give you the worlds best cup of coffee, but to give you a better outlook. That’s why we’re here. Enjoy the view. Manifestos Books Videos Blog 12 Insights That Inspire
  13. 13. “To love what you do, you have to do what you love.”Life Is Good 13
  14. 14. The Future of Advertising 14
  15. 15. There is none. 15
  16. 16. Thank You 16
  17. 17. Only Kidding 17
  18. 18. The Future of Marketing 18
  19. 19. 19 Courtesy of Richard Huntington (
  20. 20. Spending on Alternative Media Jumps 22% Annual growth rate since 2002 e-direct marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, and e-custom publishing 28.6% event sponsorship and marketing, paid product placement, advergaming and 13.4% $73.43 billion webisodes in 2007 branded entertainment and interactive marketing 17.5% entertainment - local pay TV, digital out-of-home media, video on demand, interactive TV, and digital video recorder, video game, home video and satellite 15.0% radio advertising search and lead generation, online classifieds and displays, e-media, online video and rich media, internet yellow pages, consumer-generated ads, and 31.4% mobile advertising online, mobile, entertainment and digital out-of-home advertising 26.2% non-traditional media 21.7% 20 Source: Advertising Age, March 26, 2008
  21. 21. Traditional Branding Using communications to influence people’s attitudes and perceptions of the brand 21 Goal: Loyalty
  22. 22. The Purchase Funnel Persuasion: Over and Over awareness consideration preference purchase 22
  23. 23. Problem: It’s Not Working Sick of being : • Sold to • Broadcasted at • Duped, over-hyped • Stereotyped 23
  24. 24. See? 24
  25. 25. Brands that are perceived to act on their customers’ behalf have 32% more advocates* 25 * 22 Squared Friendship Model Research
  26. 26. People want brands that ACT less like persuasive sellers and more like helpful friends 26
  27. 27. Modern Branding Using marketing actions to influence how people act and what they say about a brand. 27 Goal: Advocacy
  28. 28. Flip It Upside Down Social Relationships: Multiply meet intensify integrate bond advocate 28
  29. 29. “Building relationships through our brands is the future of marketing.” Jim Stengel, CMO of P&G 29
  30. 30. Treat me well and I will return the favor. 30
  31. 31. How do we create advocates? 31
  32. 32. Provide value through marketing 32 Marketing is part of the product or service a brand offers
  33. 33. Make people’s lives better 33
  34. 34. Simple enough? 34
  35. 35. How? 35
  36. 36. Have a purpose, a belief, that’s bigger than the product or service. 36 Purpose/Belief
  37. 37. People Against Dirty 37 Purpose/Belief
  38. 38. Campaign For Real Beauty 38 Purpose/Belief
  39. 39. Make great design available to everyone 39 Purpose/Belief
  40. 40. Small is better (and cooler) 40 Purpose/Belief
  41. 41. Marketing is the Product/Service 41 people don’t separate the product experience from the marketing experience.
  42. 42. “Remarkable marketing is the art of building things worth noticing right into your product or service.” Seth Godin Author / Speaker / Marketing Expert Purple Cow 2002 42 Product is marketing
  43. 43. 43 Product is marketing
  44. 44. 44 Product is marketing
  45. 45. 45 Product is marketing
  46. 46. 46 Product is marketing
  47. 47. 47 Product is marketing
  48. 48. But companies need our help 48 Product is marketing
  49. 49. They need inside-out ideas 49 Product is marketing
  50. 50. Video that illustrates the big idea for Buffalo Wild Wings restaurantuers 50 Product is marketing
  51. 51. 51 Product is marketing
  52. 52. 52 Product is marketing
  53. 53. 53 Product is marketing
  54. 54. “We think the future of advertising is having great products with marketing embedded in them.” Jeff Hicks CEO, CPB 2006 54 Product is marketing
  55. 55. But what if I don’t have cool products or a great experience? 55
  56. 56. You’re Screwed 56 Product is marketing
  57. 57. Only Kidding 57
  58. 58. Add value through content > Entertain, give helpful advice people can use. 58 Value through content
  59. 59. Content (stu people want) is the new currency 59 Value through content
  60. 60. Create content so useful, that consumers can’t live without it 60 Value through content
  61. 61. 24 sub brand <> Fill void of writers strike <> Comcast On-Demand & Direct TV 61 Value through content
  62. 62. 62 Value through content Value through content
  63. 63. 75,000 MySpace Friends in less than 3 months 1.4 million unique visitors to the Gamekillers website which tied the show to Axe Dry 60% is the sales increase that Unilever believes that the show and related Axe Dry’s sales in 2006 63 Value through content
  64. 64. Second season on mobile/online platform Jenny McCarthy, Chelsea Handler and Leah Rimini Mothers provide real- life input and vote on inclusion into scripts Getting back to beauty in motherhood 64 Value through content
  65. 65. 65 Value through content
  66. 66. 66 Value through content
  67. 67. Create experiences... spend some QT 67 Experiences/Quality Time
  68. 68. Positive time spent with brand is #1 predictor of relationship strength* 68 Experience/Quality Time * 22 Squared Friendship Model Research
  69. 69. A new idea standard: Will they find it interesting enough to participate? 69 Experiences/Quality Time
  70. 70. Find the new ad <> When a solid gold dice <> Facebook Group for hints 70 Experiences/Quality Time
  71. 71. Taos Ski Valley Resort <> Teaser Campaign <> Online Momentum 71 Experiences/Quality Time
  72. 72. Wild messages <> Invite <> Online to Phone <> Encourage Camaraderie 72 Experiences/Quality Time
  73. 73. Got Milk? <> Immersive game <> Dwell times of up to 30 minutes 73 Experiences/Quality Time
  74. 74. Real People <> TV to Web <> 16 quarters of consecutive growth* 74 Experiences/Quality Time Source: Paul Isakson
  75. 75. "The Charmin story is marketing at its best!" Jim Sengel, P&G Chief Marketing O cer, Brand Week Potty Palooza 27 ft. traveling bathroom Air cond. <> Skylights <> Aroma Therapy <> Changing stations <> LCD Screens 5MM annual guests <> 10,000 rolls 75 Experiences/Quality Time Source: Gigunda & Fast Co.
  76. 76. Become a bigger part of their life by giving them something they can use 76 Branded Utility
  77. 77. A new idea standard: Can they use it to make their lives better? 77 Branded Utility
  78. 78. “It’s where the brand creates something genuinely useful to you, something that’s a utility in your life. The consumer will feel more confident with the relationship if the brand will continue to be a part of your life.” Interview with Benjamin Palmer, Barbarian Group, and Johnny Vulkan, Anamoly 78 Branded Utility
  79. 79. Nike + ipod nano 79 Branded Utility
  80. 80. Hear your run <> See your run <> Connect with runners <> 90% reco rate 80 Branded Utility
  81. 81. Genesis Energy <> 55,000/day 10 min. per visit <> 370 registered schools 81 Branded Utility
  82. 82. Before and After Destination <> RSVP <> My Vegas Persona <> Sharing 82 Logic + Emotion: David Armano’s Blog Branded Utility
  83. 83. Online Game Relationship between nutrition, obesity, socio- ecomomics and culture 5-10 year outcomes Recipes, meal plans & personal creations 83 Branded Utility
  84. 84. Do Good 84 Societal Impact
  85. 85. And enable consumers to do good with you 85 Societal Impact
  86. 86. Loads of Hope <> After Natural Disasters Partner with America’s Second Harvest Donate by purchasing Tide Vintage Tee on Site TV Campaign Support 86 Societal Impact
  87. 87. Pedigree Adoption Drive Donates to drive with each purchase Volunteer and adoption opportunities on site $900K in 2007 <> Goal of $1MM in 2008 87 Societal Impact
  88. 88. Benefit Kids Living on the Street <> Download a Ringtone to Donate 88 Societal Impact
  89. 89. 89 Societal Impact
  90. 90. Invite them in 90
  91. 91. Satisfied Customer = Someone who likes the brand enough to buy it again 91 Invite them in
  92. 92. Advocate = Someone who feels a sense of ownership in the brand, and is motivated to help it succeed 92 Invite them in
  93. 93. Give consumers a role in helping the brand succeed; listen to them; respond 93 Invite them in
  94. 94. 94 Invite them in
  95. 95. 95 Invite them in
  96. 96. 96 Invite them in
  97. 97. Have a belief Marketing is the product/service Add value through content Spend QT through experiences Utility: something they can use Do good Invite them in 97
  98. 98. Act like a friend would act 98
  99. 99. ? 99
  100. 100. Special Credits Griffin Farley: Brand Planner @ 22squared Paul Isakson: Sr. Strategic Planner @ Space150 100