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Be a kickass speaker - Mozcamp 2011

An introduction how to be a public speaker for people of the Mozilla community.

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Be a kickass speaker - Mozcamp 2011

  1. How to be a kick-ass public speaker! Chris Heilmann, MozCamp Berlin 2011
  2. Developer Engagement
  3. Go into theopen andspeak forMozilla!
  4. We need you to go on stageand rock the show!
  5. Reasons:1) Why go where you already are?
  6. Reasons:2) Why send a few people when we have hundreds?
  7. Reasons:3) Speaking can be dangerous.
  8. Let’s start with somehomework.
  11. What keeps interestedpeople from publicspeaking?
  12. Common myths...
  13. “Everybody can give a talk, just send them a slide deck” BS“Everybody can cook a 5 star meal, just give them the right ingredients!”
  14. “Nobody wants to hear from unknownspeakers!” BS Where do known speakers come from?
  15. “Speaking means you stopped doing a real job!” BSSo why do people pay to see others speak about thethings they obviously know better?
  16. Personal reasons andbarriers.
  17. “I am not a speaker!”“I got nothing to say...”“Others already covered that...”“I am scared of doing it wrong!”“I will need training”“I have no chance to speak!”
  18. “I am not a speaker!”A good a person so passionateabout a topic that they wantto share.
  19. “I am not a speaker!”A kick-ass a person passionateabout a topic and aboutsharing that passion.
  20. “I am not a speaker!”A kick-ass speaker...... is a mix of reporter,educator and entertainer.
  21. Five things that make you aspeaker - regardless of yourperforming talent.
  22. Know your stuffEverything can go wrong onstage. Be the expert. Thenthey are a minorinconvenience.
  23. Run the showIt is you on stage - do not givesomeone else’s talk.
  24. Run the showBe proud of your style and doit your way!
  25. Run the show
  26. Be passionate!
  27. It gets easier the more you do itMy first talks were awful.Really!
  28. Listen to feedback and judgeIt hurts, it is annoying, butyou get better by seeingyourself.
  29. Listen to feedback and judgeDanger: immediate feedback*is* polarised.
  30. “I got nothing to say...”Mozilla has lots of stuff youcan tell people about!
  31. The topic grab bag! Developer_Engagement/Grab_bag
  32. “Others already covered that...”Topics get re-used over andover again.
  33. “Others already covered that...”But they were never coveredin your personal style andwith your experiences.
  34. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”If you stop being scared, getoff the stage!
  35. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”Mistakes happen, we learnfrom them!
  36. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”Look at other presentationsand note down what annoysyou...
  37. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”...then make sure you don’tdo the same! Simple, isn’t it?
  38. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”Same goes for finding thingsthat you like. Do them.
  39. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”But don’t copy other people’sstyles!
  40. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”For example...Some presentation styles andmoments that make mecringe:
  41. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”The teleshopping presentationa.k.a.“my pet techie”
  42. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”Live coding LIKE A BOSS!
  43. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”A day at the movies...
  44. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”Numbers, graphs and bulletpoints.
  45. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”So inspiring, like REALLY,sooooo inspiring!
  46. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”Reading time with you, me,and my slide deck.
  47. “I will need training!”Training can be given, but Ican predict what you reallyneed is experience.
  48. “I will need training!”That said, I’d love us to haveworkshops to take thisfurther.Demand them and they willcome!
  49. “I have no chance to speak!”Meetups, unconferences,lightning talks rounds, meetsand greets happen *all* thetime *all* over the globe!
  50. “I have no chance to speak!”http://lanyrd.comhttp://meetup.com ... amongst others.
  51. “I have no chance to speak!”Find something, then tell usif you want to go!
  52. “I have no chance to speak!”
  53. “I have no chance to speak!”Tell us where you think weshould be and how we cansupport the event.
  54. Talk to us!http://hacks.mozilla.org on IRC@codepo8, @robertnyman,@robhawkes, @mozhacks onTwitter.
  55. Thanks!Chris