10 Steps for Great Brainstorming


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Looking for ideas to improve your upcoming trade show or event program? Follow these 10 steps to get the most out of a brainstorm session.

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  • Link “Find Out More” to http://info.livemarketing.com/blog/bid/57242/Brainstorming-Tips-for-a-Successful-Brainstorm?
  • 10 Steps for Great Brainstorming

    1. 10 Steps for Great Brainstorming verb [ no obj. ] brain storm | ˈbrānˌstôrm | use the collective mind to meet goals and objectives, find solutions, overcome challenges, and solve problems: (as noun brainstorming) : a brainstorming session.
    2. STEP 1: Start by setting goals and defining your objectives. Be specific with what you want to accomplish up front. Be Prepared
    3. A strong moderator or leader is essential for results, maintaining control of the session and ensuring objectives are met. STEP 2: The Team Leader
    4. When deciding who participates, bring in people with varying points-of-view. A group of 4 to 6 is manageable, but more than 8 or 9 becomes hard to control. Choosing ParticipantsSTEP 3: Find Out More!
    5. Give enough background to make sure everyone knows what you hope to accomplish. Quick tip: the more time participants have to look at materials ahead of time, the more time you'll have to actually brainstorm! Briefing ParticipantsSTEP 4: Find Out More!
    6. Quick tip: leave smart phones and laptops at the door so everyone focuses on the task at hand. The EnvironmentSTEP 5: Take participants out of the normal work environment to Find Out More!
    7. For best results… • Relax • Leave inhibitions behind • Skills for SuccessSTEP 6: Set the stage and let participants know that everyone will respectfully listen to the contributions of others. Find Out More!
    8. The “Rules”STEP 7: Don’t interrupt other participants Never say anything negative Take notes! Find Out More!
    9. Breaking the RulesSTEP 8: Participants need to break the rules of conventional thinking (while following the “rules”). Find Out More! Think outside the box!
    10. “Are We There Yet?”STEP 9: Knowing when to move on, to wrap up, or even to reschedule is essential. • Have you fulfilled your goals and objectives? • Do you know what you have to do to continue the project? What is the next step? • Are there ways to implement the project? Find Out More!
    11. What To Leave WithSTEP 10: Ideas alone do not make a brainstorming successful. You must leave with a plan; appropriate team members need to leave with an assignment or call to action. Find Out More!
    12. Jillian Axtell Communications & Social Media Manager Connect with me! @JillianTalks /jlaxtell‎ About The Author