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Next Web Application - Brainstorm


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My attempt to convince anyone to implement brainstorm platform.

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Next Web Application - Brainstorm

  1. The Next Web Application: Brainstorm
  2. I have only 5 mins. You don't need to know me. I just want to let you know my idea.
  3. Demo? No. This is just an idea inspired by @markpeak.
  4. Most of you should be Thai. I am also Thai.
  5. If you have internet access, launch Firefox and search for "ไอทีไทย" in Google.
  6. My point is ไอทีไทยไปไอทีโลก.
  9. Do it yourself!
  10. Are you waiting for support/sponsorship from government?
  11. We do what we can do.
  12. No, it's not enough.
  13. We do what we should do.
  14. How to determine "should"?
  15. That article asked for ideas.
  16. Have you proposed your idea?
  17. Did you feel comfortable to share your idea?
  18. My answer is "NO".
  19. Read comments in that article if you have not read it yet.
  20. Most of comments don't understand the point.
  21. We don't need to wait for someone or some organization to set some policies in top-down.
  22. We are talking about bottom-up.
  23. We need idea and criticism.
  24. We don't need to blame anyone. It's useless.
  25. Do it yourself!
  26. Do it ourselves!
  27. What's wrong with that thread?
  28. It is basically an article and comments.
  29. What we really want is a brainstorm platform.
  30. Can't imagine?
  33. Features?
  34. Vote up or down.
  35. A set of views, popular in last xxx, latest xxx and search.
  36. Status of idea: in progress, done, etc.
  37. Why?
  38. Promote good, reasonable and practical idea.
  39. Demote bad idea, blame and so on.
  40. Track the progress.
  41. Software?
  42. Reddit and Ubuntu Brainstorm.
  43. Can we use one of them? Yes but it's not easy.
  44. Both of them require Postgresql.
  45. Reddit requires Python and many more.
  46. In short, it is nearly impossible to run them in shared hosting.
  47. Another solution? Call for sponsor :)
  48. No, we want more.
  49. Why not make it a brainstorm platform?
  50. A web application that lets anyone create company and products.
  51. Let users vote what they want to see/to fix.
  52. Don't make it for Thai or just for inside Thailand.
  53. Business model?
  54. On-line advertising.
  55. On-line ads should match brainstorm. It's 90% text. One page one topic and probably one keyword.
  56. Why not me? Do it myself!
  57. This country can't be pushed by one man. I am not superman.
  58. In fact, I don't have enough energy and budget to make my dream come true.
  59. I can explain more detail about this idea but I can't do it myself.
  60. That's what I can.
  61. If you can implement, please do it!
  62. follow @sugree if you have better idea.