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Booosting marktplts nw materialen 22mei12_pramod_agrawal ecolabs


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Published in: Technology, Business, Lifestyle

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  • 1. Electronic and Technical Textiles - An introduction to the world of Smart-Functional Textiles and its relevance for construction industry Dr. Pramod Agrawal & Ir. Ger Brinks Chair – Functional Smart Materials, Saxion, Enschede, NL RESEARCH CENTER DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY, SAXION, ENSCHEDE, NL Kom verder. Saxion.Mini Symposium -Marktplaats Nieuwe Materialen 22nd May 2012 OMA HQ, Rotterdam NL
  • 2. Saxion facts and figures  24.000 students (Enschede, Deventer & Apeldoorn)  Education: 60 bachelor, 11 master, 7 associated degree studies  13 Academies  One of the biggest private institutes of higher education in The Netherlands  Applied research: 6 research centres and 40 chairsKom verder. Saxion.
  • 3. Research Centre Design & Technology Academy Creative Academy Life Technology sciences, Engineering and Design Research- center D&T Business office Chairs FacilitiesKom verder. Saxion.
  • 4. Six Coherent Chairs Media Technology Ambient Fashion Materials Design Intelligence Design Societal theme Concept- development Product- development Product Market € Industrial Smart Functional Nanotechnology Design Materials In development: mechatronicsKom verder. Saxion.
  • 5. Our Mission: Knowledge → cash flow UTwente Saxion Industry Academic Innovative Market Development research research € > 4 yrs < 2 yrs 1 yr  Chair Eng. Fibrous Smart Materials at Twente University  Chair Functional Smart Materials at Saxion University  New knowledge available for the industryKom verder. Saxion.
  • 6. End-user /Market  € High Tech Materials and Systems (HTMS) - € 7 millions from Overijsel province HTSM themes East Nederland Performance or Functionalities Healthcare & Wellbeing ICT Embedded Sustainability Ambient Safety & Security Design Mobility Buidling & Construction (sub-) system Materials Components Production TechnologyKom verder. Saxion.
  • 7. Textile markets 40% Clothing/fashion Technical textile Market 30% Interior: carpet, curtains, upholstery 30% Technical textile: very divers Technical textile is leadingTrends Feeling good, looking good, being healthy Mass customisation and personalised Safety & Service SustainabilityKom verder. Saxion.
  • 8. TEXTILES: Wearable & Non Wearable Conventional Textile Technical Textile Smart-Intelligent• Mainly for esthetic • mainly achievement Textile functional objectives functional • Passive/ Active/ Ultra active smart • textile adapting to surrounding • often electronic component (E-textiles)Kom verder. Saxion.
  • 9. Technical Textile Sectors 1. Agrotech 2. Buildtech 3. Clothtech 4. Geotech 5. Hometech 6. Indutech 7. Medtech 8. Mobiltech 9. Oekotech 10. Packtech 11. Protech 12. SporttechKom verder. Saxion.
  • 10. Buildtech (Construction Textiles) Key Functional Properties  Strength  Flexibility  Resistance to degradation by chemicals and pollutants in the air Existing Applications  Concrete reinforcement  Interior construction, partitions  Insulations Wrapped Reichstag in Berlin.  Roofing materials  Awnings (roof like structure)  Canopies (covering)  Billboards (panel for the display)  Complete textile structures Technical textiles, 3D textiles & Composites, Basketball Arena, Olympic 2012, London.Kom verder. Saxion.
  • 11. Buildtech (Construction Textiles) Sydney Olympics Venue Fabric Structure PTFE (Polytetrafluoretheen/teflon) Glass fiber laminate Olympic stadium Münich Amazon Court in PragueKom verder. Saxion.
  • 12. 3D Textiles for building and constructions Advantages: • Light and flexible • Limiting damage from impact falling, collision • Limit the use of materials. • Good recyclability material • Energy saving in mobility • Air / light transmittance, heat regulating (translucent or insulating), Applications • Insulating materials • Separation element (wall / ceiling Modint concept). Routekaart 2030 projectKom verder. Saxion.
  • 13. I. Passive Smart Textiles Passive Smart Textiles or Chemical Functional Textiles: Textile which provides additional feature irrespective of the change in the environment. Key applications / Textile APP’s Self cleaning, Release systems, Humidity control systems, Anti bacterial, Colour change system, anti-odour, Radiation protection, Anti-static, etc. Enabling technologiesKom verder. Saxion.
  • 14. Passive Smart Textiles - Self Cleaning StrategiesLotus effect (Prevention)Kom verder. Saxion.
  • 15. Lotus effect (super hydrophobicity)Kom verder. Saxion.
  • 16. Self Cleaning StrategiesCleaning after it gets dirty (Cure) Additional benefits – Air purifier – Anti odour – Antimicrobial – UV filter Anti Smog: An Innovation Centre in Sustainable Development: Prototype, Paris, France. The exterior is fitted with 250 square meters of solar photovoltaic panels and coated in titanium dioxide (TiO2). The PV system produces on-site electrical energy while the TiO2 coating works with ultraviolet radiation to interact with particulates in the air, break down organics and reduce air born pollutants and contaminants.Kom verder. Saxion.
  • 17. Passive Smart Textiles – Enabling Technologies Inkjet technology Plasma & laser technology Nanotechnology Biotechnology Fibre surface Engineering Macromolecular chemistry Micro-elektronics & ICT Production technologyKom verder. Saxion.
  • 18. Inkjet classification – substrate handling • paper, cardboard • flexibility, • textile stiffness • plastics handling • thickness • size • metal characteristics • Shape • glass • physical • grass state • … no substrate handling by printer sheet-fed Roll-to-roll flatbed verder. Saxion.
  • 19. Xennia Carnelian® with Trident® printhead Local treatment of fibresHigh precision 3-axis piezo based DoD printer • Functional materials dispensing • The Carnelian comes with a choice of industrial piezo printheads (e.g Trident) • Fluid testing and development Kom verder. Saxion.
  • 20. Kom verder. Saxion.
  • 21. II. Active Smart - Electronics Textiles • Electronic textiles/ Intelligent textiles / E-textiles / Wearable Electronics / Wearable computes etc: Textile which adapts their functionality to changing environment automatically. • In this area new concepts are being investigated where nanomaterials, electronics (LED/OLEDS), phase change materials, and stimuli sensitive polymers are being integrated into textile structures for active functionality.Kom verder. Saxion.
  • 22. Active Smart Textiles – Key Components Essentials • Conductivity • Power supply • Lights • Connectors • Textiles Applications All the sectors of technical textiles verder. Saxion.
  • 23. Active Smart /Electronic Textiles Incorporation of:  Sensors and actuators  MP3, GPS, GSM, Ipod, Iphone Ipad  Energy harvesting systems  Plastic electronics Markets:  Personal protective garments  Medical systems  Sports and Leisure  NichesKom verder. Saxion.
  • 24. Active Smart interiorKom verder. Saxion.
  • 25. Building & Construction Fuzzy Light Wall Maggie Orth and Joanna Berzowska www.ifmachines.comKom verder. Saxion.
  • 26. How the Products Looks Like?Kom verder. Saxion.
  • 27. Example of Canadian textile industry Electronic textiles Phase changing materials Shape memory materials Functional membrane or coating Anti-bacterial Anti-contaminant Carbon nanotube Electrospinning Titanium dioxide nanoparticles Hybrid nonwoven and warp knit Lamination Coating of nonwovens Composite nonwovens – plastics Plasma surface treatments Digital printing technology Canadian hemp2010 Cellulosic fibers Designing recyclable fabrics Fibre identification sorting technology Textiles with a high energy-storage Energy-producing textiles Luminous textiles Recognition technology for “signature”Kom verder. Saxion.
  • 28. Research team – KCDT Saxion Petra Gerrit Eliza Ger Brinks Pramod Agrawal Henk Gooijer Grevinga Bottenberg Bouwhuis Ton Harry Marina Marijn Lemmens Anton Luiken Sanderink Toeters WarmoeskerkenKom verder. Saxion.
  • 29. Challenge & Solutions Challenge: Integration of smart textiles in architectural design. Solution: Vision of the future leading to  New materials  New technology  Design process  New industrial infrastructure With intense focus on sustainabilityKom verder. Saxion.
  • 30. Dutch network Nonwovens/3Dstructures Technical textiles Materials, textiles Textile printing Textile chemicals Laundry Textiel branche organisation products business Knowledge InsitituteKom verder. Saxion.
  • 31. …ThanksKom verder. Saxion.