2010 02 Proposal Eureka Tech Ideas


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TechIDEAS presents SIRONTA @ Mobile World Congress 2010

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2010 02 Proposal Eureka Tech Ideas

  1. 1. EUREKA IDEA for a Proposal Pablo Hernández CEO & Co-founder Parc Tecnològic BCNord pablo.hernandez@techideas.es Marie Curie, s/n 08042 Barcelona Miguel Vidal T +34 902 109 443 CTO & Co-founder www.techideas.es miguel.vidal@techideas.es
  2. 2. About us TechIDEAS is an innovative software engineering firm that uses a software-centric design approach to help organizations generate new offerings. Ideas Technology We transform ideas into compelling technology.
  3. 3. th 5 ANNIVERSARY 2005 2007 2004 2006 2008 START-UP ICTINEU III TAXITRONIC TechIDEAS start-up Engineering a Dive GOBOX and visit of Jordi by Wire System for Engineering the Hereu (Barcelona ICTINEU most innovative Major) to our offices SUBMARINS Taximeter all-in- in Barcelona Activa one of the world, WSIS 2005 developed in TechIDEAS with SEAT SPORT WTCC collaboration with Viviane Reding Engineering a new TAXITRONIC (European Telemetry System Commisioner) at based on WiFi WSIS 2005 technologies
  4. 4. What we offer? Sironta @Laptop SIRONTA is a unique Team Collaboration application based on a powerful Federated P2P Architecture. www.sironta.com Success Factors Federated P2P architecture Multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) Designed to manage large files Work off-line and on-line With document version control With a search engine With zero administration Optimized for xDSL bandwidth
  5. 5. What we ask? Partners for Sironta @Mobile Porting Sironta to Smart Phones Special emphasis on: Apple's iPhone Nokia's Smart Phones Google's Android Focus on usability Enhanced user interface Working on-line & off-line
  6. 6. What we ask? Partners for Sironta @High-Security Porting Sironta to High-Security sectors: Health-care, Defense, Aerospace. Enhanced Security for Sironta: Intrusion Detection Ciphered Storage Achieve AAA security level Improved behavior by means of Recommender: documents you may read, people you may know, ..
  7. 7. The European Paradox “Why so few European SMEs grow to become global corporations?” “One important explanation is that technologies and services (developed by small and highly innovative European firms) often can only grow by attracting US investments. It is flattering that the US investors recognise the quality and attractiveness of our research, but it is a signal that Europeans are failing to risk money in getting gains from our brains. This is really a tragic loss of assets: not only do we fail to exploit our potential, but we pump our knowledge capital offshore often accompanied by the innovators, our most innovative and entrepreneurial assets of all.” “Skype is the obvious exception” Source: Entrepreneurship in the online economy: Europe's new opportunities for growth Viviane Redding Speech at Biennial Conference 2008, Athens, 8 September 2008
  8. 8. TechIDEAS envisions the end of system failures, by creating self-managing, scale-free software systems