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200211 Booosting @Co-Creation Centre - Mecanoo


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11 februari 2020: Booosting activiteit over én in het in aanbouw zijnde Co-Creation Centre met draagstructuur van glas en siliconen.

Hier de presentatie over het architectonisch ontwerp door
Armand Paardekooper Overman - architect/associate Mecanoo.

Aankondiging van deze activiteit:

Published in: Technology
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200211 Booosting @Co-Creation Centre - Mecanoo

  1. 1. stikstof en PFAS
  2. 2. Kaohsiung Shipyard
  3. 3. MEC living MEC education MEC high rise MEC sustainbility MEC care MEC libraries mecanoo mec lab+
  4. 4. The Energy Pile – project in TU Delft’s Thermo-X programme
  5. 5. Climate tower Passive climatic system Energy piles Underground heat and cold storage Dynamic sunshading Active use of sunradiation Glass load bearing construction Minimalization of building material Foundation of end-of-life concrete 100% recycled concrete The Co-Creation Centre will be a collection of experimental innovations and demonstrations in circulair building and climate adaptation