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Addestino orw - v1

  1. 1. 27/02/2007Addestino IM Corporate Presentation 1start
  2. 2. 2Context & objectives of this methodoloyI know someonewho can use this andwants to pay for itA “smart”technologypushI have a coolnew piece oftechnology & innovation
  3. 3. 3Four simple stepsWhat is yourtechnology ?What are theadvantages ?Who cares, whatdo you solve ?What are mostpromising ideas ?Research CanvasAdvantage statements(versus alternatives)Opportunity map(w.r.t. advantages)Product vision board
  4. 4. 4Case studyTextile antennaeWhat ?
  5. 5. 5What is the technology: tips & tricksIs it a piece of SW ? HW ?Is it an algorithm ?Is it a molecule ?Is it a prototype ?Is it a methodology ?Is it a patent ?Is it a dream ?....If you can’t express it in “kilos”,I can’t sell it ...What ?
  6. 6. “Wearable/Textile” antennas offer 3 main advantagesTraditionalantennasMainAdvantages“Wearable/textile”antennasAdvantage 1: Largerantenna surface available• Supports longer wavelengths• Requires less power• Gives more autonomy• Offers better sensitivityAdvantage 2: No hardsurface, stubs needed• Is flexible (but not drapable)• Can be bended• Doesn’t hurt• Doesn’t obstruct movementsAdvantage 3: Embeddedin/at surface• Is hidden, not visible• Allows for nice look & feel• Can not be detached• Offers lightweight solutionAdvantages ?
  7. 7. 7Making “good advantages”: tips & tricksHOW, what is theroot cause linked toyour technology ?BEWARE of ponies:• Flexiblies• Reliablies• Cheaplies• ...SO WHAT, what is itgood for, who cares ?Advantages ?New Good
  8. 8. Advantage 2:No hard surface,stubs needed• Is flexible• Can be bended• Doesn’t hurt, obstruct8Advantage 1:Larger antenna surfaceavailable• Longer wavelengths• Less power• Better sensitivityAdvantage 3:Embedded in/atsurface• Hidden, look & feel• Cannot be detached• LightweightIdentified ideas show a strong differentiation potentialRadio Communication BoosterBody area networkTire monitorAnimal/child tracking deviceEmergency System for jacketsLocalization system for safety raftWearable TVSatellite telephone antennaClothing with localizationDashboard-mountedantennaSensitive carpetsWearable gamecontrollersWho cares ?
  9. 9. 9Long-list of potential valorization ideasValorization idea Proposition Our differentiationWearable gamecontrollersEnabling a wireless connection betweenthe next generation of wearable gamecontrollers (e.g. gloves, cfr WII) towardsgame station or PC• Antenna is fully flexible such that itdoesn’t obstruct player’smovements• Antenna is integrated in glove,allowing for an esthetical designExtending range and sensitivity ofexisting built-in antennas in rural/remoteareas or covert areas (e.g. cellar) forTetra, GSM, DECT, Walki-Talki, .... bybeing integrated in jacket of policemen,firefighters, security agents, ....• Antenna can be extended overseveral cm² in function of requiredradio frequency• Antenna is fully flexible such that itdoesn’t obstruct officer’smovementsRadio CommunicationBoosterEmbedding GPS localization andtransmission in a jacket (e.g. live jacketat sea, ski, ) to allow for fasterlocalization and rescue• Antenna enables localization overlarger areas, longer autonomy• Antenna can be easily folded andstored, no hard parts• Antenna is flexible, doesn’tobstruct movements• Antenna is attached to jacket,doesn’t disconnect during eventsEmergency Systemfor jacketsWho cares ?
  10. 10. 10Who cares ?Who cares ?: tips & tricksExplore per “advantage”Fill the blanks(*) depends on your preferred group style...Go big, bigger, biggestGo wild
  11. 11. 11To whom ?What ?Solving ?Uniqueness ?Achievable ?How much ?Sell to traditional TETRA-like telecom integrators of firefighters, policemen, ... like ZenitelA complete “radio communication booster” set comprising of antenna, amplifiers & connectorswhere the antenna is pre-sewed on a piece of textile which can be sewed/velcro-ed to clothingOffering a high-gain solution thanks to the large surface for in-door coverage,which won’t hinder the user at all thanks to its flexible attachment to clothingProven textile antennae, with larger surface and being flexible vs existing antennaeLeveraging our unique know-how in flexible antenna design (materials, design practices)complemented by own-designed matching electronicsCan be sold in relatively large quantities at high price point (100s of euros) given price pointof TETRA terminals and size of TETRA market. Could become several 10M€s businessDescription“Radio Communication Booster”Textile & TissueManufacturers(Low Cost)ManufacturersDesigners& customizersLocalDistributorsGovernamentalorganizations• Nomex (Dupont)• Kermel , Secufabs• U.Protec• YuanFeng Textile••• Welotex• Lexow, Geartexx• Police• Fire DepartmentStandardizationComponentsupplierTelecomManufacturersTelecom/TetraIntegratorsGovernamentalorganizations• Tetra, ETSI, ... • Texas Instruments • Motorola • Fire DepartmentTelecomValue Chain“Industrial clothing”Value Chain• ZenitelPromising idea?
  12. 12. 12“Radio Communication Booster”Case study: www.pharad.comPromising idea?
  13. 13. 13The challenge: find right level of detail“The Nerd” My plan is to exploit a novel exhaust purification method with the following functions:•estimating an accumulated level of particulate matter in a particulate filter;•raising temperature of the particulate filter to regenerate particulate that hasaccumulated, when the accumulated level of the particulate matter has reached theprescribed level;•determining if an engine is operating for a first time following replacement of anengine controller; and•regenerating a particulate filter even if the accumulated level of particulate matter isbelow the prescribed level, upon determining that the engine is being operated for thefirst time following replacement of the engine controller....“The Visionair”“I want to create a worldwhere everyone has an electrical car”“The Action Man”“First I’m going hire two guys,then I’m going to train them about my new production methodand then ...”Promising idea?
  14. 14. 14Four simple steps,costing sweat & blood to get it right...What is yourtechnology ?What makes it“new & good”?What could yousolve for whom ?What are mostpromising ideas ?Research CanvasAdvantage statements(versus alternatives)Opportunity map(w.r.t. advantages)Product vision boardIterate