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Full service digital media agency - Web design, E-Learning, Social media, Mobile and Web apps.

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Blue apple - Complete portfolio

  1. 1. BlueApplePortfolio
  2. 2. Digital AgencyWeb• Strategy & Insights• UX/UI Design• Responsive & Adaptive Sites• CMS & E-Commerce• Custom Applications• Digital Marketing• Mobile WebMobile• Responsive & Adaptive Sites• Applications• Gaming• M-Learning• M-Commercee-Learning• Learning Management System• Virtual Class Room• M-Learning• Learning Application• Customized ContentDevelopment• Off the Shelf ContentSocial Media• Audits & Strategy• Awareness Building• Community Development• Online Reputation Management• Promotions and Advertising• Blog Strategy & Execution• Search Engine Optimization• Email Marketing• Video MarketingStrategy Creative TechnologyAbout BlueApple
  3. 3. Some of Our Clients
  4. 4. Some of Our Clients
  5. 5. 5Websites
  6. 6. More devices connected toInternet than people onEarth8 new people comeonto the internetevery second.2,405,510036 millioninternet base users
  7. 7. 7Our Portfolio
  8. 8. Challenge: To position the resort asdestination of choice and ‘The’ luxuryresort in MuscatWhat did we do: The design ismodern, usable and highlights bestfeatures of the property
  9. 9. Challenge: Create an informativewebsite for a hospitality consultancyWhat did we do: Created a new websitemore in line with what the company does.Branding and mobile website is alsotaken care by us
  10. 10. Challenge: It is newly launched 3 starproperty in IndonesiaWhat did we do: Designed in a way toattract the target audience. The design ismodern and direct
  11. 11. Challenge: Create a dynamic website forclient, showcasing its excellence incatering servicesWhat did we do: The design is tailoredto connect with national and internationalaudiences with informative content andvibrant visuals
  12. 12. Challenge: To cater the audience for anupscale travel management companyWhat did we do: Designed a websitewith subtle layouts and bringing out theessence of India by showcasing India inunconventional way
  13. 13. Challenge: Create a new website fortravel and hospitality service providerWhat did we do: A new website whichis low in text and exhibiting the servicesof the company through strong visuals
  14. 14. Challenge: To showcase offbeatluxurious locations, targeted at theOverseas marketWhat did we do: The focus ofdeveloping the website was to enhancethe creative look and feel of the website,through classy images
  15. 15. Challenge: Challenge: The idea of AGCL Intranetwas not to simply establish a functionalintranet, but to create a vibrant online communityspace for the personnel; one which would becometheir preferred platform for not only business andcommunication needs but also a space wherepeople can relax, mingle, and have fun.What did we do: AGCL intranet with difference itis combination of an intranet and a community sitedeveloped for Avaya, which includes various HRmodules as well as channel to unwind. This siteoffers various services to its user like messageboards, open house etc. for collaboration, Post-It(Classifieds), Articles, games, e cards, ImageGallery etc. for fun. Online induction process, HRpolicies, Online appraisal, Announcementboard, Member’s directory etc. for HRdepartment.
  16. 16. Challenge: Provide online presence tothe DRUM initiative of USAID and MOPWhat did we do: Designed the websiteshowcasing the programhighlights, partners etc.
  17. 17. Challenge: To provideinformation about WENEXAprogramWhat did we do: Thedesigned website providesinformation about the programand access to variousresources
  18. 18. Challenge: To develop awebsite for United NationsInformation CentreWhat did we do: Designed thewebsite highlighting the currentand forthcoming events, pressrelease, resource library etc.
  19. 19. 19Social Media
  20. 20. 2/3 global internetpopulation and 1.5people billion usingsocial media121 million Social Mediausers in 2012, from 7million in 200045899920 FB users in theIndia which makes it no. 2 inthe world3,000,000The average number oftweets per day
  21. 21. 21Our Portfolio
  22. 22. • What was the challenge : Enhance the brand identity throughsocial media activity, bad online reputation, less social mediapresence and low rank on Google• What did we do: We selected Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogsand Forums as mediums to communicate with the audience.Several user engagement exercises for service promotions,Oman as tourist destination and contests were done on Facebookand Twitter to grab the attention of the audience. We promotedthe resort on blogs talking about the services and customersatisfaction. As for the Pinterest, we shared pictures of amenitiesand services on the resorts page as well as on other relevantprofiles• Results: : It is getting a huge positive response on Facebook andother social media. Through SEO it has improved its Googleranking, now it is the third best resort in the Oman which is theonly standalone restaurant. The queries and enquiries are comingthrough Facebook and even bookings are done through socialmediaAl Nahda Resort & Spa
  23. 23. • What was the challenge: Having a bad reputation on theweb, low social media presence, low rank on Google• What did we do: : We did the SEO to enhance its rank onGoogle. Then we chose Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest forengagement. On Facebook and Twitter we talked about theproperty, ambiance ,cuisines and food art . By our postings weeducate and encourage customers to eat healthy food. OnPinterest the pictures are shared showcasing the local andinternational dishes• Results: The Jungle is getting a lot of response from almost allthe social media platforms. Google ranking has also beenimproved from the astound SEO activityThe Jungle
  24. 24. The Democratic World• What was the challenge: Since it was a newly launchedmagazine then, it has no website and less social media presencewhich is the most important part of branding.• What did we do: We studied the market meticulously, understoodthe trend and the mind of the target audience and accordinglyprepared the strategy for social media promotion. To grab moreattention of the users on the web, we did various userengagement exercises.• Results: Our strategies are working very well and the socialmedia platform is getting viral including Facebook with eachpassing day.
  25. 25. Talaga Spa• What was the challenge: Talaga Spa had less social mediapresence and low rank on Google• What did we do: We did various SEO activities and planned theweekly strategies for social media promotion. We focused ongetting client testimonials on social media platforms• Results: As per the current scenario, it is getting good responseon Facebook and other social media channels. SEO has improvedits Google ranking which is of great help while promoting anybrand on the web
  26. 26. 26Mobile
  27. 27. Total mobile populationover 6 billionThere are 5X as many cellphones in the world as thereare PC’s77% of people in India have up to30 apps on their SmartphoneIndians are the heaviest usersusing most or all applicationson their phone
  28. 28. 28Our Portfolio
  29. 29. Telecom Expense ManagementSolution• The Telecom expense management solution focuses onmanaging the calls made from a particular number• The system categorizes calls as business and personalcall made by the user of the number• The categorization is done based on the analysis of thetotal calls and the repeated calls made on a particularnumber• The tool helps multinationals with large employee basein managing the telecom expense reducing costincurred
  30. 30. • Mahindra is an Indian auto giant manufacturing carssince 1947, in various automobile segments. Theapplication modules are designed in such a way that itsupports sales, finance and customer relationship teams• The e2o app gives detailed knowledge about aspects ofthe car including its manufacture and leverages allfeatures available in mobile devices• The app features virtual tour, ownership calculator andfinance calculators, accessible at a swipe of a fingerbesides the tiniest details regarding the carMahindra Reva- e2o
  31. 31. • Mahindra is an Indian auto giant manufacturing carssince 1947, in various automobile segments. Theapplication modules are designed in such a way that it isa support for teams like- sales, finance and customerrelationship• The Mahindra Rise app gives detailed knowledge aboutthe company’s LCV range• The user is prompted questions by the app. about therequirement, driving habits, features required , distanceper day etc. The app then recommends most suitedvehicles from the wide range of Mahindra’s LCVoffering, based on the customer requirement andVehicle Specs.Mahindra Rise
  32. 32. Map Alert• Map Alert is a location based reminder in whichusers can set alarms for specific locations on themap• The app supports scheduling multiple alarms fordifferent locations on the map and with option toreset and edit them if required• When the device reaches within the area of aspecified location for which the alarm has beenset, the application gives an alert message in thenotification area of the device
  33. 33. Home Visualizer• The application aims at visualizing interior and exteriorcolors for home before paint and visualize color schemestarting from exteriors to living room, kitchen and bathrooms• The app helps in exploring and creating exciting coloroptions best suited for the home, with freedom to choosefrom a range of 4800 colors covering multiple variants foreach color• The app auto suggests colors for a location. So, if a userselects a color for the walls, the app suggests the best colorcombinations for the ceiling as well as for the trims and isavailable in 5 languages
  34. 34. • The Augmented reality based app enables user to viewvirtual images while planning a layout or a plan• The app overcomes the limitation of a limited viewing ofa physical prototype at a time, since the app can beinstalled on any mobile device and focusing on thelayout or master plan activates the AR engine, therebyallowing users to preview various proposed layouts• The app is targeted at real estate developer groups andthe interior designer agencies etc. , to showcase virtuallayouts of their proposed plans to their customersAugmented Reality
  35. 35. Space Battle• Space Battle is an action-packed game whichengrosses the user in a space environment aboard anaircraft where his goal is to shoot the enemy ships• It has been designed in a way that it takes the user foran enthralling ride on the galaxy full of enemies• After shooting them out one can have the gloriousvictory by collecting points• This beguiling game is easy-to-handle but hard tomaster, so mind it and play wisely with all your sensesactive!
  36. 36. Animal Flash Cart• Animal Flash Cart is a perfect book for kids withpronunciation by a professional speaker for earlylearning in Hindi language.• The app has specifically been developed for toddlersand babies with a simple and insightful navigationbetween the different pictures• The app enables toddlers to start learning about thedifferent animals and differentiating them from theimages.
  37. 37. 37eLearning
  38. 38. Challenge: Client wanted to build a collaborativeplatform where the yoga experts, trainees, generalpublic, researchers, industry and media can use theavailable online tools to set a new paradigm in thefield of emotional healing.What did we do: We developed a web portal whichwas a mix of ELearning, Social network and onlineshopping.Created a website to manage ecommerce enabledsubscriptions and deployment of the courses with aglobal directory services for trainers.
  39. 39. Challenge: To Create an ecommerceenabled eLearning content delivery systemand related website, databases andsystems administrative support tools.What did we do: Created a gamechanging website, which is a benchmark inthe e-discovery segment.LMS customisation is usually a verychallenging task, however in this websitewe integrated the LMS with the frontendmaking it extremely user friendly.
  40. 40. Acer-Microsoft Office 2010TrainingDeveloped an interactive eLearning course for theAcer Group covering various aspects and features ofMicrosoft Office 2010The developed course is an effective L1 level coursewhich involves a basic level of interactivity, voice-over, graphics etc.
  41. 41. Acer–Performance EffectivenessManagement SystemDeveloped an interactive eLearning course for theinternal trainings within the Acer Group onPerformance Effectiveness Management System(PEMS) for an organizationThe developed course is an effective L2 levelcourse which involves a medium level ofinteractivity, voice-over, graphics etc.
  42. 42. USAID – AED : Energy TradeDeveloped a L2 level interactive eLearning coursefor the USAID South Asian Regional Initiative forEnergy Trade.The developed course includes additionalanimations and simulation based interactivemodules embedded at different levels
  43. 43. Rite AID Pharmacy TechniciantrainingDeveloped a simulated and animated interactiveeLearning course for the Rite AID, aimed atproviding trainings to Pharmacy technician trainingprogram.The program wanted an effective medium oflearning for the learners, for which an L3 level ofcourse had to be developed with completesimulation, 3d animation, graphics etc.
  44. 44. 44Collaterals
  45. 45. 45
  46. 46. 49
  47. 47. 52
  48. 48. Thank YouBlueApple Technologies Pvt. Ltd.E-66, Sector-6,Noida, (U.P.)-