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Fincap Solutions Presentation


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Fincap Solutions Corporate and Capabilities Overview

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Fincap Solutions Presentation

  1. 1. Joint Venture of Computech Corporation and CapitalFusion Partners Comprehensive Solution Provider for Structured Finance Sector
  2. 2. Presentation Plan FinCap Overview FinCap Offerings FinCap Products Process & Proposition w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  3. 3. IntroductionAbout Us Established in 1996 to provide bespoke services to global financial services institutions Operates through three service verticals: financial services solutions, business intelligence solutions, consulting research Provides staff augmentation, dedicated offshore delivery center, retained or project based services Reputed client list and state of art development centers in Detroit, Chicago, NewYork, Toronto, Chennai, Hyderabad Business Verticals Financial Services Solutions Business Intelligence Solutions Consulting Research Offerings: Structured Finance Offerings: Strategic Analysis Offering: Technology Solutions Bond Analysis, Securitization and Mapping of Clients, on Database Creation, and other Modeling Support, Competition, Investors and Migration and Integration. Investment Research, and other Human Capital for Market Application for Portfolio Investment Analytics Analysis, Competition and Management, Tools for mapping Tactical Consulting multiple third party database on Clients: Hedge Funds, loan and bond level Investment Banks, Private Clients: Private Equity Firms & Equity Firms, Asset Asset Management Firms Clients: Private Equity Firms, Management Firms and Asset Management Firms and Management Consulting Firms Hedge Funds w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  4. 4. Growth StoryEstablished in 1996 Present 1996 Established the business in 1996 14 years of business operations with 825 with headquarters in Detroit consultants globally and has grown at a very steady ISO 9001:2000 Certified pace during all market conditions SEI CMMI Level 3 compliance processes Global Delivery USA: Detroit, Chicago, NewYork. Canada: Toronto India: Hyderabad, Chennai Technology Partnership Business Status and Achievements Microsoft Gold Partner MMBDC Certified INTEX Integration Partner Diversified Lines of Business into Industry Specific Domains Oracle Business Alliance & Solutions Partner Diamond Award for Best Minority Owned Organization in MI , 2007, 2008 & 2009 Strategic Alliance with MBSData Nominated for the Supplier of Year by Siebel Certified Solution Provider Toyota Motors Mercury Interactive Partner w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  5. 5. Experienced Management Girish was responsible for establishing and managing financial services practice at Computech Corporation. He has more than 16 years in the information technology space with experience in managing regional and branch operations of organizations like British Aerospace and HAL’s software venture at London, and Intentia Asia Pacific’s regional operations Girish Nair, He has been with Computech Corporation since 2002 and has successfully launched theirSr.Vice President financial services practice and grew them into multi-million operations both onsite and offshore He has a Master’s Degree in Business Management from Bombay and Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Pune Founding partner of CapitalFusion with responsibilities in Business Development, Portfolio Management and oversight of all trading as well as strategic business initiatives Previously, Mr. Joshi was responsible for establishing and managing Countrywide Alternative Investments. As Senior Portfolio Manager and Executive Vice President, Mr. Joshi was responsible for Countrywide Alternative Investments developing the CDO business and other asset management investment vehicles John Joshi, From 1997 to 2005, Mr. Joshi worked at Clinton Group where his most recent responsibilities were Head of Pricing Risk, responsible for pricing, valuation risk management and leverage Principal & modelingBusiness Strategist From 1997 to 2003, Mr. Joshi was a Portfolio Manager for ABS and CDO products, responsible for ABS strategies for the general funds and CDO issuance and management. Prior to joining the Clinton Group, Mr. Joshi was also a Managing Principal at C.Held Inc. Mr. Joshi started his career at Salomon Brothers developing MBS/ABS analytics in 1986 Mr. Joshi holds a BS Computer Science and Economics (1985) from State University of New York at Stony Brook w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  6. 6. Mr. Haider is a Partner at CapitalFusion with responsibility to develop US and International clients. Prior to joining CapitalFusion Riz was involved in management consulting focused on enterprise level IT solutions and offshore outsourcing Rizwan Haider, From 1995 to 2004, as an IT entrepreneur, Riz, started two web-based services companies and Sr.Vice President, an offshore outsourcing marketing companyBusiness Development His experience ranged from fund raising thru startup process and implementation of business & Trading plans in the roles of CEO, COO and CTO Riz holds a Masters degree in Political Science and a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan Mr. Malay Bansal is focusing on Commercial Real Estate and Infrastructure/Clean Energy Finance. He has over 18 years of diverse experience in fixed income and structured finance, most recently in CMBS, commercial real estate loans, B Notes, Mezz, and CRE CDOs Previously, he was head of portfolio management and advisory for Commercial Real Estate and CMBS at an advisory firm for eighteen months. Prior to that, he worked at Merrill Lynch for 15 years, last 1.5 years as head of commercial real estate collateralized debt obligations, with responsibility for cash & synthetic CDOs and warehouse financing Malay Bansal Prior to that, he was a senior member of a team that originated, structured, securitized, or Managing Director / sold more than $40 Bn US and $ 7 Bn Canadian whole loans, mezz, and B notes Sr.Advisor Prior to that, he traded and structured CMOs, and was responsible for structuring $53 Bn in new issue CMOs. Since the beginning of his career at Merrill working on foreign exchange options analytics and risk, he has been interested and involved in derivatives of all types including Total Return Swaps, Credit Default Swaps, and indices like CMBX. Other trading desks he has worked on include treasury and mortgage options, emerging markets structured products, non-dollar swaps and exotic options Malay’s education includes an MBA, MS in Economics, and BS in Electronics Engineering Pradeep is International Project Manager for FinCap Solutions. He has more than 7 years experience in IT Space and worked at various levels in Marketing and Project Management. Previously, he was responsible for Pursuit Support Services for US Region in Global PursuitPradeep Gunda Team, Microsoft, Hyderabad. Prior to that he was the Assistant Manager for RAM Informatics Ltd. and Key Account Manager for Canbank Computer Services Ltd (IT Subsidiary of Canara International Bank) and responsible for the total sales life cycle and customer relationship management Project Manager Mr. Pradeep holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Bangalore and Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Applications from Kakatiya University. Pradeep also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Software Marketing and Diploma in SW-CMM from Chennai w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  7. 7. Technology Capabilities (1/2) Technology Capabilities Languages Tools Application Development and Web Services Database Management and Administration JAVA, C++ SharePoint, TIBCO C#, Visual Basic SilverLight Web Methods CRM Webservers ORACLE Weblogic, Websphere SIEBEL Apache Database Middleware & BI Reporting Oracle, SQL Server Aqualogic Sybase, Teradata BIRT & JASPER Nateeza ETL Frontend Informatica Microstrategy Datastage Businessobjects Pentaho Cognos Integration of 3rd party loan and bond database 3rd Party Database: INTEX, Loan Performance, MBSData w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  8. 8. Technology Capabilities (2/2) State-of-the-Art Technology Enhances Efficiency and Convenience FinCap is consistently on the forefront of new technologies that help build client relationships. Our clients benefit from our multiple technology platforms. Operational: Expert in operating systems, networks, data centers; scaling them efficiently while appropriately managing risks Development: Expert in leveraging the appropriate technology to code and deploy complex systems Innovative: Expert at introducing technologies and processes Project management: Expert at managing and delivering complex projects within budget and time frame Architectural: Expert in designing reliable, scalable and extensible applications and systems Data management: Expert at collecting, managing, organizing and providing access to data Process: Expert in establishing and managing operational and business processes w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  9. 9. Presentation Plan FinCap Overview FinCap Offerings FinCap Offerings Process & Proposition w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  10. 10. Structured Finance Services FinCap Offerings Data Analytics Information Analytics Data Extraction Monitoring and Surveillance Data Entry/Mapping Customized Dashboards Document Management Risk Analytics and Reporting Loan Level Data/Mapping Analytical Research Business Intelligence Financial Analytics Client/Investor Mapping Deal Structuring Competition Mapping Cash Flow Modeling Issuer /New Issuances Research Pricing and FAS 157 Valuations Customized Surveys Transaction Management Reduce costs of operations and improve width and depth of existing analytical capabilities On demand solution with a mix of dedicated staff and consulting model onsite and offshore Experience in all asset classes: ABS, RMBS, CMBS, CRE, CLO, CDO, SME etc Experience working with various client types: Issuers, servicers, trustees, principal finance divisions, investors, investment banks w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  11. 11. Presentation Plan FinCap Overview FinCap Offerings FinCap Products Process & Proposition w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  12. 12. FinCap Products (1/5) FinPricer™ FinPricer™ - A comprehensive technology solution for pricing and risk analysis A desktop and network-based Distributed Processing System, this database-driven Enterprise System can be scaled to meet the needs of small hedge funds as well as major market dealers FinPricer™ is a versatile and easy to use tool for both front office and middle-office functions The FinPricer™ solution is a comprehensive Microsoft Technology (C#)-based application for valuing, and managing risk of structured finance products Its underlying industry standard models are powered by the state-of-the-art high performance Intex analytics and it is designed to integrate seamlessly into Intex’s database and cash flow engine FinPricer™ runs using a user-provided loan level prepay model, a loan level loss model as well as a custom interest rate generator Through intuitive and customizable reports, the application makes it easy to: Value ABS Quick Comparative Analysis of ABS Generates cash flows on multiple deal with multiple scenario simultaneously Quick interface to multiple formats of data Helps develop costume scenarios Collateral replacement features helps replace loan level data from other third party data providers within Intex deals User Interface (UI) redesigns and customization as per customers request Easy to use- User Interface (UI) allows analysts to integrate third party Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) applications with already existing prepay and loss models Supports multiple monitors with multiple windows to view data easily: A feature that is key to making the workflow faster Company specific extensions to the User Interface (UI) available upon request Consulting services available to easily integrate any third party data software modules w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  13. 13. FinCap Products (2/5) FinPricer™ The integration of Intexs deal model libraries and cash flow generation functionalities into the FinEngines application FinPricer offers: Traders to easily price bonds using loan level models Network Resources Agents INTEX Multiple l deal/CUSIP Your or 3rd Party CDI Web Services Selection Prepayment l model & Multiple Scenarios l l model Loss CDU Selection for each deal l Interest rate model Files Replace Collateral with 3rd party data like Loan Windows 2003 Server Performance Web Intex Subroutines Services Server Output Reports Descriptive Cash Flows Analytics information FinPricer™ coupled with Fin*Compute Server offers a distributed computing solution which enables end users to perform parallel processing of analytical computations, including pricing of multiple MBS deals with multiple loan level stress scenarios vectors. FinPricer™ is the ideal choice for most portfolio managers, traders and risk professionals FinPricer™ allows the user to re-evaluate the cash flow generated using Intex analytics by overlaying third party loan or pool level database like (Loan Performance, MBSData) for comparative cash flow and stress reports w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  14. 14. FinCap Products (3/5) FinData™ FinData™ FinData™ connects robust current and historic datasets of RMBS performance data with a technologically advanced platform that allows investors to manage their RMBS risk more efficiently and effectively During each monthly remittance cycle, FinData™ clients have an advantage over other market participants as all new bond performance datasets are updated and available to clients by the 1st day of each month Deal Monitoring FinData™ enables you to monitor the performance on over 98% of the RMBS active deal universe Deal Performance Monthly summaries and rankings on important remittance metrics that allow you to compare RMBS deals across various attributes of your portfolio, within collateral types, shelves or any other market segmentation Area Analysis FinData™ gives you the capability to view the performance of any deal by any loan characteristic found on the collateral file Deal Structures FinData™ provides you with monthly cusip level payment/factor details as well as an aggregate table that provides the collateral to cusip mappings Performance History For any trending or comparison analysis, FinData™ gives access to up to 10 years of performance history at the deal & loan level including items such as delinquency stats, loss amounts, loss severities, loan balances and tranche factors Loan Level Review Users have access to loan level views for all active and inactive loans within every deal Monthly Data Update Cycle All monthly deal & loan level remittance information is processed and available to clients by the 1st day of each month w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  15. 15. FinCap Products (4/5) FinData™ “FinCap Solutions brings a complete end-to-end solution for your deal and Portfolio Analysis” RMBS/ABS Deals Capital Structures 98% Market Coverage Tranche Factors Cusip Reference Table Pool / Cusip Mapping Collateral Segmentations Performance Metrics A Prime Deal & Loan Level Alt A Prepayment History BC Delinquency History Home Equity Loss History S&D Deal Rankings Option ARM Analytics Built for Traders by Traders Dynamically test and develop your trading strategies without disclosing your ideas to your competition Analyze underlying deal / portfolio loan data in real-time to make the best buy/sell trading decisions Reviewing the performance of your portfolios under multiple scenarios, monitor trends or customize reports for trading, research and risk Focus on trading strategies without the need to focus on technology implementation, back-office backlog and need to upgrade systems and customize your analysis without the need to write or develop new software, SQL statements and other tools High-performance analytics allows for advanced modeling & reporting of underlying deal collateral with over 100 customizable collateral attributes Maintains one of the most comprehensive structured finance data platforms. Each month, loan-level data is subjected to a rigorous validation process by a team of data specialist to ensure the continued integrity of the data set w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  16. 16. FinCap Products (5/5) FinData™ Flexible By Design Ability to do ad-hoc analysis for research, trading, risk and compliance with a user friendly interface designed for maximum flexibility Ability to research monthly loan performance and loss metrics by collateral type, vintage, lien type services, state, LTV and a hundred more attributes Ability to analyze the performance of loans that underlie the bonds in your portfolio Single source for all your RMBS data needs with a tightly coupled front and back end that is used by hedge funds, advisory firms and rating agencies Our tools are intuitive, with a powerful flexible interface that can help you monitor your RMBS deals and assist you in designing new trading strategies FinData™ Powered by MBSData™ can be integrated to FinPricer™ for scalar / vector prepayment, default and loss rates, price / yield, sensitivity analysis, stress testing and other advanced analytics Customizable Our team of experienced financial engineers is available to build custom macros and reports Flexible, robust, comprehensive and customizable interface backed by a team of highly specialized analyst with experience in trading, portfolio management, data, system development and business analysis As a client, you can contact our analysts, schedule face-to face meetings and participate in client-only events We can assist with asset valuation, stress testing, portfolio risk analysis, integration of credit models and implementation and training w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  17. 17. Presentation Plan FinCap Overview FinCap Offerings FinCap Products Process & Proposition w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  18. 18. Process & Proposition Offshore Model Service Models Dedicated (Contractual) Model Retained Model Project-Based Model We build and set up Outsourcing When project scope is not frozen When project specifications, scope, Development Center and Dedicated and is undergoing frequent changes. deliverables and acceptance criteria Technology Specialists that work Dedicated to work FinCap retains are clearly defined FinCap team can exclusively for client team of resources dedicated to present a not-to-exceed Fixed Price, work for the client and pays as per Fixed Time Proposal A virtual extension of client Method use of the hourly development development team that are efforts organized and managed by FinCap to meet the clients explicit Business Minimum number of hours should objectives be committed from Client to retain the resources Provides resource flexibility, This model gives the flexibility of The price is decided at the beginning extensive scalability, cost and time adjusting the clients project team of the project Advantage efficiencies, cross trained resources size, while optimizing on the time and the ability to adjust to peak and costs loads Project budgeting is pre-decided and The development effort is billed at Vary from project-to-project, based fixed for different technologies or the end of every month based on a on the scope of the project and the level of programmers required by monthly generated time sheet and a number of hours spent on it client pre-negotiated hourly rate Pricing by "milestones" that areFee Structure Work time of the team is reserved agreed upon before any project for a client, and expected to keep starts the workload of the team at the agreed specified level w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  19. 19. Process & Proposition Offshore Model FinCap Offshore Capabilities FinCap brings extensive experience and expertise in software development and IT services to our client engagements. With scalable resources and economical service offerings, FinCap enables our clients to focus on their core business - product development, new service and product offerings. FinCap ODC Snapshot ISO 9001:2000 and SEI CMM Level 3 Compliance Experienced and skilled professionals for cost-effective offshore development Global Support: USA, Canada, India Equipped with ‘Best in Class’ networks and other computing infrastructure. Facility equipped with high end servers and 24x7 support availability Present 825+ seat capacity and would scale up by 2500+ seats by end of 2012 World class work areas, aesthetically designed to create a positive, productive, comfortable and ergonomic environment tion Backb ecu on Ex e Nearshore and Offshore Infrastructure 24X7 Availability Strong Intranet Backbone Security Practices Technology Alliances Client Servicing Quality Management Global Workforce Systems Project Management Performance & Career Practices Management Global Systems Continuous Learning Technology Change Management w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  20. 20. About FinCap SolutionsFinCap Solutions is a joint venture between Computech Corporation’s technology group forfinancial industry (Fin*Engines) and CapitalFusion Partners, a comprehensive solutionprovider for the structured finance sector. Fin*Engines is a provider of Informationtechnology solutions and services with offices and development center in USA, Canada andIndia.We design, implement & customize enterprise systems for security trading, portfoliomanagement, risk management, asset securitization, e-Finance and Financial operations. Wehelp clients optimally manage all aspects of proprietary technology development includingAnalysis, Strategy, Design, Implementation, Deployment and Maintenance. w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m
  21. 21. joint venture of Computech Corporation and CapitalFusion Partners Discover us at: Contact Us at: Girish Nair 248.640.7597 email: John Joshi 818.294.3381 email: Pradeep Gunda +91 998.908.6640 email: w w w.f i n e n g i n e s . co m