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Aids to Navigation Notes

  1. 1. Name: AIDS TO NAVIGATION 1. In piloting, how is a ship’s position determined? 2. Name 6 Aids to Navigation? 3. Name Three Light characteristics? 4. Of the three light characteristics, which is considered the most important for identification? 5. What are the three principal patterns of light flashes? 6. Of the general patterns of flashes of navigational lights, which type show single flashes of light at regular intervals, with the duration of light less than the duration of darkness? 7. What are occulting lights? 8. Of the general patterns of flashes of navigational lights, which type has two or more off periods at regular intervals? 9. On lights that flash Morse Code, what Morse code character is normally used? 10. Which variation of navigational light characteristics shows rhythmic lights with different colors during each sequence? 11. The distance, in nautical miles, a mariner can see the light at night is called what? 12. What are 3 factors that effect the Visibility of a light? 13. What is the purpose of a Lighthouse? 14. Why are light towers used instead of light houses? 15. Why do some lights have sectors of red glass placed in their lanterns? 16. Why do some light have sectors of green glass placed in their lanterns? 17. A distinctively shaped and marked float, sometimes carrying a signal or signals, anchored to mark a channel, anchorage, navigational hazard, etc., or to provide a mooring place away from the shore is called what? 18. What generally indicates the purpose of a buoy? 19. Which type of buoy consists of upright wooden poles, or tubes of steel, which are often used to mark obstructions? 20. Which type of buoy is cylindrical in shape like an oil drum?
  2. 2. 21. If unlighted, green left-hand channel buoys must be what type of buoy? 22. Conical in shape, if unlighted, red right-hand channel buoys must be what type of buoy? 23. Green and red horizontally banded buoys are know as what? 24. What type of buoy would be colored yellow? 25. What type of buoy would be colored white? 26. How are dredging areas normally marked? 27. What type of buoy is white with horizontal black strips? 28. What should you do if you see Solid Green and Solid Red Buoys? 29. What type of lights are used on preferred-channel (junction) or safe-water (mid-channel) buoys? 30. For ships returning to port in U.S. Lateral System (Region B), buoys on the right are with numbers? 31. What is the saying you should remember when returning to the pier? 32. What is the only colored light allowed on top of Red Buoys? On Green Buoys? 33. What type of lights are used on preferred-channel (junction) or safe-water (mid-channel) buoys? 34. What are the 5 characteristics of lighted buoys?      35. Unlighted navigational beacons used as a daymark are called what? 36. What is a daymark? 37. What is the name used for a channel in which a light-draft vessel can navigate along the U.S. East Coast from Chesapeake Bay almost to the Mexican border without going into the ocean? 38. What color is found on every buoy, daymark, or light structure along the Intercoastal waterway?