Naval Aircraft And Missiles


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Naval Aircraft And Missiles

  1. 1. Name: Naval Aircraft & Missiles 1. Airplanes fall into three main groups. What are they? 2. What is the primary function of the following aircraft & what type of Naval Aircraft is used? Attack – Fighter – Patrol – Electronic Warfare – Undersea warfare – Reconnaissance – Early warning aircraft - 3. What does ATARS stand for and what aircraft use it? 4. What are 5 roles for Navy Helicopters? 5. What three Naval Aircraft were designed specifically to deliver Nuclear Weapons? 6. What type of weapon has become the main armament on most of today’s jet-powered aircraft? 7. What is an unmanned, self-propelled vehicle containing a guidance system called? 8. What is a non-self-propelled vehicle with a guidance system called? 9. What is a self-propelled weapons having elaborate guidance systems that hunt for a target and steer for it on a collision course called? 10. What are the four main parts of a guided missile? 11. Why are missile airframes made of aluminum alloys, magnesium or sheet steel? 12. What are the five types of guidance systems on today’s guided missiles? 13. This type of guidance system uses gyroscopes to keep the missile on a set course? 14. This type of guidance system makes use of a predetermined flight profile programmed into the onboard missile computer? 15. This type of guidance depends on the missile picking up and tracking a target by means of radar, optical, or heat-seeking devices; Will follow target evasive maneuvers? 16. This type of guidance system works with both a radar transmitter and a receiver located onboard the missile? 17. This type of guidance system has the radar transmitter located on the launching ship or aircraft, and the receiver is in the missile? 18. The missile picks up and tracks a target by detecting some form of energy emitted by it is using what type of guidance? 19. This type of guidance involves missile control by signals from the launch station?
  2. 2. 20. This types of missile guidance allows several missiles to track a target simultaneously and will cause a missile to automatically self destruct if it goes off course? 21. What was the name of Navy’s initial fleet ballistic? 22. The sea-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) carried by the Navy’s Ballistic Missile Submarines ? 23. Which intercontinental ballistic missiles developed by the U.S. has the greatest range? 24. Approximately how many Trident submarines does the navy have, and how many Trident missiles are on each one? 25. What is the purpose of launching Intercontinental Missiles vertically? 26. In this type of trajectory, the missile is acted upon only by gravity and aerodynamic drag after the propulsive force is terminated? 27. What is the major difference between a ballistic and a guided missile? 28. What are ABM’s designed for and why has the U.S. never deployed these? 29. What U.S. missile has been able to be used in a limited ABM role? 30. What is the 1st , 2nd . and last line of defense of a naval task force against incoming air attack? 31. What is the name of the Navy’s first anti-ship cruise missile? 32. How can the Harpoon missile be launched? 33. Harpoon and tomahawk are considered what type of weapon? 34. What limits cruise missiles to operate only below 70,000 feet? 35. What Navy precision strike missile incorporates GPS guidance and has a range in excess of 150nm? 36. What is the name of the current Navy and Air Force close-range infrared homing air-to-air missile? 37. This missile was designed to be launched from the Navy’s F-14 Tomcat? 38. This missile was developed jointly by the U.S. and several NATO nations as a follow-on to the older medium range Sparrow missile? 39. What was the Navy’s first operational surface-to-air (SAM) missile? 40. What is the current Navy shipboard long-range surface-to-air missile? 41. This missile is designed to home on and destroy enemy radars? 42. This rocket laser guided subsonic missile is primarily intended for launching by Navy Seahawk helicopters against tanks or other types of armored vehicles? 43. The Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) uses what for its’ guidance?
  3. 3. 44. What does GBU stand for? 45. What does JSOW stand for? 46. What is the Navy’s primary undersea warfare weapon? 47. This missile is carried by Aegis cruisers and Arleigh-Burke and Spruance-class destroyers and fired from vertical launch tubes? 48. What guides homing torpedoes? 49. This type of torpedo is not dependent upon the sound emitted from the target for its homing information? 50. What are the two type of missile trajectories? 51. Missiles that utilize the science that deals with the forces acting on bodies moving through air and other gases are what type of missiles? 52. Aerodynamic control of missiles is greatly reduced in the stratosphere because of what? 53. The type of trajectory wherein the missile flies toward a point in front of the target is what type of trajectory? 54. What four factors affect missile trajectory?