PBC efforts towards Health Aspects

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  • 1. Paharpur Business Centre offers ready-to-move-in Serviced Office Solutions on flexible term options ranging from a day, a month or longer. The centre has state-of-the-art facilities. Apart from providing infrastructure we also offer single window services to facilitate smooth operation. The Business Centre is known for its state-of-the-art conferencing facility with an outstanding indoor air quality. We cater to the needs of small and medium sized corporate meetings, workshops, trainings, seminars and audio/video conferences. The building is expected to be USGBC LEED "EB" O&M Platinum certified by end of 2010 About us
  • 2. Paharpur Business Centre continuously endeavors to protect health and safety of its building occupants Our initiative is beyond disease prevention and nuisance control and includes mental and physical health while protecting ecological health
  • 3. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
    • IAQ is maintained as per ASHRAE (American Society for Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers) Standards
    • Toxin removing plants are used to clean the air
    • Biotechnology which was originally developed by NASA is used by our IAQ Team on plants suitable for Delhi climate
    • Air Washer with filters and UV treated water to remove suspended impurities and microbial growth
    • Heat Recovery Wheel for pre cooling the incoming air
    • Air Handling Units with Filters and U.V. Lights to further clean the air and kill bacteria
    • IAQ research data is posted daily at our website, http://www.pbcnet.com
    • Smoking / Eating allowed in designated areas
  • 4. Natural way of air purification using Green Plants Areca Palm Removes Chemical Toxins Produces O2 During the Day Easy to Maintain Money Plant Removes Chemical Toxins Produces O2 During the Day Easy to Maintain Mother-in-law’s Tongue Removes Chemical Toxins Produces O 2 at Night Easy to Maintain Chrysalidocarpus lutescens (Living Room Plant) Epipremnum aureum (Specialist Plant) Sensevieria Trifasciata (Bedroom Plant)
  • 5. Green House Air Washer Heat Recovery Wheel Exhaust to Ambient Building Exhaust Fresh Air Supply to AHUs Oxygenated Air Ambient Air IAQ System at PBC™- STIP Ground Floor First Floor Second Floor Third Floor Fourth Floor Fifth Floor Sixth Floor Ground Floor First Floor Second Floor Third Floor Fourth Floor Fifth Floor Sixth Floor
  • 6. Indoor Air Quality Data 1996-2009 # Below Detectable Level ^ Data till Dec. 2009
  • 7.
    • Door knobs, telephones, lift buttons are sanitized daily
    • Hand sanitizers are placed in all washrooms and relevant areas
    • Use of antibacterial soap from touch free soap dispensers
    • All housekeeping chemicals used are ‘Green Seal Certified’
    • Vacuuming of the carpet and upholstery is carried out daily
    • The carpets used are low VOC, Green label plus
    • The outdoor mats are kept moist for increased dust removing efficiency
    • 30 feet entryway system (doormat) from 3M removes 100% dust from shoes at the building entrance
    • Paint and polish is done during weekends which are eco friendly, lead free and low VOC
    • Pest control is carried out twice a week with eco-friendly chemicals after office hours
    • Regular training is an important activity to keep staff updated
    Housekeeping Practices
  • 8. Developing Micro Climate for Nehru Place
    • Committed to perform our business with minimum impact on environment and the surroundings, we began with the drive to clean our surroundings
    • Nehru Place Greens was launched, under an MOU signed with the Municipal Corporation of Delhi
    • 5 acre area was converted into a park, more than 2000 trees were planted
    • Slums surrounding the area relocated
    • Garbage removal system installed
    • Two dedicated traffic wardens appointed to regulate traffic
  • 9. CO2 Monitoring in Nehru Place
  • 10. Safety System
    • Smoke detector and fire extinguisher are installed in the building
    • Fire Wardens are designated at each floor for evacuation
    • All floors have Emergency Exits from the rear of the building
    • Emergency exits are marked and routes are displayed in all rooms
    • Fire Drills are conducted on a regular basis
    • Designated Medical Room and tie up with Sukhda Hospital for medical emergency
  • 11. Health Camps for Occupants
    • Health Checks are organized in partnership with Quest Diagnostics for occupants
    • Tie up with Apollo Clinic for TB test for occupants
    • First Aid & Dental Care Training for employees
    • HIV AIDS awareness program is organized
  • 12. Adherence to International Standards
    • ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System
    • ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System
    • ISO 22000:2005 for Food Safety Management System
    • SA 8000:2008 for Social Accountability
    • OHSAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health & Safety Management System
    • Commitment to UN Global Compact
  • 13. Effect of Air Pollution on Human Health– Study by Central Pollution Control Board – Ministry of Environment & Forests People working at Paharpur Business Centre in Nehru Place, which has filters to clean pollutants from air, were found to have 10-12% less lung impairment than those working in Nirman Bhawan & Mausam Bhawan, where there are no air filters.   Delhi, in general (n=1382) Paharpur (n=94) % change Respiratory Symptoms       URS 20.1 16.0 -20 LRS 17.7 11.7 -34 Medically Diagnosed Asthma 3.5 3.2 -9 Headache 16.8 12.8 -24 Eye Irritation 13.2 6.4 -52
  • 14. Effects of Fresh Air on Productivity
    • Study was carried out on a sample of people in PBC and in another adjoining building (without IAQ)
    • Result: 42% probability of 1% increase in blood oxygen saturation level of people working indoors for a period of 8-10 hours at PBC
  • 15. Awards conferred
    • National Energy Conservation Award for "Energy Conservation Practices in Office Building Sector" by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), December 2009
    • National Award for "Excellence in Water Management" from CII, December 2009
    • Runner-up for "Corporate Social Responsibility“ by Cityscape Real Estate India, December 2009
    • G-Cube Shristi Award for Good Green Governance and Environmental Performance, 2010
    • "Special Jury Recommendation Award for Innovative System Design in IAQ" from Bry-Air, 2008
    • Golden Peacock Award & GreenTech Gold Award for outstanding achievement in Environment Management, 2007
    • Ethics is Good Business award from the Former President of India, H.E. Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, 2005
  • 16. Kindly support us in our endeavor for making the facility safe and healthy