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GreenSpaces Challenge - A Call to action user guide

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User Guide-v1

  1. 1. GreenSpaces Challenge User Guide – Version 1.0
  2. 2. The Landing page: Introduction, how to Participate, Rules & Register
  3. 3. Registration link
  4. 4. Ning – Interface used to build the Challenge’s community Register User Guide
  5. 5. Each Group created is a Technology Challenge Join the Group to start commenting Groups
  6. 6. Under Groups - How to use Discussion Forum & Comment Wall 3. Once you have created a Blog posting (2), begin a discussion on the technology you are interested in (see next slide) 1. Join the Group to start commenting. 2. Create a blog post in GreenSpaces Challenge to submit Ideas, services or Products. (see slide 9)
  7. 7. Under Groups - How to use Discussion Forum & Comment Wall 1. Create a meaningful discussion title that briefly describes your technology. 2. Copy the URL or link from the blog posting you have created for your technology into the discussion. (see slide 9) 3. Tell the group briefly what your technology is, what is unique about it, and why it is important. (blogs are the place to publicize long detailed postings) 4. Add tags – these should be the same tags used in your blog posting.
  8. 8. Blog Post - How to Add Blog post, Why, Use of TAGs Blogs Join the Group to start commenting Add Blog post to submit Ideas, services or Products (see next slide) Tags
  9. 9. Blog Post - Blog post area, TAGs & its importance Blog posting: 1.This is where all the details of relevant technology specifications, ideas, services or products can be posted, and where you can upload related documents and links if any 2.Give the Blog posting a meaningful name 3. Tags – In order for us to be able to find you and your technology, you will have to include our tag for the related technology verticals. Our tags all begin with 4. Publish your blog *GSC- followed by a post (see next slide to name relating to the complete the process) Group vertical concerned. You will find these tags at the bottom of each Group page.
  10. 10. 1. Copy the URL or link from the Blog posting you have just created 2. Paste the link into the discussion forum in the Group you have joined where your technology can now be reviewed. (see slide 7)
  11. 11. Email settings: You will find this under settings in the email menu You should turn off all notifications that you do not want. But for us to be able to communicate with you please leave messages from GreenSpaces Challenge, and messages from your groups turned on.