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Ht Noida Live - April 24, 2009


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taking the message of Environment to Classrooms

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Ht Noida Live - April 24, 2009

  1. 1. I Taking message f the o environment classrooms to Teachers will help sensitise students on the issue climatechange FACT FILE Rajkumari Tankha . Schools, private both and government,are also PEOPLEARE slowlyrising to setting up eco clubsto the environmental crisis. Not educate children about the just this, they are now actual- importance of maintaining ly getting down to doing some- the ecological balance as thing about it. also to make them aware This Earth Day (April 22), about the dangers of global The Climate Project India warming. (TCPI) launched the Envir- . The eco clubs take up onment Sustainability Lead- different projects to ership Programme for teach- increase the knowledge ers. base of students,like waste The programme aimed to segregation and audit. equip teachers with inspiring . The latest to join the list and comprehensive tools for is Millennium School, teaching environmental sub- Naida. jects, especially in relation to The launch of the environment sustainability programme. climatechange,began with the teachers of Delhi's Sanskriti School. "We give teachers a solid understanding of the science and impacts of climate change .. ~ Children have an open mind,which allows them to recognise the impacts and alter their .. ~ This is just a beginning. We will soon initiate many more projects that willdeepen private and gOvernment, are also setting up ecoclubs to edu- cate the children about the importance of maiIitaining the ecological balance as also to and empower them to take this behaviour. The child's our students make them aware about the message effectively into the questioning mind can also understanding about their dangers of global warming. classrooms," says Gaurav .. sensitise adults to their environment and sensitise The latest to join the list is Gupta, TCPI Director. Noida's Millennium School. "We have created several own dally actions that them to some of the The eco clubs take up dif- tools, including an animated cause irreparable serious thre;its ferent projects to increase the and interactive presentation, harm to the planet. ~ facing it. knowledge base of students, created with the Centre for Environmental Research and - AMOKHIPARIKH deputy director, TCPI - RITAKAUL like waste segregation and waste audit. principal, MillenniumSchool Education. This presentation First, the waste is segregat- helps explain a complex topic Efd biodegradableand non- into - in a simple and fun way to teachers. In fact 150teachers have already been trained," he adds. . which allowsthem to recognise the impacts and, alter their behaviour. The child's ques- tioning mind can alsosensitise of the threat they are causing to the enyironment by rampant misuse of natural resources. The United Nations Frame- biodegradable and then each kind of waste is studied fur- ther so as to reduce its quanti- ty. Soon the TCPI volunteers adults totheir owndailyactions work Convention on Climate "This isjust a beginning..We would be spanning over other that cause irreparable harm to Change has categorically stat- will soon initiate many more schools of Delhi and NCR to the planet," adds TCPI deputy ed that the Himalayan glaciers projects that will deepen our sensitise teachers, and through director Anokhi Parikh. will dry up by 2035.This will stUdentsunderstanding about them the students. Through inspired teachers posea challengeto over sixmil- their environment and sensi- "The idea is te reach out to they hope to create student lion people living in the Indo- tise them to some of the seri- as many people as possible, leadership in tackling envi- Gangetic plain," says Kamal ous threats facing it," says especially the young minds. ronmental issues, she adds. Meattle, TCPI Trustee. Principal Rit!l,Kaul of Mille- Children have an open mind, "Peoplemust be made aware Meanwhile, schools, both nnium School. ~