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Technology Project
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Technology Project


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. By: Brooke Hampton
  • 2.  Standard 3: Students will describe and analyze attributes of two-dimensional shapes.  I used a Jeopardy PowerPoint template to create a Jeopardy Review game for the students.
  • 3. The students were Because I had to control   highly motivated to the computer, it was participate in the harder for me to lesson. manage the class. The students found all It was difficult to see   the sound effects of the that all the students presentation really were doing the work on funny, it made for much their papers that I had more fun! given them previously. The technology set-up In the future I would   was pretty easy and it like to have a hand-held transitioned well with device to control the the rest of the day. computer so I could control the class more efficiently.
  • 4. 1- Student use of technology: in my lesson, I was the primary  user of the technology. The computer lab at my school was booked due to all the classes practicing for the end of year tests. I also thought that the content of the lesson would be better learned if the students could focus on answering the questions rather than worrying about working technology correctly. 2- Technology use is essential: The lesson was focused on the  technology. The template I used was really user friendly and fun for the students to enjoy! 3- Focus on learning task: the technology was definitely focused  on the learning task which was a review of what they had learned early on in the school year. 4-Added value: the lesson was definitely enhanced by the  technology. The preparation time would have been 10 times longer without the technology and their were many benefits from the technology. The students loved the sound effects which would have been much less exciting if I were the one making them. It was also something that the students can remember easier because they had such a unique and engaging experience with.