Measuring To The Nearest


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PowerPoint of math lesson for 2nd graders using technology.

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  • I taught a lesson on how to measure objects to the nearest half-inch. I used a promethean board to teach the concept in a whole class setting.<number>
  • The standard that I was teaching was in 2nd grade mathematics. Standard 3, Objective 2, indicator a which was to identify and use measurement units to measure to the nearest unit or length.<number>
  • We were able to practice measuring together. The students had been learning about fractions but for some reason the concept of measuring a half-inch was still difficult for them. Using the board so that I could instruct the whole class made it so much easier. The students were able to see the ruler, the objects, and how I was measuring, it was so helpful.<number>
  • The students were very involved in this lesson. Many students were allowed to use the electronic ruler. One student would come up and accurately place the ruler. Then the rest of the class would write the length on their whiteboard. A quiet student was allowed to come up to the board and use the pencil tool to label the ruler.<number>
  • Without technology this concept would have been very difficult to model in a whole class setting as the students wouldn’t be able to see the lines on a regular ruler from the front of the room.<number>
  • Technology just helped this lesson. It remained completely focused on teaching the concept at hand.<number>
  • It was a great tool to use and it also served as a motivator.<number>
  • Should have included technology in the students’ independent practice.<number>
  • Measuring To The Nearest

    1. 1. Grade: 2nd   I used this lesson to teach students how to use a ruler to measure objects to the nearest half-inch.  Standard: Standard 3, Objective 2, Indicator a: identify and use measurement units to measure, to the nearest unit, length, weight in pounds, and capacity in cups.
    2. 2. I created a word document that had shapes of  varying lengths. I projected this onto the board. Using the Promethean board’s pencil and ruler tool we measured all of the objects and correctly labeled them. Students were able to come up to the board and have a turn using the electronic ruler Promethean Board
    3. 3. The students were actively engaged using technology  throughout the lesson. Being a Title I school, they definitely have more technology available to them than many other schools. Students used the promethean board throughout the lesson and were able to better understand the concept through the use of the technology. Screenshot of the worksheet we completed as a class on the promethean board
    4. 4. Technology was a critical part of this  lesson; without the use of the promethean board it would have been difficult to demonstrate and practice measuring with a ruler. The board made it so that all of the students could see and participate in the activity.
    5. 5. Technology was used to help the students  learn the assigned concept. The students were using the technology to measure objects.  Although it was a fun activity for them, it was still completely focused on learning how to measure to the nearest half-inch.
    6. 6. This lesson would have been very difficult  if not impossible to teach without this technology in a whole class setting.  It would have been very difficult to accurately model measuring using a standard ruler to the whole class since many students would not be able to see.  Without technology I probably would have taught this to small groups so that they would all have been able to see.
    7. 7. This lesson went really well; the students  love being able to use the promethean board!  Overall the students were able to accurately measure by the end of the lesson.  The only thing I would change is that if I had more time I would have allowed the students to use their laptops to do an online measuring practice game.