Robotics Tool Training
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  • 1. Robotics Team 1128 Tool Training
  • 2. Power Tools
    • Keep power tools in good condition with proper maintenance.
    • Power tools should be examined for damage before you use them.
  • 3.
    • Never alter or disable any guards or switches.
    • Always use the correct P.P.E.
    Power tool Danger
  • 4. Electric Sander
    • Always use safety glasses , gloves and a dust mask when using a sander.
    • Only use a sander on flat surfaces.
  • 5. Chop Saw and Grinders
    • Always use a face shield and gloves and hearing protection .
    • Warn other people in the area before you begin work.
  • 6.
    • Always use safety glasses and gloves
    • Know what is behind the item you are drilling
    • Grasp the drill firmly by insulated surfaces.
    • Don’t force a drill. Forcing the drill can cause the motor to overheat, damage the bit and reduce operator control.
    Power Drills
  • 7. Cutting Metal
  • 8. Hand Tools for Cutting Metal
    • Always use gloves and safety glasses .
    • Make sure your metal piece is stable and secure.
    • If two people are needed to cut a piece of metal the helper must also be wearing their PPE.
  • 9. Chop Saw and Band Saw
    • Always use a face shield , safety glasses , gloves and ear plugs .
    • Secure your metal piece in a vice.
    • Warn other in the area that you are about to begin cutting.
  • 10. When to use a File
    • Use a file after cutting metal.
    • Sharp edges and metal slivers can cause major cuts.
    • Always use gloves and safety glasses .
  • 11. Hand Tools
  • 12. Keep Hand tools organized
  • 13.
    • Always use safety glasses and gloves.
    • Be aware of pinch points.
    • Use the proper cutter with its designated material type.
    Cutting Tools
  • 14. Cripmers
    • Use crimpers for lugs.
    • Do not use pliers.
  • 15. Screw Drivers
    • Always use safety glasses .
    • Never use a screwdriver for prying or as a chisel.
    • Use the proper size screwdriver for the screw head.
    • Do Not over tighten or you may strip out the screw head or screw.
  • 16. Different Types of Screwdrivers
  • 17. Wrenches
    • Always use safety glasses and gloves .
    • Use the right size wrench on the right size bolt. Improper sizing will result in a stripped bolt head.
    • Don’t over tighten bolts.
  • 18. Soldering
  • 19. Solder Safety
    • Always use safety glasses and gloves .
    • Always place a hot soldering iron in its holder.
    • Never solder near flammables.
    • Report any burns immediately.
  • 20. Neatness
  • 21. A Clean Shop is Safe
    • Clean as you go.
    • Put tools away.
    • Help everyone clean up at the end of the day.
  • 22. Wash your hands
    • After your done working wash your hands.
    • Always go home in as good or better condition than when you arrived.