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Students created a PowerPoint to share the information they learned about a Middle Eastern country of their choice. This is not teacher edited; additional instruction will be retaught for standard ...

Students created a PowerPoint to share the information they learned about a Middle Eastern country of their choice. This is not teacher edited; additional instruction will be retaught for standard English conventions and age appropriate bibliography.



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Polly Jordan Presentation Transcript

  • 1. JORDAN By Polly-4D
  • 2. INTRODUCTI ON The Capital of Jordan is Amman. The major language spoken is Arabic. Jordan is located in Middle East Asia.
  • 3. ECONO MY The 1960’s was not a great time for Jordanians called it Black September this was because the PLO’s guerrillas took over. Jordan has three main natural resources: phosphates, potash & shale oil.
  • 4. PIE CHART This pie chart represents the land use in Jordan
  • 5. CULTUR E Jordan is one of the few Islamic countries that celebrate Christmas. This is because Jesus Christ was baptized on the banks of the Jordan River. Jordanians celebrate weddings differently depending on their religion. If the Muslim family did not have much money then the men would be on the streets before the wedding and the woman would belly dance inside.
  • 6. JORDANIAN HEADDRESS This is a Jordanian headdress it is traditional clothing .
  • 7. HISTORY Jordan was founded in 1200 BC.1946 Jordan gained Independence. In 1951 King Abdullah was assassinated and his son Talal is crowned. In 1952 King Talal is decided unfit to rule Jordan and his son Hussein rules. In 1967 there was a 6 day war against Israel. In 1999 King Hussein dies a sad death because of Cancer and his son Abdullah is crowned King.
  • 8. TIMELIN E
  • 9. CLIMAT E The Jordan winter goes from November-April and is cold, wet and it snows in the mountains. In spring & summer goes from May-October they are dry and hot
  • 10. GEOGRAP HY • There are three major cities in Jordan Amman the capital, Zarqa and Irbid. The Jordan River is a landform and is the lowest point of the earth. There are a few major bodies of water the first one the Dead Sea which 203 cm deep and evaporates at 80 inches and is 46 square miles long and 10 mile wide. The Azraq Oasis is the only permanent body of water and is 119,000 square km.
  • 11. WADI RUM Wadi Rum is a really interesting landform it is located in Jordan
  • 12. MAP
  • 13. FACTS The Jordanian flag is based on the Arab revolt in World War 1. Jordan has a large population it is 6.48 M. Jordan has the world’s lowest suicide rate at 0.4
  • 14. MONE Y
  • 15. SOURC ES • November 18 2013 • Jordan flag • http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/countries/jordan-facts/ • • Petra Treasury • http://school.eb.com/levels/middle/article/345716/media?assemblyId=87422 • • Population Nov 27 2013 • http://www.countryreports.org/data-tables/index.htm • •
  • 16. MORE SOURCES • Map Of Middle East • http://www.countryreports.org/country/Jordan.htm • • Jordan Facts • http://www.countryreports.org/country/Jordan/didYouKnow.htm • • Money • http://www.countryreports.org/country/Jordan/economy/money.htm •
  • 17. EVEN MORE SOURCES • Pie Chart & Natural Resources • http://www.countryreports.org/country/Jordan/geography/overview.htm • • Christmas in Jordan • http://www.countryreports.org/country/Jordan/christmas.htm • • Dec 10 • Story behind the Flag • http://online.culturegrams.com//kids/kids_country.php?&contid=3&wmn=Asia&cn=Jordan&cid =27 •
  • 18. SOURCES • Jordan River • http://online.culturegrams.com//world/world_country_sections.php?&contid=12&wmn=Asia&cn =Jordan&sname=Land_and_Climate&snid=1&cid=83 • • Climate • http://online.culturegrams.com//world/world_country_sections.php?contid=12&wmn=Asia&cid= 83&cn=Jordan&sname=Land_and_Climate&snid=1 • • Cultures of the world • By Coleman South 1948 • • Historical atlas of Jordan • By Amy Romano 2004 • Peer editors: Charlie Hott & Mariam Tell