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Iraq Zaid


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Student created product.

Teacher followup will be given to insure proper formats are taught regarding citing sources and standard English conventions.

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Iraq Zaid

  1. 1. By Zaid
  2. 2. Introduction Geography Climate Culture Economy History Interesting facts Glossary bibliography conclusion
  3. 3.  My country is Iraq. I picked Iraq because my dad used to live there and he told me he liked it a lot. I want to know what kind of sports to they play. The capital of Iraq is Bagdad. They speak Arabic. The population of Iraq is 31,234,000.
  4. 4. Iraq is a country in the Middle East. The west of Iraq is Syria, and Jordan and the east is Iran, and south is Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. North of Iraq is Turkey. Iraq is a desert. Mostly Iraq is dry, and flat. The tallest mountain is zargos mountain. Iraq has an area of 168,710 square miles. [437,072 square kilometers]
  5. 5.  Iraq has a dry, season and wet season. The country’s dry season is in May. Summer temperatures reach up to 123 degrees F.[ 51 degrees C]. Winter temperatures in Iraq are mild and do not often go below free zing, except in the northern mountains.
  6. 6. People in Iraq lived there more than5,000 years. Most people play soccer. Iraq the lessen to Arabic classic music. They play violins, drums. Iraq doesn’t eat pork or alcohols Iraq are Islam don’t eat pork or alcohol. IRAQ eat rice, yogurt, pita bread in Iraq they speak Arabic. 
  7. 7. Historically, Iraq’s economy was characterized by heavy dependence on oil exports and emphasis on development through central planning. Prior to the out break, of the war with Iran in September 1980, Iraq's economic prospects were bright oil production had reached a level of 3.5 million barrels per day, and oil revenues were $21 billion in 1979 band $27billion in 1980.
  8. 8.  The first true cyclization in the world history has appeared in Mesopotamia. This development has taken place on the fertile flood plains of the rivers tinge's and Euphrates here the fertile soll brought down from he mountains by the great rivers has given rice to much denser populations than else. Where the climate, plus dangerous spring floods, has called for the creation of large-scale water-control system to channel and store water for cops, and to protect communities from the raging waters.
  9. 9. Fact 1: important inventions such as the 60- minutes an hour and 60seconds a minutes, the wheel, the words first maps accurate calendar, all originated Iraq.  Fact 2: Iraq’s have been bee-keeping for over 5,000 years. For most Iraq families, honey is an important source of income and food. Fact 3: Most Iraq Christians are romans Catholics. The country is primarily a mistime one and Christians are for bitten to either speech about faith or hold any hind of religious event outside their church.  Fact 4: the popular story-Ali baba and the forty thieves was written around 1,000 years ago in Iraq  Fact 5 : the venomous viper is found in Iraq. It is considered to be the most dangerous snake the world has. One bite and you may die. 
  10. 10.     Climate: weather for a period of years Culture: a particular state form, or kind of civilization Bibliography: a list of writings Geography: the natural parts of an area
  11. 11. Welcome to Iraq, Somali Macotra,2004. Iraq , Mel friedwan,2009 Counties of the world, Charlie Samuel, 2007 Iraq, Charlie Samuel, 2007 Iraq, mason paul,2012 Iraq, Lisa Owings, 2011
  12. 12.   44px-Iraq_NIMA_2514x2716.jpg   59-1965_Qassem.svg/240px-Iraq_state_emblem_CoA_1959-1965_Qassem.svg.png    Money  tunnel
  13. 13.  Iraq is an amazing country. I learned that Iraq is a dessert and that Iraq mostly plays soccer I still want to know what do people do when there is a war. I fell about this project was fun because our teacher let us be in partners. Did you like my project? I think next time if we do a country report I will ask if I can pick Iraq.