Modern Middle East


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Modern Middle East

  1. 1. MO DERNM IDDLE EAST am, Joanna andBy: Molly , James, Ella, SZack
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION TO THE MIDDLE EASTThe circled part in themap is the middle east
  3. 3. IntroductionThe Middle East has countries in Asia,Africa and Europe. The most populatedcountry in the middle east is Iran and thelargest country in the middle East is SaudiArabia.
  4. 4. Language● The two main languages of the middle east are hebrew and arabic● Arabic is the official language for about 22 countries.● Hebrew is one of the oldest languages in the world● Arabic is the sixth most spoken language in the world● Judaism is one of the oldest religions still practicing ancient traditions.
  5. 5. opulation of some P in the Mi ddle East countries1. Israel is the 100th smallest country in the world.2. The capital Riyadh which has 2 million citizens is in the country Saudi Arabia.3. The majority of people that live in the country of Syria are Sunni Muslim and Shia Muslim. and http://islam.
  6. 6. This is a map of Syria Picture by Freedomhouse
  7. 7. Culture and Daily Life 1. The middle east has three of the worlds largest religions: judaism, christianity and islam.2. Iran has the most people in the middle east: 78,868,711 onOctober 23 2012.3. Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, and Farsi are the largestspoken languages in the middle east.An Iran city. --> David Holt London.
  8. 8. G eography 1. There are about 27 countries in middle east2. The dead sea in Jordan is the lowest point on earth surface3. Syria is divided into 14 Governorates (like the states we have here)4. Syria is on the mediterranean sea between Lebanon and Turkeythe photo is from a public domain website Jordan Flagpublic domain image
  9. 9. Famous Landmarks!● The Giant Pyramid in Egypt.● The Sphinx is also in Egypt.● Pamukkale,Turkey which is located where hot springs water are very rich which has chalk and limestone in it and giving formations their white color.● The egyptian museum.● Ancient Roman City, Palmyra.● Eggelin Tomb Tower.● The Dead Sea in Jordan.Picture from- By-EdYornd Picture by-Borya
  10. 10. Miscellaneous Facts!!!!!!1. The middle east is about the same size as Australia.2. The land is right in the middle of Europe and Africa.3. The most used natural resource that the middle east uses is oil.4. The middle east has been farming for the longest time in the whole world.5. Pajamas were actually invented in Turkey!!
  11. 11. Miscellaneous Facts 2!!!!!!!6. The currency for Syria is called Syrian Liraand 46 Syrian Lira is worth 1 U.S. dollar.7. The middle east has almost every religion inthe world.8.In the year of 1968, there were only 13 carsin the country of Dubai. Now in the year of 2011,there were more than 161,554 just in the first6th months!9. In total, Israels citizens has won over tennobel prizes!
  12. 12. CreditsFor more information about the middle east, check out these websites!Link!!World atlas Middle East creative Picture by- Yo Ghurt from- and
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