The Сonsumerization of Сorporate Сommerce | Imagine 2013 Business solution


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The Сonsumerization of Сorporate Сommerce | Imagine 2013 Business solution

  1. 1. The Consumerization ofCorporate Commerce
  2. 2. Panelists:• Brad Martell, ZEON Solutions• Nick Cron, BuyerQuest, Inc.• Luis Colon, CDS-Global• Misak Melikyan, M-GoModerator: Vincent Tran, Magento, Inc.
  3. 3. Insert photo of speakerhere891 pixels h x 688 pixels wConsumer FriendlyB2B CommerceBrad MartellGeneral Manager and Vice President
  4. 4. Magento Gold Partner –More than 250 deployments with combined annualcommerce over $1 billion• Founded 2003• 300+ employees• 50 Magento developers; 15 certified• Commerce, content, product informationmanagement (PIM), SEO/SEM, design/UX• Expertise in B2B and B2B2C
  5. 5. Why Magento For B2B Commerce?• Exceptional out-of-the-box features• Wide array of B2B focused extensions• Total cost of ownership (TCO)• 3M• Brady• Actuant• United Technologies• Highly extensible = easy integration• SAP• Epicor• Infor A+• Dynamics
  6. 6. What Makes B2B Commerce Unique?
  7. 7. Items InformationClient NEFCOWebsite Industrial B2BMagento Enterprise RackspaceCurrent Engagement Maintenance & HostingProduct Configurator N/AERP EPICOR - EclipseERP Integration Mode Real TimeSite Search Standard MagentoBlog N/ASite Features Account Center – custom extension thatallows NEFCO customers to trackpurchases to specific jobs.Advanced Quick Order Pad
  8. 8. Items InformationClient NEFCOWebsite Cataloger Industrial B2BMagento Enterprise 1.11Hosting RackspaceCurrentEngagementMaintenance & HostingProductConfigurator20+ERP SAP R3ERP IntegrationModeReal Time, BatchSite Search Standard MagentoBlog N/ASite Features Endeca SearchTrue Web-To-Workbench
  9. 9. Insert photo of speakerhere891 pixels h x 688 pixels wRedefining B2BProcurement withMagento EnterpriseCTOBuyerQuest.comNick Cron
  10. 10. 1995-2000Static Catalogs2000 - 2012PunchOut Catalogs2012 – FutureAmazon Approach
  11. 11. Static Catalogs 1995+History• Large organizations consolidate suppliers and use buying power to signnational agreements• Cost savings & efficiencies• Existing ERP systems add eProcurement functionality• eProcurment allows end user to buy goods at national pricing• Suppliers provide catalog data in standard templates (excel, csv)• ERP Systems not intended to be used by “end users”
  12. 12. PunchOut Catalogs – 2000+History• Poor user experience leads to low adoption• Less spend under contract, savings not as expected• Buyers and suppliers look for a better solution• cXML and OCI roundtrip standard used to create “Punchout” connection• User clicks link “Office Max” and leaves the eProc interface to buy office goodsPro• Better user interface for end usersCons• End users have many different UIs• Suppliers gain control• Search doesn’t work
  13. 13. BuyerQuest – 2011+Solution• Multi-Supplier marketplace• Amazon approach with all data in single platform• Provide a menu of options to suppliers to provide data• Online interface• File import with ETL layer• Web services• Allow complex product typesPros• Better adoption, more spend under contract• Single user interface• Buyer regains control• Training reduced or eliminated
  14. 14. Extensions to EE 1.12• eProcurement checkout flow• Approval engine and workflow• Purchase orders• Invoice approvals & settlement• Receiving• Services procurement• Multi supplier catalog• Guided buying• Master data integration• Customer permissions• B2B reporting• …
  15. 15. Why Magento Enterprise?General• Built in B2C consumer features• Community of users and extensions• Flexible product types• Built in integration (Solr, PayPal, eBay, CDN)• Multi-lingual and multi-currency• Capable of handling large catalogs and high trafficExtendable Open Source• Established best practice for extending core features• Ability to separate custom modules from core• Certified development resources
  16. 16. Insert photo of speakerhere891 pixels h x 688 pixels wSubscriptionModels with eHub& MagentoEnterpriseDirector of R&D,eHub Systemehubsystem.comLuis E. Colón
  17. 17. Subscription Models witheHub & Magento Enterprise
  18. 18. Monetization of Products/ServicesSource: North American Technographics® Telecom andDevices Online Recontact Survey, Q3 2011 (US)
  19. 19. eHub Overview• Enterprise-grade digital subscription and recurringrevenue solution• Built atop the Magento Enterprise software stack• Offers flexible, dynamic entitlement & digital billing optionsto manage subscription businesses• Leverages over four decades of subscription managementexpertise
  20. 20. eHub Subscription Features• Flexible time-based subscription models• With or without trials• Trials can be free or lower cost• Allow for automatic conversion from trial/free to paid• Allow for subscription levels/packages• Support upgrades and downgrades• Suspend, re-instate service• Handle cancellations and stop-charges• Earned and deferred revenue recognition• Automated billing and retention tools
  21. 21. eHub Leverages Magento’s Catalogand Platform Features• Creation, management and support for custom producttypes, and attribute sets• eHub extends the catalog to include parent/childrelationships that inherit default attribute values• Customization of product entry screens• eHub implements natural language configuration forsubscription offer terms• Properly extending Magento’s data object structure• eHub builds atop flat and EAV tables to managesubscription status, earnings, etc.
  22. 22. Insert photo of speakerhere891 pixels h x 688 pixels wM-GOLead Engineermgo.comMisak Melikyan
  23. 23. The people-friendliest digital entertainmentservice.Lead Investors
  24. 24. Available across all major platforms and pre-loaded on 30M +devices in 2013
  25. 25. Freshest New Content
  26. 26. Why MagentoEnterprise?• Catalog and Content Management System• Customer Segmentation and Targeting• Promotions and Offers
  27. 27. Where Do We Use Magento?
  28. 28. Closer Look