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Анатолій Денис - Meet Magento Ukraine - Migration to Magento - mission possible


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Анатолій Денис - Meet Magento Ukraine - Migration to Magento - mission possible

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Анатолій Денис - Meet Magento Ukraine - Migration to Magento - mission possible

  1. 1. Migration to Magento: Mission possible Anatoliy Denys, CEO at MagneticOne September 6, 2014
  2. 2. Why Migrate? Functionality limits Zero or very slow source cart development Small and inactive community (templates / extensions / support etc.) Data security issues Other
  3. 3. What are the source platforms? Open source/commercial shopping carts Customized shopping carts SaaS shopping carts Custom-developed stores
  4. 4. Popular migrations to Magento 1. OpenCart -> Magento 2. osCommerce -> Magento 3. VirtueMart -> Magento Upgrade Magento Go -> Magento CE Magento CE <-> Magento EE
  5. 5. Well planned is half done Source store analysis Hosting & domain Test data migration Magento updates & customizations SEO & Design Final data migration and update Post-migration processes
  6. 6. Source Store Analysis What you currently have at Source Store? What you have to add? What you don't have to move?
  7. 7. Hosting and Domain Server requirements (Hard & Soft) Access (back-end, FTP, SSH) SSL Server/environment tuning Magento installation
  8. 8. Test Data Migration Why do we need a test migration? - software / hardware issues - visual issues (encryption, images, templates) - data structure and relations (products, orders, customers etc.) - other unforeseen issues
  9. 9. Updates & Customizations Magento templates Install and configure extensions (SEO, Shipping, Payment etc.) Optimize Magento
  10. 10. SEO 301 Redirects Friendly URLs Setup robots.txt Setup error pages (404/500)
  11. 11. SEO Duplicated content, redirect to/from www.*** Classic: Title, Keywords, Description, Alt tag Google: Analytics, Webmasters, Adwords etc.
  12. 12. Data Migration Products & images - configurable products and attributes - downloadable, bundle, group etc. Categories and images Customers Orders Reviews
  13. 13. Data Migration Issues Different structure Incompatible data fields Password encryption Duplicates
  14. 14. Data Migration Issues Images Data loss Language and charset encoding Currencies, taxes, etc. Security (CC info, clients database sharing)
  15. 15. Data Migration Ways Manual transfer Use internal import-export tools Custom-developed scripts Hire a web studio / freelancer Use automated migration tools Customized automated migration tools
  16. 16. Test Data Migration Results Data integrity Fully functional design/template Cart functionality (forms, search, emails etc) Follow a full customer experience: landing/front page - product search - add to cart - checkout - payment - thank you page
  17. 17. Go Live Update domain TTL to 10 minutes Announce downtime & notify customers Maintenance mode Backup Data
  18. 18. Go Live Stop taking orders and doing changes at your source store Recent data migration Redirect or switch NS
  19. 19. Post-migration Clear Magento cache and perform reindex Out of stock products Monitor customers feedbacks Check traffic from Google Check your position in Google output Check Google Webmasters for errors
  20. 20. Summary Notes Migration is possible :) There are few ways to perform migration Migration can take from 2 days to 2 months Have a migration plan Hire a reliable contractor Test everything during and after migration
  21. 21. Thank you! Anatoliy Denys CEO at MagneticOne