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Advance portfolio evaluation 2
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Advance portfolio evaluation 2


Published on

Asad Tanveer - Media Studies Advance level …

Asad Tanveer - Media Studies Advance level
Beaconhouse Newlands

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Evaluation– Media Advance PortfolioAsad Tanveer – Beaconhouse Newlands School
    • 2. Question s    Note: each question is hyperlinked with its own slide. Click eachquestion to view the answer.
    • 3. I performed an extensive research on my brief which was a movie trailer with twoancillary task; Magazine and the poster. I began to realise that each of the movieshad something in common, those were the basic codes and conventions of the realmedia products. I chose horror and suspense as my main genres for the movietrailer so I watched few trailers and started to note down the similarities anddifferences between each of the trailer. Some varied from a supernatural powerse.g. in Paranormal Activity and The Possession, but some trailers portrayed thesuspense and horror quite well in their trailer e.g. The Ring and Silence of the lamb.The basic codes and conventions in all these movies were the darklocations, thrilling and dark soundtrack, unknown character etc. Thehorror/suspense movies usually have different scenes right after each other to keepthe audience excited and curious about what will happen in the next scene. Iachieved this by only showing few scenes with the black dip transactions in adobepremiere for connecting each clip to other, in the movie Scott Derirckson‟s movie“Sinister” he have used the transactions in the end of his trailer which shows fewof his main scenes in a very less time frame by using dip to black transactionswhich I think is one of the best and must used transactions .
    • 4. I noticed that the directors of these movies have used hand-held camera movementswhich I have used in my video as well which creates a real impact on the viewer.I have challenged most of the conventions of the real media products because Iwanted it to be purely creative and original. The scene and the logic of the game„Truth and Dare‟ was from the movie “The Cabin in the woods”. I tried my best tokeep the viewer feel very uncomfortable yet excited about each and every scene.I used voice-over of Hatim Salman Nusrat in my video which was yet another way Ichallenged other movie trailers because as far as I have researched there are veryfew movies which might have a Voice over in them.
    • 5. The main task in the advance portfolio was to make a movie teaser trailerhowever I had two ancillary tasks to work on along with the trailer whichwill promote it and will be use for it‟s adverts. One of the ancillary task isto produce a Magazine cover featuring the Film and the other is to designa poster for the magazine. Both ancillary tasks are designed to providemore information about the main task. The poster is designed give us theinformation about when the movie is going to be released and who is thedirector etc.I researched and looked at a lot of posters on the web and on thewindows of the movie stores across the street and find that the posteronly has a picture of the main character or any scene which relates theposter to the main movie trailer or the movie itself along with the Title ofthe movie.I designed the poster in a very minimalistic way by keeping it simple andspacious yet appealing to the viewer though the Bollywood movies has alot of scenes blended into the poster with a lot of colourful fonts thatwould appeal to the audience they are targeting to.
    • 6. The designing of the poster while keeping in mind that it has to attractthe target audience and it will influence the movie itself. Soappropriate use of fonts and texts were to be kept in mind whiledesigning the poster of The Dare movie‟s trailer.The other advert and the ancillary task was to design a Filmmagazine cover featuring my own movie trailer. So I looked upon a lotof bollywood and hollywood magazines on the web e.g. TotalFilm, Movie Mag, Empire etc. The movie name and the main picturewas to be placed right on the front in the middle of the wholemagazine cover to make it focus with the main actor‟s name and thetagline along with it. So I used these conventions and developed themwhile making a connection between my main task and the magazine Iplaced a picture on the magazine of Ahsan (My main lead actor) andplaced the title along with it. The magazine have the latest movies in areel.
    • 7. Audience feedback is a great source of improving your work or evenchanging it. Audience feedback can be gained from various sourcessuch as comments on blogs, social networking websites, face to face,on the telephone, on the website, Questionnaires and surveys canalso be used.I used Questionnaires for the feedback of the audience in school. Ihanded over 11 questions to all my friends and gathered theirfeedback. I also asked people on Facebook about my story andreceived a lot of feedback and comments on my story.I considered the feedback of my audience and changed few thingsabout the story e.g. the ending and the location of the shooting.The feedback didn‟t just help me till the production. My friendsfeedback and my teachers feedback on my production helped me toimprove it. I trimmed the video to 1 minutes instead of 2 minuteswhich was suggested by most of the friends and teachers and moreshots were also added in the trailer to make it look more fast pacedand catchy to my targeted audience.
    • 8. I used a lot of media technologies before and after the production ofmy advance portfolio. I used a lot of software and help from theinternet to make my portfolio.For research and planning I used:YoutubeYoutube helped me to find me inspirational movie trailers for myproduction. I searched on youtube for the movie trailers of the similargenres and researched each thoroughly as many times as I wantedto. Youtube is a great source to watch any video online.
    • 9. GoogleA search engine on the web is what you require for searching everythingyou want. From fonts to information and everything. I used Google.comfor selection and researching on genre and the target audience. Thesoundtrack I used for the movie trailer and the pictures for the ancillarytask were also searched and used from used gmail to interact with my friends and teacher and kept asking themto evaluate my work and give me feedbacks on each stage throughsending them emails on regular or weekly basis.FacebookFacebook being one of the best social networking website allowed me toask my friends about my story and get great reviews about it. I alsoposted the video and the ancillary task on the group and my timeline tosee the reaction of my audience.
    • 10. For the construction of the coursework I used:Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0I edited the soundtracks and the video clips on adobe premiere pro 2.0which is a video editing software. A very easy to use software to produceprofessional level videos. I used various tools from adobe premiere pro2.0 such as Razor, Trim, transactions, overlaying the video, editing thesound and changing its opacity and adding titles and captions.Windows live movie makerI used windows live movie maker to change the format of the videos.Adobe Photoshop CS5:A photo editing software adobe photoshop cs5. I used this software todesign and edit photos for the ancillary task. I used different fonts andadded layers to make the magazine and the poster.
    • 11. For the evaluation of the coursework, I used:www.blogspot.comI started a blog and updated it after few days which got me on trackand helped me a lot in the evaluation. I uploaded all my work andeverything I did for the portfolio on the blog to get the audiencefeedback and to help me with the final evaluation.Microsoft powerpointI used powerpoint for the presentations for the evaluation.Microsoft wordI used MS word for writing the answers of the evaluation questions andthe brief introduction etc.Sniping tool and PaintI used these two software which are built-in in the windows 7 for takingscreenshots and saving them in Jpeg format for the evaluation.