The Relaunch Project


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Oct 06, 2012

The talk about the relaunch project by Joern Bock, Ben van't Ende and Tolleiv Nietsch during the T3CON12 in Stuttgart

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The Relaunch Project

  1. 1. typo3.orgThe Information Hub
  2. 2. Welcome· Joern· Project leader and project manager at AOE media· Ben· Co-leader and community manager TYPO3· Tolleiv· Technical leader and senior developer at AOE media
  3. 3. Before the LaunchA lot of people worked a long time
  4. 4. The old· Launched in 2000· Split 2002 into···· Smaller improvements…
  5. 5. Pains· No clear code-base· Missing QA process· Old maintainers not available· Many hidden gems in the system· Background tasks too load intensive
  6. 6. Ignition· First start in 2007· typo3.reorg· Stopped in 2008· Company attempt· Stopped in 2009· Restart from scratch in 2010>T3O
  7. 7. The new WebsiteT3O
  8. 8. A community approach· Company sponsored phases 2010/11· Design phase· Markup phase· TYPO3 setup and FCEs· T3O Week in Essen· April 2011
  9. 9. T3O Week in Essen 04/12· modelled after the T3UXW09· 26 people· 8 days· 4 teams organised via Kanban· 217 features BL· 80% done
  10. 10. The Public Preview· 833 tickets in Forge (655 done)· 42 people from the community· 2 code sprints· September 2011 - 16 guys· April 2012 - 10 guys
  11. 11. 2nd of April 2012Launch at
  12. 12. Per Month· 1.3m page views· 200k returning visitors· 154 countries· 750GB traffic
  13. 13. Entry pages
  14. 14. Traffic distribution
  15. 15. Professional Service Listing· Network of qualified Agencies· Qualification Levels· Active contributer· Certified developers· Proof of development knowledge· Sponsorship
  16. 16. The Current Status· 260 tickets in Forge· 315 ideas via Uservoice· QA process· Some maintainers not available
  17. 17. Technical InsideThe challenges
  18. 18. Basics· TYPO3 CMS 4.5· 76 installed extensions· >80% extensions from TER· ajaxlogin, be_groups, cachecleaner, cacheinfo, cc_langguess, cc_softlink, cc_textcat,comments, crawler, css_filelinks, cz_simple_cal, dam, dam_catedit, dam_filelinks, dam_index,dam_ttcontent, dam_ttnews, dam_tv_connector, dependency,true docondemand, donation,ed_damcatsort, ed_extbase, ed_gallery, ed_transliteration, ed_tv, extbase_dam, fed, geshilib,js_css_optimizer, kb_tv_cont_slide, linkhandler, links, lowlevel_scheduler_task,naw_single_signon, ods_facebook, pagebrowse, pagebrowse_tt_news, pastecode,pdf_generator2, pmkshadowbox, powermail, purge, randfeuserlist, randombanners, realurl,skip, solr, solr_redmine, static_info_tables, t3o_ajaxlogin, t3o_cla, t3o_userimage, t3org_base,t3org_comments, t3org_configuration, t3org_feedparser, t3org_flickrfeed, t3org_template,tabs4templavoila, templavoila, ter, ter_doc, ter_doc_docbook, ter_doc_html,ter_doc_solrindexer, ter_doc_sxw, ter_fe2, ter_fe, ter_xsl, tika, tt_address, tt_news,ttnews_irre, twittersearch, typo3_agencies, vimeo_connector· ~6.000 lines of custom TypoScript
  19. 19. The infrastucture
  20. 20. Deployment PipelineSource:
  21. 21. Varnish· Cache everything· including Ajax responses· send proper cache-control headers· use smart purges· EXT:cacheinfo / EXT:purge
  22. 22. Background Jobs· Use the TYPO3 scheduler· Introduce queue processing· Frequency relates to the server load· ~20 background jobs running
  23. 23. Search· Systems included in the indexing process:· TYPO3· TER· Redmine (a.k.a Forge)· Documentation· Forum (disabled)·
  24. 24. TER· Existing TER migrated BUT:· Rewritten TER frontent· Asynchron manual rendering· 10GB files +· 10GB extension manuals
  25. 25. Upcoming Challenges· Bugfixing· Migrate towards a Git deployment workflow· Migrate documentation to dedicated server· Upgrade to TYPO3 CMS 6.0· Migrate TER towards composer support· More automated testing· Enable Workspaces
  26. 26. Get the community involvedContribution
  27. 27. Maintenance Concept (FOR)· Most of the work will still be done byvolunteers· If a volunteer needs to step back - theagency will take over· Agencies will backup the voluntary work· Each FOR has an contact personpublished at the FOR page at·
  28. 28. The FORs· Login and Registration· Extension Repository TER· Professional Services Listing· News, Events, Articles, Security Bulletins· Documentation· Server, Deployment· Search· Video Integration· Markup· Donation
  29. 29. Goals· Sub-pages (e.g. topic and team pages)· Migrate other pages such as····
  30. 30. Participation· What to do when someone wants to helpout?· What skillset is needed?· What are possible takeaways fornewcomers?· When could you support the team?
  31. 31. Try this at home!· Install Vagrant ( gem install vagrant· Import or Vagrant setup:# git clone cd Typo3Org# vagrant up· Download 800MB· Start improving· Send patches to the bugtracker!
  32. 32. PleaseGet involved!