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  • Keyword Search: “Zara” Name: ZARA URL: http://www.facebook.com/ZaraThe Landing page lands on a simple picture. It does not heavy promote “liking” the page. The design and color scheme is very simple chic. Their tabs are creatively disguised as a usual “tagged” photos. After clicking the tab you are navigated to another page, where the fan is presented with more photos of clothing items. Not until you specifically click on a particular item does Zara asks you to “like” or “share” the image. Because the landing page shows merely a duplicate photo of the profile pic, it directs the attention of the user to the featured images at the top. All of the pages has very subtle CTA to “like” the page. The page does not show prices of any of the items, making their overall advertisement not intrusive. Does not make it feel like their forcing any sells on their fans, rather the overall concept is just to communicate and inform. Zara’s Fan page creates brand awareness by providing their look book and new items page. They also engage their customers by showing actual Zara shoppers looks on their Facebook. c. The owner of the page is the actual corporation of Zara, the company. Their audience are fashion forward men and women between the ages of 19 to mid 30s. CK is definitely influenced by the increase of social marketing. CK uses Facebook to reach and market to their audiences who are who active in the social media. The purpose of having a Facebook is to maximize the fan’s engagement and create brand loyalty, potentially directing the fan from viewers into actual buying customers.d. Zara engages/connects with their fans through a few different ways:Videos- They have videos showing each season’s looks to update fans of what is the latest and greatest. There’s also a video show fans how cool their mobile app is and encourage fans to download Zara’s mobile app. Mobile- There is also a tab that directly leads you to the iTune store to buy the app. I think this is a nice attempt to encourage fans to buy the app, but I don’t think it is very effective because it leads the fan off of Facebook completely and onto another site. If the fan is directed to iTunes, they may not come back to the Facebook page. Real People Photos- A whole section of selected photos of Fan’s wearing Zara. This is effective by expressing their relationship and connection with their fans engaging them in an opportunity to be posted on the actual Fan page. Join Fashion Inditex- Again this is link that takes the fan completely away from Facebook and to another fashion website asking you to join something else. I think this is ineffective as well because asking the fan to continuously join thing is too overwhelming. It is like a never-ending sale pitch of joining too many things and not focus on the Facebook community and helps trying to deter the fan away to some other site. “This Week”- Each week 9 looks (outfits) are chosen from each of their categories: women, trf, men, kids and displayed. It is updated on a weekly basis. I think this is effective because fans who are interest in new looks will come back from time to time to check out the page and hopefully come across something they’d actually like to buy. Another great tactic that Zara put on their fan page is “Friend Activity” where the fan can see if their friend “liked”, comment, or shared anything. This is effective because it creates a community of their own friends that also like Zara. Find out if any of their friends also like Zara as well. They could comment on each other’s activity and talk about their common interest of Zara; this can help with peer recommendation and peer recommendation is highly effective.
  • e. Note the frequency of the Wall posts. Comment on the frequency.Zara posts several times a week and sometimes a couple of times a day/night. The majority of the post are certainly posted from somewhere else in the world considering the time frame they are posted at around 2am -10am in the morning. g. Critique the Wall posts as a fan (e.g. consumer if appropriate) and as a marketer. Use the strategies and tactics reviewed in class to help critique. As a consumer, the time of the post is usually when I am sleeping so chances are their post will never land in my newsfeed. So unless, I go to the page I won’t be aware of what they are posting. The posts are effective because they are short phrases and easily to skim thru the wall, because anything that looks to long looks likes some kind of advertisement. They do a good job of being concise. As a consumer, the photos are great, a picture is like a thousand words. However, the company does not engage in any conversation on wall beyond the initial post. As marketer, its great to have pictures as posts or pictures with comments because it will help fans remember the brand and give the page a cohesive look that will be embedded in their minds. However, no where on Zara’s fan page does it encourage fans to “like” the page. It does not have a CTA to become a fan. I think the Fan page lacks personality even though it is a business and is professional, it would be more engaging to spice up the posts. The fan page doesn’t offer any special context available exclusively through Facebook for feedbacks or “likes” to show that they are a valued fan. Overall, the Facebook was engaging rather than a huge sales pitch. It is successful in the way it approaches their fan, customers don’t appreciate pushy sale tactics in stores nor on Facebook, but are more susceptible to being informed and catered to. Zara does a good job maintaining a genuine but kind of boring allure on its Facebook fan page.
  • url: http://www.facebook.com/HandMfanaticsName and URL of Facebook Page:The name of our Facebook Page is “H&M fanatics.” The URL is http://www.facebook.com/HandMfanatics. We chose the name H&M fanatics because it describes who we are, as page admins, and who we are hoping will like the page. If you search H&M, we hope that this page would appear in the search results right along with the actual H&M company facebook page.Design, graphics:H&M Fanatics landing page utilizes a Facebook app powered by Wildfire. Wildfire provides admins of Facebook pages the ability to customize the landing page for guests. There are two different options of landing pages: One for people already fans and non-fans. The app is best utilized by making a elongated, vertical image. The image is chose to use shows fans a poster of the upcoming Versace x H&M collection, along with the release date. It’s important to provide utility in every nook and cranny for people who like our page. I included a call to action to Like the page for exclusive deals and discounts. Utilizing the profile picture on a Facebook page is also a great feature. Instead of using a square like normal Facebook profiles use, as a Facebook page admin, you can choose a picture with 200 x 600 pixels to take advantage of more space on the Facebook page. If I was really running a H&M fan site I would include a QR code to my website.
  • url: http://www.facebook.com/HandMfanaticsDescribe the target audience: Demographics and Psychographics:The demographics of H&M Fanatics are:-18-35, females, college-student to business professional, middle-classThey live in urban cities, where looking your best on the street is required. The psychographics of H&M fanatics are the following:-Adores H&M clothing, Fashion forward, trendy, and loves to be unique. The group of people that like our page are fashionable adults, who buy the newest looks, and takes pride in wearing the most beautiful clothes. They take a weekly trip to their local H&M stores or check their online store every few days. They never want to miss out on the best pieces of each seasons collections. -Shares clothes with friends and family, Smart consumer, Social media user H&M fanatics are users who love to buy clothes and share and trade some of their older H&M clothes with friends and family. They are also smart with their money. They check social media sites and bargain sites alike to find coupons and deals for their next shopping rendezvous with friends. They take pride in the hunt of clothes, and love the shopping experience as much as the clothes they spend their money on. They might take pictures of their newest pieces of clothing to share with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. They will take time out of their day to visit fashion message boards and blogs to see where the next fashion trend goes.
  • url: http://www.facebook.com/HandMfanaticsstrategy: At the H&M fanatics Facebook page, you hope to use this page as an outlet to reach more users and customers. In theory, H&M fanatics would be a message board that H&M fans chat about the newest looks, and steal-and-deals at their local H&M brick and mortar shops. So the Facebook page is a destination to gather more users to check out your site. In order to do this, you must have users liking and sharing any posts from this Facebook page. One way to do that is include many pictures in albums that Facebook users can share with their friends on their timelines. Here, we included all the latest pictures of the upcoming Versace and H&M collection coming out November 17th. By using up-to-date pictures and information, users will love to come back again and again to see the latest news all without leaving many people’s favorite site, Facebook.tactics:The two tactics we used are: using the site as an information gateway and community message board, and including a custom landing page to users.When a Facebook admin creates a custom landing page, visitors of the page will be able to see exactly what the site has to offer. Here at H&M fanatics, we made sure to include the most valuable info for H&M fans, and that is the release date of an upcoming and very sought after collection, the Versace designed H&M lines. By being an information gateway we hope to reach inspired customers by providing the latest news and release dates for upcoming season drops. What being a community message boards means is that visitors will go to our page after each shopping experience and H&M. The wall will be open for any visitors to post either negative or positive expriences, along with steals and rare finds at their local H&M. info page with at least 3 items:By including the website on the facebook page, users will be able to click to our own site to see where much of the information comes from. The description and about is available for visitors to see what this specific Facebook page’s purpose is and with that, we hope that will be enough for them to Like our page. If that isn’t enough, I’ve included the call-to-action for likes in exchange for the possibility or winning exclusive prizes and H&M fanatic specific deals at H&M. Twoposts to your wall:Creating discussion using the Question feature of Facebook, and also creating daily status updates with a call-to-action for more “Likes”.The question was created in order for visitors of the site to vote for their favorite, and most importantly feel as if they are part the organization as well. Creating daily status updates with the call-to-action for likes is another great post idea. Just be sure not to overdue it or else you will lose likes because you will be spamming people’s newsfeeds!
  • Optimizing Facebook

    1. 1. ASSIGNMENT 6:INTERNET MARKETING Presented By: Anthony Dimayuga, Charlene Phan, Valérie Barral November 10, 2011 MKTG 469
    2. 2. ZARA Tactics & Strategies -mobile app -videos -real people involvement -Friend Activity
    3. 3. Post Analysis-several times a week-international timeAs a Consumer:-poor posting times-easy to skim through-great photos-does not engagew/fans enoughAs a Marketer:-no CTA to become afan-page lacks personality-no offers to show fansare valued
    4. 4. Fan pageUnique Landing TabBackground in CK styleAudienceFans aged 14-50 years oldInterested in modern fashion« Hype » and techno savvy
    5. 5. Strategies & Tactics•Professionalism, simplicity, modernity•Up-to-date news•Informative posts•Let fans interact•Links to social media•Many photos
    6. 6. Custom URL Call to Action on200 Welcomex Page600Pixelpic. Customized welcome page via Wildfire Facebook App
    7. 7. Psychographics Demographics-Adores H&M clothing -18-35-Fashion forward -Female-Trendy -College Student-Business Professional-Smart consumer, reads -Middle Classreviews and looks for bestdeals before shopping-Social Media user-Shares favorite clothing pieceswith friends and family-Loves to be unique
    8. 8. Exclusive photos for fans Explain purpose by providing page infoCreate dialogue with fans using“Question” feature Fans can comment back and forthwith other fans Creates communityCall to action for Likes Ask for Likes and Shares with adeadline in exchange for exclusive offerson Facebook